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8 Must Have Flowering Plants in Your Garden This Winters in India

Winter flowering plants to grow in IndiaWinters though have arrived little late this year around but the season is finally settling in. This is the season when nature is at its colorful best. This is the time for basking in the warm sunlight and decorating the garden with flowering plants. Flowers bring in the joy and positive change within home and individual. So here are 8  winter flowering plants to grow in India for a brighter and prettier garden:

#1. Marigold

Yellow Flora Flower Marigold French Marigold - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Yellow Marigold (Source)

Marigold or as is commonly known in India, ‘Genda Phool’ plant, is one of the easiest of the winter flowering plants to grow in India. Plus the bountiful amount of flowers it gives simply brightens thee mood of a boring looking garden. One can either grow it from seeds or bring a sampling from nursery and transfer it into a pot. The flowers come in vivid hues of yellow & orange. Since it is a shrub so can also be planted in a balcony or terrace or for that matter any place where abundant sunlight comes.

#2. Amaryllis

Stargazer Orange Bloom - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Stargazer Orange Bloom

Amayllis or ‘Stargazer’ Lilies are the ones that will become the center of attraction once they bloom. This fragile plant which needs support has the most gorgeous flowers that come generally in orange, red, white & pink colors. There are few species which even yield a flowers of mixed colors. Like the fragrance of these flowers, their beauty is also sure to charm the onlooker. This plant is one of those winter flowering plants to grow in India that need moderate attention for a healthy life. The life span of plant is generally till a month after the winters however its bulbs can be preserved for next season.

#3. Salvia

Red Sage Salvia Splendens Fire Sage Salvia - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Red Sage Salvia (Source)

You call them ‘Salvia’ only in India. Mention this to any nurserywallah and he would know the plant. These are also available in a range of colours like red, purple, yellow etc.  Tubular bright flowers are borne above the foliage and seems to be in a bunch.  Though they are ideal plants to be placed like a mass or in the form of border  but they look good independently also. They need to be kept in mild sunlight or else under a shade.

#4. Button Rose:

Button Red Rose  Flowers & buds - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Button Red Rose Flowers & buds

Miniature Rose or Button Rose is a species of rose which come in bunch and are small in size. It has flowering throughout the year but contrary to summers this plants needs to be kept in direct sunlight during winters. Button roses are available in many colors too and they are sure to make you fall in love with them.

#5. Dahlia:

Pinkish light purple Chrysanthemum another variety flowers - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Pinkish light purple Chrysanthemum another variety flowers

For a beautiful garden, Dahlia is inevitable though it isn’t exactly a winter flowering plants to grow in India. It is the national flower of Mexico needless to say they are one of the most beautiful flower species of world. The plants have life more than two years and flower almost throughout the year. The flower have long lives on plants as well when off the plant. They too are available in many varied species and colors.

#6. Guldavri or Chrysanthemum Coronarium:

Guldavari White Flowers - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Guldavari White Flowers

Again Chrysanthemum has huge variety and colors available in market. The plant not only has aesthetic value but also has medicinal importance. It has a cluster of flowers coming in bunches and the leaves and the flower can be used for relaxing mind, as a cure against depression and as anti bacterial within home.

#7. Petunia & Pansy – Most common winter flowering plants to grow in India:

Petunia Hanging Plant in vivid colors -  Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Petunia Hanging Plant (Source)

These are tiny little plants which have profuse flowering in winter season. They are one of the most widely available and very reasonably priced winter flowering plants to grow in India. Both these plant varieties help in bringing in the vibrancy to a garden and a lot many can fit even in small spaces.

#8. Calendula:

Calendula Flowers Nature Garden Flower Summer - Winter flowering plants to grow in India
Calendula Flowers (Source)

Also known as Pot Marigold, Calendula is a bit different from the traditionally found Tagetes or Genda Phool which is popularly called as Marigold. Further, the flower comes in bright yellow, white and orange colors during the season. Among winter flowering plants to grow in India, Calendula is one of the few which have flowers that are edible. The flowers have great aesthetic and medicinal value.

Hope this is a helpful read for upgrading garden or balcony with these flowering plants. Apart from these, in India, which other winter flowering plants are their that you have grown, do write in!

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  1. All of them looks so beautiful. Wish it was in full bloom in my garden

  2. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I love seeing different kinds of flowers, and I want these beautiful flowers on our garden especially Marigold.

  3. The pentunia hanging plant looks awesome. Thanks for sharing

  4. This blog is very helpful. I myself was thinking of doing some gardening in a small open area in my home. This is going to help me a lot.

  5. So refreshing this was Judy! I was planning to have salvia n guldavri this season to add on to my small balcony..thanks

  6. Thank you for the information! Can you also inform about the plants that we can grow in our neighbourhood park which are not as costly and easy to maintain while being effective for the environment

    1. Sure, you can grow Raat ki Rani which gives out a ethereal fragrance at night, then ornamental trees like Ashok, CHristmas tree and flowering small sized trees.

  7. Oh wow this is such a unique post indeed ?lived it to the bits . And my fav is petunia & pansy.

  8. Very beautiful post. Amazing and superb pics of flowers.

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  10. The picture you clicked is super awesome.. Great post

  11. Oh my god. They are so beautiful. I love plants.

  12. Such amazing collection to choose from, thanks for sharing!

  13. This is a lovely list . I think I should go for Petunia.

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