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Curry Company (Curry Haus), Gurgaon Food Delivery App Review

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There are about several hundreds of food restaurants, bars, lounges, food trucks, delivery joints and delivery apps across Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. The scope of the food industry is huge in the city because people simply love eating out. Curry Haus Gurgaon now known as Curry Company is one of the latest major entrants in the food delivery business.

Getting Food from Curry (Haus) Company, Gurgaon:

Curry (Haus) Company is a delivery only food brand which currently serves in Gurgaon & Delhi. For getting food from this brand one needs to download a mobile application which is compatible with both Android & iOS operating systems. 

The app is designed meticulously to make food ordering hassle free and very quick. One simply has to select the locality and then after a very short signup process, one can build in the order and checkout. Like in any other website or food delivery service, it has a number of payment options.

Even the discount coupon code gets applied very easily.

I will give placing order 4.5/5 rating.


For a food delivery brand like Curry (Haus) Company, Gurgaon timely delivery is crucial. Any delay can affect the service quality and so is the packaging. I received the delivery well within usual delivery time.

I will give service 4.5/5 rating.


The packaging of food from Curry (Haus) Company, Gurgaon is spill proof and professionally done. Proper labels are pasted on each dish for quick identification. Apart from this, there are spoons and wet tissues also packed.

I will give packaging of food 4.5/5 rating.


Up: Bhatti Murgh, Down: Shikhampuri Kebab

In starters, Shikhampuri Kebab & Bhatti Murg were tasted. The first bite of Shikhampuri Kebab acts to build your trust in the brand. The flavors are simple, clear & balanced.

Bhatti Murg was also cooked well and marinated well. It is very similar to Tandoori chicken but devoid of the orange synthetic color. Quantity & price of both starters were at par with existing competitor brands. 

In the Main course, Chicken Tak-a-Tak and Mutton Korma was ordered. Chicken Tak-a-Tak is similar to kadhai chicken but with a twist of little gravy along and tasted little different with the presence of generous amounts of ginger juliennes in it. Mutton Korma tasted brilliant but was not spicy as is the case with usually found Mutton Korma. 

Up: Mutton Korma, Down: Chicken Tak-a-Tak

The Plain Naan can be made better.

For dessert, toffee caramel cake was ordered. It comes in a cupcake form because of which it might seem to be little over priced for some. It tastes best when there is a little amount of molten caramel on the top of it.

I will give its food a 4/5 rating.


The prices of dishes on the menu of Curry (Haus) Company, Gurgaon is at par with competitors. The prices are balancing the portion sizes which is good.

I will give its food a 4.5/5 rating.


Curry (Haus) Company, Gurgaon started with a big marketing campaign in Gurgaon and Delhi. Though it has a long way to go but till now it seems to meet the expectations of its patrons with great tastes, professional service and hassle free app usage.

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  1. if they are good, it will help people. I am tired of some of these apps who promises a lot but are bad on services!

    1. They aren’t like Swiggy etc. but basically they are two restaurants that are taking orders via mobile app.

  2. That’s great to know, hope they have vegetarian range as well on their menu:) Shall check it out

    1. Yes they do have Vegetarian range as well.

  3. Apps like these are great for bachelors like me. I am always on the lookout for such apps.

    1. You must try it.

  4. Are they catering to gurgaon only ?

    1. No even South Delhi and nearby

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