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Things To Consider Before Taking the ‘Parenting’ Plunge!


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In India, the society is such that once a girl or a boy attains the marriageable age their parents and relatives become adamant for them to get married. True that marriage is a crucial milestone in one’s life which needs to done with a lot of care.

Post marriage, the next that the elders want to hear is the word ‘Good News’ from the couple. Sometimes couples who do not plan a child early in marriage are also looked down upon and even pressurized. But people need to understand that ‘Parenthood’ is not just a degree or title to be bagged but it comes with a lot of responsibility of a little baby and becoming a parent brings in a crucial change in a person’s life.

The baby in the infancy stage cannot talk or express herself so it is even more important for the new parents to be all charged up for this big change. Further, the role of parents doesn’t lessen a bit as the child continues to undergo the gamut of changes in process of growth and development.

So here are some key pointers (all of which are equally important) that a couple needs to ponder before taking the ‘Parenting’ plunge:

  • Economic Stability:


From the time of birth of a child until he or she is self-dependent parents need to take care of the finances. In this era of commercialization and brand consciousness, everything from various pregnancy tests, doctor fees, vaccinations, clothes, books, toys to diapers is expensive and uncompromisable, especially for newborns and infants. So a couple needs to have a solid economic stability before planning for a child.

  • Physical Balance:

Another pointer that a couple needs to look at before this plunge is their physical balance. To put it in simple words, both of them should get themselves checked and tested for any major illness or discrepancies in hormone levels. Some of the basic tests like blood/hemoglobin, thyroid, sugar test are highly recommended to avert any forthcoming problem during pregnancy or after child’s birth.

  • Age:

Next key factor that a couple needs to take into account is their age. Planning a pregnancy in both a very young and old age may be risky for the mother as well as the baby. It also increases the risk of miscarriage and sometimes if the couple is of a bigger age conceiving a child might be difficult.

  • Husband – Wife Bonding:


When two people get married a new family establishes but ‘starting a family’ is often referred to when a couple plans a child. For a child to grow in a loving environment, a strong bonding between husband and wife is required and their equations in balance. Children as such are like clay which can be easily molded into any shape so the lesser amount of parent fights and arguments they witness the better for them.

  • Emotional Balance:

Emotional balance of parents is mostly a neglected aspect when it comes to parenting. However, it is also a crucial pointer to consider since a mental preparation of both the father and mother is a must for a wholesome upbringing of the child. If a father or a mother isn’t mentally and emotionally ready to leave their girlish/boyish state, & compromise on their freedom, ‘me’ time, hobbies, social networking and much more than parenting might be difficult and depressing for them leading to frequent yelling at the children, beating them or neglecting them.

  • Work-Life Balance:

This factor is especially important for a couple in which both of them are working. Then the couple should think about this aspect as well. As they say ‘Money can buy anything but time’ and for a good upbringing of a child spending quality time is a must and so the couple has to chalk out their work-life according to this new addition in their life lest the child may feel dejected and unwanted.

Hope this article is helpful to some of the young married couples who are thinking to take this big step called ‘Parenthood’.

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