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The Lesiure Life – Men’s Fashion

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The boring saga of men and their love for denim has been a long heard & said story. It is like men’s fashion can be practically summed up as a combination of formal clothes and a pair of jeans with changing tees for casual events. As a traveler and also a lazy health enthusiast, I often come across men who are so basically dressed. {As if they had signed a treaty or something about bearing the pain of wearing clothes. Ughh!! }

So this is the first time on my blog I am posting something about men’s fashion for this very reason. We all idolise movie stars, celebrity chefs & other icons for their fashion sense but when we talk about a common chap he has the most basic clothig l  Men around us should also get fashion-inspired, shouldn’t they? 

The model, my husband, who mostly prefers to be behind the lens kindly agreed to pose for this blog post sake.

When one talks about athleisure wear, the first quality that it should have is the comfort level. Adding to this its fabric should be rough and tough to be able to bear all the ruthless sweaty circumstances while it is going to be used during workouts, playing sports, travel and more. Amidst all of these prerequisites in an athleisure wear where does fashion fit in?

Well, fashion can fit in athleisure wear as seamlessly as in any other style of clothing. It depends only upon one’s selection to make the wardrobe boring or interesting.

The featured jogger pants have a heathered texture for giving the pants a luxe feel. Plus the front and back pocket with black outline detailing makes them quite an ‘in-fashion’ travel pants. For comfort during the travel, these pants have an elasticated waist with drawstring.

To team with these jogger pants is a basic contrasting colored round neck t-shirt as the inner layer and a standing collared woolen pullover to brave Delhi winters. A pair of casual shoes is the final element to complete a comfy yet stylish athleisure look.

Outfit Style Spotting

Jogger Pants & T-Shirt: MKH

Sweater: Uniqlo Japan

Shoes: Hush Puppies

After all, men too, play a lot of vivid roles in life as a father, son, husband; just like women. Though their set of responsibilities might be different from women but definitely not less. If you like this look don’t forget to drop me a comment below and like! 

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  1. Hii bro, I saw your post it’s really amazing ,I ‘m also doing same thing bro , I ceated my website last months but my website is there not lot much content your picture , but i really like your work…..

  2. I like your blog short and sweet, keep writing. It’s 2019 and yet very few people talk about men’s fashion.

  3. I agree with you that men play vital role in their life like, son, husband, father and we must show them gratitude for all the support they show. Someone must try and fill their wardrobe with great colors. Thank you for the great post.

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