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‘The Personal ROI Reverse Order Inquiry’ by BK Jayasimha Book Review

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Well, self-help books isn’t really a favorite genre of many when we talk about reading books. With no offense to anyone, in particular, most mango people are fiction lovers. Especially the younger generation, they simply hate lectures! For older ones, reading self-help books are a sign of a problem or a mental disease. But it is pretty easy to resonate from outside than to beam from the inner self. No doubt there is a manifold rise in cases of suicide, grievous crimes, and strange perversion tales.

Book Title – The Personal ROI
Authors – BK Jayasimha
Genre –  Self Help
Publisher – Adhyyan Publications
Published in –  2016
Pages – 142
Available Formats – Paperback & Kindle Edition
Price – Rs. 187 for Paperback Edition 
Available Online at – 

With the monotony of daily life,  festivals etc. the book can be read thoughtfully in a week’s time. One would definitely like to revisit and read some previous lines and paragraphs again and again just to absorb every cent of their meaning within oneself.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but still, the cover page of the book could be more attractive. It looks more like a school/college syllabus book.

  • Page formatting could have been done better, also maybe certain lines that the author wanted to put forth as a key idea could have been in bold.

  • Under each page or after each chapter, maybe key pointers from the same could be listed for quick reference.

What Worked for Me:

  • The clarity in author’s thought.

  • Selection of words to communicate the core meaning seamlessly.

  • The author has not shown apprehensions of using his favorite quotes said by world famous motivational speakers.

  • The book has something for each and every person be it an adult or a child.

  • The book ‘Personal ROI’ is not flooded with words but deep thoughts.

  • It has some great practical tips that are worth implementing. 

About the Author:

Balkrishna Jayasimha (BK) is an International Rebirthing breath worker, Personal & Yoga Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Speaker, and Writer. He is a certified EQ-i 2. Coach. BK is also a celebrated author with not just articles published in leading Indian dailies and online portals but 4 books to his credit. Ther Personal ROI Reverse Order Inquiry is his first independently authored book. The previously co-authored books being ‘Change and Knowledge Management’ and a book on Yoga called ‘Antaryoga’ for the modern lifestyle.


My rating for this book would be 4.5/5.

In my opinion, the book should be read and would certainly help teenager & parents the most. It makes you look within and find the deeper purpose and meaning of one’s life rather than training self for getting into the vicious circle of a monotonous daily life. It is a thin book with great insights about life at a pocket-friendly price. A compelling self-help book that seeks to transform your life!


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  1. Good Review. I may also send my book for your review.

    1. Sure send in details of book at

  2. The book is truly look not interesting, but we never know the truth before we read it

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