Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017 – Day 1 Round Up #AIFWAW17

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Amazon India Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter edition has commenced on a note to celebrate the handloom & fabrics woven on it.  Day 1 saw Handloom School presenting a fashion show in association with Good Earth & famous designers like Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap Singh and more. 

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Further, Novita Yunus (NY) represented Jakarta Fashion week while Krishna Mehta, Madhu Jain, Abraham & Thakore presented their designer collections for the season.  

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“BUMI – LANGIT” which means earth and sky in English is a collection that has been specially designed by Novita Yunus for Amazon Fashion Week 2017’s this edition.  The collection has the emphasis given on balancing the falling leaves color which is symbolic of Autumn and the cold winter sky. Bumi is  represented by falling leaves while Surya Majaphit symbolizes the sky. Various materials like Silk, Rayon etc.  and techniques like Eco-printing, Batik Remekan, Garut Handwoven and more have been used to give varied colors & textures.

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Krishna Mehta’s collection is dedicated to all the young girls and their zest to lead a good life. Her collection brings alive the same in her collection at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017’s Autumn/Winter edition. So on the ramp were a riot of bold colors, geometric patterns, her signature layering style and more. 

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Abraham & Thakore with their ‘see now buy now’ format started the sale of their collection showcased on Day 1 immediately after the show in their key outlets. Their fashion collection ‘Back to Work’ included simple daily wear office dresses which are designed with inspiration drawn from Indian & foreign menswear. The collection is by & large in Ivory, Madder, black & Indigo colors and the designer duo haveplayed with hand printed and hand woven pure cotton fabrics sourced from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan states of India.

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In the late evening, there were two fashion shows one of  Jharcraft & the other was by Vogue. The Jharcraft show presented collections designed by Shaina N.C., Shruti Sancheti, Rina Dhaka, Dabiri by Divya & Ambika. The ensembles brought to life the essence of Jharkhand by using fabrics sourced from Jharkhand & local prints.

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Vogue India’s Sari 24/7 fashion show celebrated the glamor & beauty of Sari. The show focussed on the diversity of this ethnic garment in terms of fabric, handloom weaves, and draping techniques. The strikingly glamorous show had themes varying from Blues, Pretty Florals, Tribal, to Gold Embellishments and ended on a Gothic note. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 Autumn/Winter Edition here.

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