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Indus Valley Hair Gel Coloration Review

Indus Valley Cosmetics is a made in India brand that is already exporting cosmetics to several European & South-East Asian Countries. They have two types of hair colors, one is the ‘Gel Coloration’ while the other is ‘Organically Natural Hair Color’. The ‘Gel Coloration’ the company claims to have 90-95% herbal ingredients while the latter one has 100% herbal ingredients. Both are certified by EcoCert which is an authority in India to certify herbal & organic products. 

Today there are many companies that claim to have natural ingredients used in their cosmetic product but if you actually read the labels one would find a little amount of extract of one or two herbal ingredients been used. However, in the Indus Valley cosmetics range they have almost all herbal ingredients. Here is a detailed review of ‘IndValleyley Hair Gel Coloration’.

Shelf Life:

1.5 years


Rs. 475 for a four sachet pack which can be used approximately four times by men and two times by women. This may vary depending upon hair length.


The ‘Hair Gel Coloration’ from Indus Valley Cosmetics is very beautifully packed in a box which has all important information written on it.  Inside the box, there is a developer tube of orange color which has exuberates beautiful fragrance of orange. Another foiled packet has four sachets of color powder. There is one comb cum brush that comes along with every pack and a set of hand gloves.  In the orange developer tube, the instructions are mentioned in three different languages and even the tube quantity has been divided into four parts and marking given on the tube. There is a separate instruction manual also given along with the pack.

Our Take on Indus Valley Hair Gel Coloration:

Thumbs Up to this product for:

  • 90% herbal ingredients.
  • Almost zero percent use of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Ammonia & Barium Free.
  • Very good fragrance
  • Same time as other chemical based hair color.
  • Nourishes the hair with a goodness of herbal ingredients like aloe, honey etc.
  • Good intense color result on hair.
  • Lasts for almost the same time as other chemical based hair colors.
  • Comes with an applicator brush, comb and hair protect shampoo cum conditioner sachet.
  • Available in various shades.
  • Available on Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues & at medical stores.
  • Halal & Ecocert certified. Also approved & recommended by many doctors.

Thumbs Down to Indus Valley Hair Gel Coloration for:

  • Not available on hypermarkets & supermarkets stores like Big Bazaar, More etc.
  • Price is medium to high range but considering it to be a herbal color the price point can be overlooked.
  • Have to leave a little longer on hair strands that have persistent grey (the ones that don’t get colored easily).
  • Cannot be used for doing highlights since it does not have a strong bleaching agent like Hydrogen Peroxide which is usually needed for highlight colors.

Verdict for Indus Valley Hair Gel Coloration:

I would highly recommend the product especially to people who on a monthly basis color hairs to cover their grey. Since it has 90-95% herbal ingredients in it the damage to hair because of repeatedly coloring can be minimized by switching to this hair color. The color intensity is good so doesn’t really make one feel the difference between this and other chemical products. However, since the products is not 100% organic so it may not give the desired results or may have reactions on the scalp. So a patch test is also advised.

(12) Comments

  1. Your blogpost on Indus Valley Gel Hair Color is extremely informative. I am happy to come across such an elaborately written review. I am aged 65 and quite allergic to the chemical loaded colors. Fortunately, after my doctor recommended me this hair color from Indus Valley, my allergic reactions to hair colors started lessening. Now even my daughter has started using this hair color. I agree it’s price is a bit on the higher side but that does not stop me from going for a purchase completely because of its herbal ingredients. Amla, Orange, Honey etc. you name a herb and they have it. Nobody else has ever satisfied me like this with the hair color.

  2. Teena Goyal says:


    I started using Garnier hair color around 4 to 5 years ago , but it was making my scalp very dry so I started using Godrej hair color. I used it for pretty good time as it was perfect for my skin and less expensive . But coz I shampoo my hair almost everyday so I have to give touch up to my hair atleast once a week.

    I guess 2 to 3 months ago I went to buy some medicines from a chemist store near my house where I saw Indus Valley organic hair color . I asked the chemist about it and got to know its a natural product so even if I use it twice or four times a month for touch up etc it will not harm my skin.

    I bought one . When I applied it for the first time it was ok but when I applied for the second time the skin on my head , forehead ears started swelling , it was all red , swollen skin . I thought could be due to some other reason as its a natural product so thought it won’t harm my skin. Third time when I applied it the scalp on my head had red rashes, itching all over my body , swollen skin and it started effecting other parts of my body , wounds with blood was also there . I went to skin specialist in Max Saket . He was shoked to see the condition of my skin . He told me to switch on to natural hair colors and recomended me to use Indus Valley hair color . When I told him that all this happened when I started using Indus valley .

    He told me to immediately stop using this color and gave me many medicines etc. He also told me to inform the Indus valley comp regarding this issue . Even the chemist told me that I should inform the company regarding my experience with the product as it could harm the skin of other people as well.

    I really had a very bad experience with this product .My head and skin still have rashes , itching , as it will take time to recover . Its an expensive hair color , it harmed my skin alot , on top of it I had to spend money on doctor and medicines , worst part is my skin has marks , rashes which have spread on my body .

    I dnt know what was the problem with the product but I can’t tell you how badly it has effected my skin .

    I request the company to please make sure that their product is completely safe for all skin types before they dispatch their product as it could be really harmful to someone .

    Also kindly let me know what could be the reason for such kind of skin infection after using Indus Valley Hair Color.

    I look forward for your reply.

    Teena Goyal

    1. Hi Teena, Thanks for sharing this with us. Generally, many other websites wouldn’t make such comments live below their articles but we are committed to our readers. We are really sorry for the adverse effect that the product had. Further, we have forwarded your message to the company representative. Hoping to get a reply soon on this.

      1. Hello Tinaji!
        The response we got from a concerned person in the company is as following:

        “We do get such complains sometimes might be once in a blue moon… The issue is that she might be having a sensitive skin… The gel hair color is not for sensitive skin since it still has 10% of harmful chemicals. She should have used the botanical hair color. It’s totally organic. And she should have performed a sensitivity patch test.”

    2. Yogesh S. says:

      Hi Teena ji,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with this product. I was thinking to buy this Gel color as I am allergic to PPD based colors including Garnier. My scalp has itchy bumps and popules on my face and other part of skin. According to dermatologists, it is Lichean Planus like allergy.
      All is due to PPD which is very harmful. I am worried about my grey hair as I am unable to find non allergic color for my hair. I tried Heena-Indigo, too, but am unable to get desired shade.

      In case you find non-allergic hair color, plz share it with others too. It will be helpful.

      Yogesh S.

    3. Singh nsb says:

      You are hundred percent correct.Indus valley claim that it has no PPD is absolutely wrong. After doc advice I took this time gel black and it turned out to be horribly bad. It has certainly ppd as I used to get similar allergy with ppd containing products. Head got bulged also. Or if not ppd then a similar harmful dye is present; otherwise vegetal dyes do not get colour in 30 min as it does. It is shameful for company to cheat customers

      1. Ms. Arnold says:

        I will have to agree with Singh NSB, In may of this year I order the Indus Valley Organic black hair color dye but was sent the Permanent Black hair color dye. I thought that maybe the person who fill the order was not paying attention to what they were sending me, so I re-ordered the Organic Black Hair coloration Gel and was sent the same thing again. I tried to find some way to communicate with them, but all I could find was a +9 long distance phone number and I could not understand how to use that. Well, after a while, I just said I’ll forget it and it came a time when I needed to color my hair. On the Indus valley permanent black hair color box it reads, No ammonia, No peroxide and No PDP. So, I thought that I would try it anyway. I believed what it read. Well, let me tell you, there is PDP, or ammonia and/or peroxide in it. My scalp was itching like crazy.
        False advertising is just want Indus valley is doing. It is a shame that Indus valley would betray customers like they do. I am hoping that Indus valley will have to suffer a consequence for their lying to customers like they do.

  3. Shyam Rao says:

    My wife just used it and had a similar reaction to using a PPD dye. How can this happen?

    1. I suggest a sensitivity test is a must to be performed before using this or any other chemically composed beauty, skin & hair care products. One doesn’t really know to which chemical we are allergic to.

  4. Dr Mital says:

    I purchased Indus valley hair color… Two packets of powder were there. I used 3 times but single time… My grey hairs didn’t get color… Nothing happened

  5. C Kumar says:

    I just purchased tge gel dye but have not used it because I was not sure if it was genuine. Also they say do an allergic test but do not reuse an open sachet, then how can you do the test and reuse the ooen sachet after 48 hours?

  6. The color has harmful chemicals in it and it effects on nerves so Pls be careful . They claim its organic but it doesn’t natural ingredients never gave color your hair in just 30 minutes. I had very bad experience.

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