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Five Reasons Why the Upcoming Indian Travel Show ‘Nexa Journeys On Asian Highway 1’ is Giving Us Adrenaline Rush

A brand new Indian Travel Show named ‘Nexa Journeys On Asian Highway 1 driven by S-Cross’ is all set to be aired on Discovery Channel starting from 21st May. The TV series has been divided into seven episodes which will be telecasted every Sunday at 7.30PM.

There are many things that make this Indian Travel series unique like this show marks World Wide Media’s foray into television production. WWM currently has Lonely Planet Magazine India & Top Gear Magazine India as their portfolio brands.

Well, here are 5 reasons about this upcoming Indian travel show which makes it a must watch:

#1. The Highway:

This is the first ever Indian travel show covering the entire stretch of the Asian Highway 1. This highway is a recent international cross country road that came into existence in 2016. It currently connects India, Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand by road. So reaching Myanmar and Thailand by road is actually possible by driving from along this international highway from India. Taking on such kind of an ultimate cross-country road trip would surely be every traveler’s dream. 

#2. The Travelers: 5 Celebs + 5 Co-Travelers

Five celebrities from different backgrounds viz. acting, cooking, photography, singing and an auto enthusiast will be traveling in this epic road trip TV series.The five celebrities chosen are dedicated to their passion and are known names in the field. After which five interesting personalities were selected who will accompany the five celebs along this journey. 

Actress Pallavi Sharda, Chef Saransh Goila, Fashion photographer Taras Taraporvala, Editor of TopGear Magazine Girish Karkera, Singer Natalie Di Luccio, Professional race car driver Hussein Kachwala, Cinematographer Sai Sanil, Media consultant Naved Farooqui, Musician Kunal Kundu and PR consultant and content writer Madhurima Roy will be seen on board taking up this experiential journey. 

#3. The Car ‘S-Cross’

In this Indian travel show, the vehicle used will be S-Cross which is a premium crossover car sold at Nexa. The travelers will be seen driving the car at different point-in-time while experiencing different terrains, weather, road  & driving conditions. According to Mr. R.S. Kalsi (Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki), “No modifications of any sort have been done in the cars for this epic road trip. It is the same car that is available in Nexa showroom for our customers.” 

#4. 4325 kilometers road trip & 3 nations – India, Myanmar & Thailand

Singer: Natalie Di Luccio

A 4325 kilometers road trip across 3 nations surely sounds to be one heck of a road trip. A journey which wouldn’t be about reaching a destination but experiencing the new, exploring the unexplored!

This seven-episode series which premieres on 21st May 7.30 PM on Discovery Channel will start from Delhi. Which will become experiential as the ten travelers make their way through Varanasi embracing the culture of the oldest city in the world has to offer. Then crossing the tea gardens of Jorhat in Assam they will be visiting Majuli, the biggest river island in the world situated in the Brahmaputra.

Moving on further to Kohima, a hilly district in Nagaland, the travelers will be seen getting acquainted with the native tribal people, their music, and the matriarchal society norms. The last destination in Indian territory will be the border town of Moreh in Manipur, beyond which Myanmar starts.

The journey will continue in Bagan, Myanmar which is known for the Bagan Archaeological Area. Here more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments tower over the pristine green plains, giving the travelers an opportunity to have a glance into the Buddhist culture. According to Chef Saransh Goila, Bagan has the most mesmerizing sunsets. 

Chef Saransh Goila

In the final leg of this epic NEXA journey, this Indian travel show will see travelers doing another country crossover that will be from Myanmar to Thailand. Experiencing Bangkok & Pattaya will mark the end of this ultimate road trip called ‘Nexa Journeys On Asian Highway 1’.

#5. Making it a Wholesome Experiential Journey! 

“NEXA marks the first initiative by an automobile company to go beyond selling cars and create a new format of lifestyle experience for the customers. NEXA Journeys is not just about being able to explore new places; it’s about indulging your senses and experiencing new things, trying something unthought of.” –  Mr. R.S. Kalsi (Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki).

Following the vision behind NEXA, this Indian travel show will showcase the different passion of each of the participants such as acting, cooking, photography, singing and writing while they are on the go.




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  1. Hitasha says:

    This is a great news for all travel lovers!

    1. For travelers it will be an encaptivating experience which none of the reality travel shows has seen.

  2. Seems exciting enough getting to see acting, cooking, photography, singing and writing skills of the participants… Shall for sure watch it out!

    1. It is worth watching. When I saw the trailer I was filled with awe of such scenic places in India and we don’t even realize apart from cliched touristy kind o destinations!

  3. I find the concept really interesting … and a road travel with celebrities from different walks of life !

  4. Manohar Mathi says:

    Fantabulous journey for travelling lovers and it’ll be a memorable long drive also..3 countries 1 road, changes in weather and terrains. Totally it’ll be memorable

    1. True that!!

  5. This seems like such an exciting show. I will definitely watch it!

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