Avon True Color PRO+ Nail Enamel: Two Shades, One Review!

Among the hundreds and thousands of local and organized nail polish brands in India which nail enamel to choose and not is a gigantic task for most Indian women. As a known fact nail polish and girls go hand in hand, they are more like besties! Avon India has launched its True Color range in Feb 2017, with famous actress Aditi Rao Hydari as its brand ambassador. Well, the name of this range and Aditi has quite a bit in common. As the diva, herself is known for being simple yet glamorous! The True Color range by Avon Cosmetics also promises a similar makeover experience. 


Shades being reviewed from this Nail Polish brand in India are Absinthe & Lagoon. However, there are 25+ shades available in the Avon True Color range.

About Avon True Color:

“Avon True Color means the color you buy is the color you apply. Now all your favorite lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows and nail enamel have Avon’s acclaimed TRUE COLOR technology, designed to give you the natural flawless look you want…nothing less. Rich pigments are blended into our clear and pure formulas for guaranteed color that stays true all day.”  – Source:

Shelf Life of this Nail Polish Brand in India:

3 years


Rs. 149 for 8 ml. bottle  – Reasonable as compared to other nail polish brands in India.

How To Apply:

  • These nail paints require two to three coats for achieving the perfect look on your nails.
  • Starting from the base of your nail apply the Avon True Color PRO+ Nail Enamel making brush strokes towards the outer end of nails.
  • Let one coat completely dry before applying the next. 


Avon True Color PRO+ Nail Enamel comes in rectangular bottles which are easy to grab hold of even when you are traveling and applying the nail paint at the same time.  The bottle has all the necessary details written on them.

Applicator Wand:

The wand is sturdy and has a thick brush at the end which is straight cut to easily apply nail paint at home and while you are on the go.

My Take on Avon True Color PRO+ Nail Enamel:

  • Absinthe 

This nail color shade has fine gold glitter particles in it. This makes the nail enamel shimmery and poised. Unlike glitter nail polishes of other nail polish brands in India, it is not very flashy but elegantly poised.

  • Lagoon

Lagoon shade has a characteristic metallic blue color. It is light on nails but carries a unique quite alluring quotient attached to it especially for recommended for wheatish to dark skin tones. 

As claimed on the Avon website both nail polishes look the same colors that one can see from outside the bottle when applied on nails. Absinthe color is highly pigmented so gives a full coverage in one coat only. However, Lagoon shade though is a great color requires two to three coatings to be done for full coverage. A major pro about this Avon True Color PRO+ Nail Enamel range as against most other nail polish brands in India is that these dry on nails quite fast plus they have a great sheen!

Keeping in mind the affordability and the beautiful color shades this range has The Other Brain Inc. team will give it a 4.5 Star Rating. Definitely recommended!

You can buy Avon products here:

P.S.: Soon we will also be reviewing Avon True Color Lipstick & Glimmerstick Kajal. Don’t miss that!

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  1. I have tried Avon , it offers good quality for less money !

    1. Yes Avon has ridiculously inexpensive products.

  2. these are beautiful shades, i like funky colors on my nails.

  3. Dual coloured nails looked beautiful, this combination was also unique!

    1. Thanks!

  4. Manohar Mathi says:

    I like the article..will suggest to my girl friend

  5. Avon does create good quality products but I hope they improve in producing more lovely shades. How long did the nail polish last with out chipping?

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