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Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss Cream Review

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Hair loss is fast becoming a generic problem. Blame it on the change in lifestyle, change in eating habits or the variety of chemical products hairs are exposed to nowadays. Sad but true, isn’t it? When one faces hair loss happening on self it can be an unpleasant & shattering experience.

Apart from the lifestyle reasons, there are medical reasons too that trigger hair loss like Post-pregnancy changes in the hormone levels, Hyper/Hypothyroidism, Alopecia, Typhoid etc.

I too was a victim of hair loss post pregnancy, as the hormone level got back to the pre-pregnancy state. Trust me I tried almost all the anti-hair fall shampoos & treatments for combating this problem. But little did they help. So when I came across this Himalaya Ani-Hair Loss Cream hair care product, I gave it a short and review for my readers.

Usage Time By Me:  

Since now I am not really experiencing a severe Hair Loss (only the usual hair loss while washing and combing) I used Himalaya Anti-Hair Loss Cream only twice or thrice a week. 

Shelf Life:

Three Years which is very good!


Rs.330 for a 100ml. tube


Comes with an outer box which has the product’s little introduction including its benefits. The box also has key ingredients description and direction to use etc. The packaging color is almost standardized like other products under Himalaya brand. But this cream comes in a tube which is easy to use and doesn’t get messy, unlike the tub one. Even the tube has all the mandatory labels of the product like manufacturing date, price, way to use the product and more.

My Take on Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss Cream:

  • This product is quite affordable as compared to any hair care product or any cosmetic treatment. Plus Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss Cream is easily available in Indian markets and even easy to buy online.

  • As its consistency is creamy to lotion like so it is easy to blend in the scalp’s skin.

  • It has herbals extracts as its base ingredients.

  • Good to tackle minor hair loss caused by vivid factors.

  • It has nourishing quality and so benefits Hair and Scalp by and large.

  • Is very effective to prevent associated symptoms of hair loss like itchiness & dryness.

Thumbs up down thumb war clipart clipartto this hair care product for:

  • It makes hairs greasy similar to what hair oil does. But honestly, for people suffering from severe hair loss, this shouldn’t be an insignificant concern. If I were using it, I would rather use instead of a hair oil daily.

  • It takes a little time to absorb into scalp completely. For this, I preferred to apply it at night after dinner while watching TV or so and till the time I actually went for sleeping the amount of Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss Cream I used to apply would get absorbed nicely.

  • The cream has Methyl Paraben IP & Propyl Paraben IP as inactive ingredients use of which is a debatable issue because of them causing potential health risks.

  • The decrease in hair loss in my case was a little but not that drastic. I would want to give the product a benefit of doubt because I didn’t use it that frequently as it is recommended on the tube.

Verdict for Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss Cream: 3/5 ★★★

Would I purchase it if given an option? Yes, but only when I am experiencing a severe hair loss and even little positive effect would be of a great help. However, a proper checkup and medication from a medical practitioner are also advised!


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  1. Maria Vincent says:

    Hello there,
    Thanks for your beautiful blog! Love it thoroughly. I also love your honest review. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. valeriehills says:

    Amazing solution for hair growth! Honesty this pro Himalaya Anti Hair-Loss work out for me. Thanks, Highly Recommended.

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