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Riaan’s Space Adventure with #ColgateMagicalStories

The most precious moments for parents are with their children. Colgate brand which is synonymous to toothpaste in India has introduced and innovative packaging keeping children in mind. The three Colgate Magical Stories pack that I received has Astronomy as the central theme but characters are different in all.

My little one ‘Riaan’ is just two and so too small for weaving a story. But he is perfect for one pivotal character to be named after him in the magical story I have written taking all these characters from the Colgate toothpaste packs. Also, the villain in my story ‘Kaata’ is his invention. Book reading sessions have been futile as he is hyper-enthusiastic about tearing the books and paper in general. So I tried another way of storytelling with him.

Here’s the adventure tale below:

Right from his early childhood days, Riaan had a strong inclination towards mechanical & electrical devices. Every time his dad used to fit in a bulb or repair a socket he would observe him very sincerely as if to learn the nuances of what his dad did. While playing he used to enact the same things with spoons etc. Riaan’s mother used to get furious and worried about the same. 

Like this, a year or two went by.

One day the teacher in school brought a mini telescope and was taking a lesson about ‘Solar system’. She also made each student look through the mini telescope towards the sky. But in the daylight, all that little Riaan could see were birds!

He told this to the teacher. Explaining him and other students she told that on a clear sky night through a telescope like this many distant stars, moon, and some nearby planets can be seen.

This triggered Riaan’s curiosity. He put forth the demand of bringing him a mini-telescope before his parents.

He announced before the parents in his petit voice,

“I will gaze the sky at night and see which planet we can reach first. Daddy, I will let you know first so that you can take leave from office and we all can go there on a vacation.”  

The duo laughed at the child’s thought process considering it to be naughty. But the next day they brought him a mini telescope and set that up on their home’s terrace. Every night after that Riaan would go with his parents to the terrace and star gaze.

Years passed.. 

But Riaan’s love for astronomy the science of planets & stars increased manifold. So much so that he became an astronaut and started working in a Space Research Organisation (SRO).  Soon he got selected for a space mission to save an alien planet from their ruthless ruler ‘Kaata’.

His training for the space mission began along with his nine other teammates. He befriended ‘Pakhi’ who was a shrewd commando famous for eliminating each of her targets flawlessly. She was trained and equipped with many deadly nuclear weapons for this mission.

Finally, the spaceship launch day came Riaan’s parent were extremely proud as well worried for his expedition. Though the crew and team back at SRO were prepared to the best of their abilities but after the spacecraft crossed earth there was a gamut of uncertainties which were tough to predict.

As the counter announced the digits in reverse order,

5, 4, 3, 2, 1..

Riaan’s heartbeat soared but he maintained compose. 

Within a fraction of seconds, the rocket along with the spacecraft soared towards the sky at great speed. Soon after the spacecraft left earth and was in space. This is when the crew thought of stationing themselves for a little break and do a spacewalk!

The crew decided to go in a pair so Riaan ventured out with Pakhi. What they saw left them awestruck.

For the first time, they felt the heat of the sun from so near. They also saw Saturn, Mars & Venus planets.  

Just when they were discussing these planets, Paakhi saw a comet approaching. She raised the alarm and at once both of them went inside the spacecraft.

This way many months went by and then the day arrived when the spacecraft from earth reached the Alien planet.

The crew was taken to a hideout by local aliens. They were warm and nice to the crew members. 

They served them with food and meanwhile also narrated them how their ruler ‘Kaata’ was persecuting them. The crew promised to take care of ‘Kaata’ and left.

‘Kaata’ looked ferocious and was fluorescent in color. He used to live in pitch darkness and talk in a deep hoarse voice.

The crew was taking a tour of the planet with the rover vehicles provided by the locals when UFOs attacked them.

Leading these UFOs was Kaata. There was a great war between the crew from the earth and the Kaata’s goons which continued for many days.

Most members of earth’s crew got injured or were imprisoned; only Paakhi & Riaan were left.

Both of them devised a plan Riaan with his knowledge of astronomy and Pakhi with her knowledge of weapons executed it successfully.

Riaan killing Kaata in reality!

Kaata was killed.

Riaan hoisted the alien planet’s flag and all the good aliens were happy about this.

Soon the spacecraft returned back safely to the earth. After which, all lived happily after!


It is your chance to grab the Colgate Magical Stories pack now and weave a story along with your kid!

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