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House of Cards Season 5 Episode 1 Review: It is the Homecoming of Terror!

House of Cards new season is the 5th season of the famous TV series. Its premiere marathon is all set to go live on Zee Cafe from 3rd June 5 PM onwards. The last season (S 4) had concluded with the Miller family taken as a hostage. The final scene being the killing of Jim Miller by terrorists. As the lead, power hungry pair of Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright continue this ambition propelled political drama, it will be interesting to watch the story further unfold.

Here’s the review of its first episode with few mild spoilers.

The story in episode 1 of House of Cards new season begins from the same note as it ended in the last season. President Frank Underwood and the first lady, Claire Underwood will be seen doing anything & everything to lead the House to vote for announcing a war against ICO. The cast is almost the same with most key characters retained. But in true sense the limelight stealer here is the leading pair, their screen presence is commanding. Their hunger for being in the power position is encaptivating. As they fan terror for their own interest makes one look closer to the level of selfishness we humans can stoop down to. The tiny bits of scenes here & there of the President & his seemingly strong wife bond with each other in their private moments brings in the emotional element.

It is inevitable not to draw a parallel between the story in this first episode of the House of Cards new season and the current political state of affairs in the United States. Like the Visa related policy change implemented by President Trump similarity which is seen in this episode. At other instances too, the characters of President Trump and Kevin Spacey in the TV series seem to draw a lot of resemblances. Is it just a coincidence or may be viewer’s choice that these political dramas have some sort of correlations with real politics! Like in the first season of Anil Kapoor starer Indian TV series, 24, which had striking similarities with Gandhi family and their then political ambitions.  Plus, coming back to this House of Cards new season one cannot falter in linking the terror organization ICO with the real one that’s ISIS.

What Worked for the House of Cards New Season First Episode:

  • Awe inspiring shots of the world’s most powerful capital, Washington D.C. as city highlighting its key monuments & buildings.
  • Spacey comes out as the strongest performer of all. He’s once again gotten into his character’s psyche well enough to portray onscreen aptly.
  • The Story: With President Underwood wanting to press the House to vote for declaring a war against ICO, the story is sure to become further interesting.
  • Robin Wright shines as the woman with ambitions, emotions, brain, and beauty.  Her character is bound to gain more power in the forthcoming episodes.
  • The scene where the President meets Josh Masterson (the terrorist behind Miller killing) is a not to miss one. The scene has everything power, disgust, ruthlessness, clever political mind and more.

What Didn’t Work:

  • One fails to understand, why the president of world’s most herculean economy is not interested in bringing in any positive change in the country? Why is he so insecure about his position? Seems to be a kursi bachao abhiyaan (holding on the chair ) in the U.S. as well. Or does he want to set up a dictatorship in the America?
  • The scene where Mellisa Miller accuses President of her father’s death could have been more dramatic.


This series has delivered successful seasons one after another so there are high expectations from this House of Cards new season as well.  The cold stare with a mysterious smile on President Underwood & the first Lady’s face towards the end of the first episode is compelling. Though the series creator Beau Willimon has stepped down as the story runner, seeing the first episode one can safely say that the series seems to be polished, unpredictable & thrilling.

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!” Know more about it here -> ZeeCafe

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  1. Was so eagerly waiting for this one.. finally it starts today..!!

    1. When I saw the first episode I was totally bowled over. Why don’t we make such TV series in India..

  2. Prashant says:

    New to netfliks, looking forward to new season HOC

  3. Raymond says:

    Very well described. Good one

  4. So excited for HOC, was completely glued to it! Loved the review:)

  5. Manohar Mathi says:

    Nice review…Described very well

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