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Enjoy Flavors of Street Food from Around the World @ ‘Street Food Fest’ at Fortune Select Excalibur, Gurgaon

Street food is one style of food  that drives everyone crazy! From Delhi’s world famous Chaat to South African Bunny Chao all of them proudly represent the world streets. All this and more is available at the global ‘Street Food Fest’ which is going to begin soon in Zodiac restaurant of Fortune Select Excalibur Gurgaon.

‘Zodiac’ is a beautiful multi-cuisine restaurant. It is spacious & has a formal ambiance. A very popular destination for business meeting, Sunday luncheons and more ‘Zodiac’ has a wide menu which ranges from European to Indian cuisines.

The Street Food festival is scheduled to take place from 18th to 28th December 2016.

The menu in this street food is a mirror of cuisines from around the globe. At Fortune Select Excalibur, Gurgaon the taste of each and every dish is perfected under the leadership of experienced brand Master chef Inder Dev.

The tasting agenda at this ‘Street Food Fest’ has a long list of delectable, soul pleasing street foods like:

Kolkata’s famous Chicken Roll

fotor_148156281294079The history of Kathi Roll (originally referred as Kati Roll) and its connection with Kolkata is really amazing.  Today there are many versions of Kathi rolls but typically the roll has kebabs rolled inside a paratha (an Indian flat bread). Since the kebabs were cooked using skewers which were initially made of Iron and later on of Bamboo the name of the roll popularized in the form of Kati Roll. It was a popular dish of Nizam restaurant in 1932. After the exponential demand in 1946, they started using Bamboo skewers to make kebabs and the bamboo sticks in the Bengali language is referred as Kati, hence, the name.

Pani Puri

dsc_5642One of the most loved street foods of India is Pani Puri. In this Street Food Fest at Zodiac restaurant of Fortune Select Excalibur, Bengali Puchkas are on the menu list. However, this Pani Puri has different versions of it in the different states of India and it is called with different names as well. Like in Mumbai, the puri is stuffed with a warm potato & lentil sprout filling while in Delhi one gets to eat a Puri made of Semolina (Suji) instead of Atta puri. The Bengali Puchkas are stuffed with boiled gram & potato filling. Moreover, the water used in the Puchkas is tangy rather than sweet. 

Jhal Muri

dsc_5623While another dish from the streets of Bengal as a whole  which is world famous is Jhal Muri. It is one of the favorite pass time dishes of Bengali. It has puffed rice, some namkeen (a kind of savory quick nibble), onion, tomato, green chili & mustard oil.  In London too Jhal Muri has become a popular street food courtesy chef Angus Denoon, who sells it through his venture Jhal Muri Express.

Litti Chokha

dsc_5627Litti Chokha a very similar dish or a variant of Dal Baati if I may call it so is a very popular street food of Bihar and Nepal side. It originated at the time when Bihar and neighboring areas were called Magadha kingdom. ‘Litti’ is made with Wheat & Sattu flour after kneading with very less water. After which it is baked and eaten with Chokha.

Falafel in Pita Pockets

It is an Egyptian & Middle-East Asian street food which is made from chickpea basically. It is a deep fried ball which is served inside the Pita pocket bread with Salad & Tahini sauce.

Bunny Chow

fotor_148156358688822Bunny Chow is a South African street food tat is fast gaining popularity globally. It originated in Durban when Indian migrant workers in South Africa invented this dish for conveniently taking their meals to work. In this, the bread or bun is hollowed from center area and vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry is put in it. At the ongoing s’Street Food festival’ at Fortune Excalibur, Gurgaon, Bunny Chow is served using a Bun for the sake of comfort eating & it tastes great.


Dimsums, today are eaten and appreciated all over the world. Dimsums originally come from China where they are one of the most convenient snacks which are served with tea. 


Another very popular easy nibble is Nachos a kind of Mexican chips.They are commonly served with Cheese dips or Black beans. 

fotor_148156168386150Apart from these, there are many street foods on the menu of this ‘Street Food Fest’ at Fortune Select Excalibur Hotel, Gurgaon like Chole Bhature (India), Indonesian Chicken Satay, Ram Laddu, Puraani Delhi ki Kachori-subzi & similar chaat, Akki Roti with Mysore special Chicken Curry, Mysore vada, Ganne Ka Ras and more. 

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