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A 10-Day Itinerary for an Amazing Family Trip Through Bangkok, Rayong & Pattaya!

They say,

“Memories are the BEST souvenirs one can take back from a trip.”

True that, isn’t it? … and talking about pursuing memories from a trip then why not do it in FAMILY SiZe!

After all family travels are all the more fun with our set of best people as fellow travellers! 

Here’s a 10-day itinerary you got to cover in entirety to get a wholesome feel of the air, water, culture, people, shopping, entertainment & more.

Thailand offers Visa-on-Arrival to many countries including India. The most common exit points from India for Thailand being Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. The Delhi & Mumbai flights both take around 4.5 hrs. to reach the main international airport of Thailand that is Suvarnabhumi International airport, Bangkok. While from Chennai it takes an hour less and from Kolkata, Thailand is mere two hours forty minutes far away.

Day 1, 2 & 3: Explore Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok:

Bangkok is a city that is ready to unveil a new shade of itself on every visit of yours.

Exploring the primary landmarks of Bangkok city is what everyone does.

But legends cannot miss the breath-taking view of the Chao Phraya riverfront with a backdrop of illuminated sky touching buildings. Plus a stunning giant wheel, several eateries and more to go with it makes Asiatique – The Riverfront a must visit place.

Similarly visiting Damnoen Saduak – the most popular floating market of Thailand, Art in Paradise – an exceptional 3D art museum are also some of the absolutely must visit places when in Bangkok.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World (formerly known as Siam Ocean World) & Safari World, Bangkok either both or one as per the interest can be taken forward with. However going for both would mean a really hectic schedule. As shopping again is a must do when in Bangkok so plan the other activities accordingly in order to save time.

Day 4, 5 & 6: Open New Shades – Discover Rayong

Things to do in Rayong:

After exploring the city life of Bangkok to the fullest, on day 4th of the trip head to Rayong a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Suan Lamai Fruit Orchard is nestled in a picturesque scenery-like area of Wang Chan district is a great place to begin sightseeing in Rayong area. 

It is actually a kingdom of fruit on the mountain with fruits like Durian, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Mango, Strawberry etc. and flowers like Cosmos, Orchids & more growing. The drastic change in the air and natural views are sure to mesmerize one’s soul. Indulging in an elaborate fruit buffet are must dos’ here.

From the natural landscapes transfer into a museum that is work of passion called Kru Kung Museum.

Mr. Alexander Graham Bell would love to see this collection of his Invention.
Mr. Alexander Graham Bell would love to see this collection of his Invention.


Timepieces aren't just mere timekeepers, they act as Memory tellers as well..
Timepieces aren’t just mere timekeepers, they act as Memory tellers as well..

Rewind and refresh memory lane on seeing the amazing collection of Telephones, Hair salon accessories, Grand Father Clocks, Jewellery, Cameras and more.

This exclusive BMW beauty & not posing here is a sin!
This exclusive BMW beauty & not posing here is a sin!

For those people wanting to travel back in time and experience Thailand as it was centuries earlier, visiting the old town at Chanthaboon Waterfront, in Chantaburi province can serve the purpose.

Witness the old world charm of Thailand of a time around 300 years ago when this area was a key trade point for commodities like gemstones and more with neighbouring countries like Vietnam & Cambodia.

A great place to interact with the Thai local riverside people and enjoy the street food! Must see here are Church Of Immaculate Conception (Statue of mother Mary decorated with innumerable gemstones) & Chinese temple.

Chinese Temple at Chantaboon Waterfront area
Chinese Temple at Chantaboon Waterfront area

Another must do activity before bidding adieu to Rayong is Island Hopping. Rayong has a number of beautiful islands in close proximity like Koh Samet, Koh Man Nai (Royal project for Turtle happening at this island) and more.

Koh Samet - Source
Koh Samet – Source

Be allured by the clear blue waters in vivid shades with corals to beautify them even more. Indulge in water sports and experience the Turtle Conservation project like none other.

Day 7, 8 & 9: Re-invent Pattaya  

Things to do in Pattaya:

Water activities in Pattaya
Water activities in Pattaya

Pattaya has some fantastic water sports activities mostly throughout the day. So visiting Pattaya and not indulging in the activities like Parasailing, Paragliding, Banana boat, snorkeling and more is a sin. In Coral island (Koh Larn), one can indulge in underwater sea walk (costing around 1500 THB.) and more adventure activities.

Spectacular is an understatement for Kaan Show, Pattaya..
Spectacular is an understatement for Kaan Show, Pattaya..

A fairly new addition in the family attractions of Pattaya is a show called ‘Kaan Show’. It is the story of a young boy who gets lost in the stories of a Thai book. The show is truly an impeccable 75 minutes of cinematic grandeur.

Further, take your pick between Ramayana Water Park & Cartoon Network Amazone for reliving childhood memories and making some snazzy adventure-filled brand new memories.

At Ramayana Water Park
At Ramayana Water Park


‘Ramayana’ is the biggest water park in whole Thailand while Cartoon Network Amazone is the first Cartoon Network venture of this kind in the whole world! Both waterparks have their own set of specially designed slides and water activities to give one the chill & drill. Brave hearts try the Boomerang at Ramayana & get flushed in Cartoon Network!

No need to take a shower.. momma.. they have fixed the bucket there..!! :) at Cartoon Network Amazone, Pattaya
No need to take a shower.. momma.. they have fixed the bucket there..!! 🙂 at Cartoon Network Amazone, Pattaya
Aspire to learn Surfing then be here at Cartoon Network Amazone, Pattaya
Aspire to learn Surfing then be here at Cartoon Network Amazone, Pattaya

Apart from the must do things in Pattaya, one can also take a casual stroll on Jomtien or any of the popular beaches of Pattaya. Not to forget shopping and a relaxing foot massage in Pattaya too is inevitable!

Day 10: Head back but not before visiting ‘Ammata Lanta’

I got the Golden Pegasus - at Ammata Lanta
I got the Golden Pegasus – at Ammata Lanta

Ammata Lanta Resort near the Bangkok International airport is an absolutely must visit resort. Visit here in daytime maybe for the last lunch in Thailand and be bowled over by the exquisiteness of its exteriors & interiors plus be ready for the gastronomical extravaganza at this resort!

DOn’t miss the view of a flight take off from Suvarnabhumi Airport with the heritage inspired architecture of Ammata Lanta Resort.

Where to Stay:

Hotels in Bangkok are plentiful that come in all shapes, stars & prices changing with varying levels of luxury.  But for a trip with family pre-booking hotels is a good idea. Also while travelling with family safety & comfort should be given a priority.

Find hotel in Thailand here.

We stayed & loved the following:

A typical room of Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok
A typical room of Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok

♦ Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok: It is a beautiful property with rooms with an enthralling view of Chao Pharaya river from window. The lobby and the pool side give wide panoramic views of Bangkok city.

Early morning view of Chao Phraya River from room window at Montien RIverside Hotel, Bangkok
Early morning view of Chao Phraya River from room window at Montien RIverside Hotel, Bangkok

♦ Rayong Mariott Resort & Spa, Rayong: Living in this resort is an experience in itself. It has lots to add on to luxury quotient of your stay in Thailand. Beautiful rooms, private beach and stunning pools with elaborate gourmet food buffets & more.

No words to explain this manmade excellence, "Just wow.." - at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa
No words to explain this man-made excellence, “Just wow..” – at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa


Pool Number 2 which is equally mesmerizing - at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa
Pool Number 2 which is equally mesmerizing – at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa

For kids they have a Kids club which keeps children engaged ad they totally love it. Apart from this the bigger pool has two slides for older kids while the toddlers can enjoy in the splash pool near the second pool.

AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa: Located in the heart of Pattaya, this hotel offer a luxury stay while being located in the area which is a shopper’s paradise. Street side shopping markets and malls are just a stone’s throwaway distance. The hotel has two entry and exit points one at front & the other at the back side. One entry/exit point connects you to the market while the other one lands you opposite the Pattaya beach area.

Enchanting AVANI Pattaya Resort
Enchanting AVANI Pattaya Resort
The beautiful pool with a small bar for drinks & Munch-ons - at Avani, Pattaya
The beautiful pool with a small bar for drinks & Munch-ons – at Avani, Pattaya

Food is very good especially people who have pure vegetarian food prefernce also can look forward to a hearty meal courtesy a hospitable Indian chef at this hotel.  Event the bakery assortment durinng all meals is phenomenally good. The pool is tastefully designed with drink & snack bar near to it. 

Good to Know Points When in Thailand:

Cultural Etiquettes in Thailand:

  • Bow down to greet people with a ‘Sawadhee’ – that’s like a Namaste in India. For girls, add ‘Kha’ making it Sawadhee Kha and Sawadhee Khrup for men.
  • Say Thank you in Thai language, to men as Khop Khun Khrup while for ladies it is Khop Khun Kha.
  • Add Khun before the name as a mark of respect while addressing Thai people.
  • While in many parts of the world touching the head is considered a sign of blessing given to the person. However, in Thailand even with children it is not thought to be cool at all unless you are very familiar with the person.

Communication: Not all locals in Thailand know English very well. So while speaking in English to locals speak slowly for their better understanding.

Itinerary Planning:

  • Many hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and other major cities of Thailand have day-long excursion tours planned. So for activities like Island hopping or indulging in water sports and more one can ask for their pricing and plan accordingly.
  • On weekends heavy traffic in major cities is usually a common phenomenon expected so plan the itinerary accordingly.


  • If you are shopping in a mall for 2000 THB. and getting a receipt for the same, do not forget to claim the VAT amount on the bill while going back at the Thailand airport itself.
  • In street markets thefts can happen so it is advisable to be vigilant about the same.

Did this article help you for planning your family trip to Thailand better, then do write in!

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Disclaimer: We were invited for a press familiarity trip by Thailand Tourism. But the opinions and words are purely based on the first 
hand experience of the writer. All photographs have been taken by the writer and permission to use any of the photographs
may be asked by contacting us through email (otherbraininc@gmail.com).
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    1. Yes Rayong is beautiful. Pattaya actually you could have covered cause it is absolutely safe for women and family trips. I went street shopping alone at 12.30 AM or so and nobody bothered me.

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