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Detox at NIMBA Nature Cure Village – One of the Largest Naturopathy Centres of India!

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‘NATUROPATHY’! The word sounds so heavy, isn’t it? 

Ahh.. but the ‘Detox’ word seems to be a trend amongst the 25 to 45-year people in India & abroad. Simply because people today are living their lives with ‘too much’ of everything! Hectic work schedules, stress busting weekend parties which perhaps leave you even more exhausted with too much of alcohol, junk food and more.

‘Naturopathy’  isn’t a rocket science but simply a form of an alternative medicine which can be incorporated very simply in our daily lives for a healthy body, mind & soul. Naturopathy focuses on living a nature-friendly lifestyle which also includes disease prevention & curing diseases through natural ways. 

A few months back I got this opportunity of visiting NIMBA Nature Cure Village in Mehsana, Gujarat courtesy Ayurved Sutra, a popular magazine about Ayurved and wellness as a whole.  NIMBA is the largest naturopath centre’s of Gujarat & one of the biggest holistic resorts in India.  


NIMBA is situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad (capital city of Gujarat) in a small town called Mehsana. It is roughly 58 km. from Ahmedabad International Airport which means an hour or so in the car before one reaches NIMBA. With the excellent road condition throughout Gujarat and NIMBA’s great connectivity,  it is extremely easy to reach NIMBA. 

Ambiance & Accommodation: 

Cottages at NIMBA

NIMBA nature cure village is spread in acres of land area. It has some great landscaping done and living there even for a short visit gives one the feel of living in nature’s lap. Since they have by & large fully residential holistic plans, a comforting accommodation becomes a prerequisite. So NIMBA has international standard accommodation facility for its guests. Basically, there are three room cottages where each room is spacious with A/Cs and have washrooms attached.

Additionally, inside NIMBA, there is a dedicated space for Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Indoor Games area, Library, Therapy Centre, Organic Farm & a serene space for meditation called the Meditation Cave.


Oil free Poha & Herbal Tea

Being a holistic resort and one that focusses on naturopathy the food here is aligned on the same lines. So there is very less oil in the food prepared here and with vegetables that benefit most to the body. There is a restriction on normal tea, coffee or any caffeine based & aerated drinks. Herbal tea is available for breakfast and evening brunches. It is also available in the rooms along with a bowl of freshly cut fruits. The portion size for each individual is controlled too, only for the betterment of one’s health.

Activities To Do at NIMBA:

At NIMBA a fixed pattern of living is followed which includes getting up at 5 A.M. in the morning, perform Satkriyas which include Gargling, Jal Neti, Eye Cleaning. Post this after a small walk there is a Yoga session. Breakfast is served after which. Doctor consultation follows on the first day and then the therapies start. In between lunch and brunch happens. There is also time given for recreation activities like indulging in lazy walks around Organic farm, swimming, cycling, indoor sports, read books on naturopathy and more.  At 10 P.M. usually, it’s the lights off time after dinner.

Room ready for Shirodhara

Therapies Worth Looking Forward To:

Raga Therapy

Satkriya, Yoga, PanchKarma, Acupressure, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Therapies & Massages like Shirodhara & Nasyam, Hydro Therapy, Raga Therapy and more.

My Opinion:

Personally, I got to do Satkriya, Yoga, Aqua Yoga and had Acupressure & Reflexology, Hydrology, Few Ayurvedic Massages, Nasyam for sinusitis & Raga Therapy. Out of which Nasyam, Jal Neti & Raga Therapy were the ones I benefitted most from. But the most enjoying out of all was Aqua Yoga. I would whole heartedly recommend a wellness or a holistic holiday at NIMBA. For detox too, NIMBA is a great place cause in daily life we do not realize our dependency on unhealthy eating & drinking habits. For some ailments, there are specialized programs that one should go for at NIMBA. However, for major diseases doctor consultation is advised.


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