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Compelling 5 pointers for ‘Your’ HappYness!


In 2003, almost all tabloids carried one small piece of news which many people might have overlooked also. It was the news of scientists figuring out a mathematical equation for calculating one’s Happiness!

Yes, this is true and the equation actually read like this:

Happiness = P + (5xE) + (3xH)

Where ‘P’ stands for Personal Characteristics, like for example the outlook on life, adaptability and resilience. While ‘E’ stands for Existence and is related to health, financial stability and friendships. ‘H’ represented Higher order needs including self-esteem, expectations, ambitions and sense of humour. Life Coach, Pete Cohen, who co-wrote the equation then elaborated that a common man could reach to the quantifying value for all these variables for ultimately calculating his or her HappYness level by simply answering a set of 4 questions. Each answer had to be given a rating of 1 to 10.  The value of first two question on adding up would give the value of ‘P’ in the equation while the third and fourth answers would yield the values for ‘E’ & ‘H’ respectively.

However, Pete also admitted then that the equation could seem a bit complex for the common man.

We aren’t even sure if this equation got approved or trashed or may be updated in the span of 15 long years. But for that matter, isn’t HappYness itself a complex feeling to understand? It is not just the common man who finds it difficult to understand his reasons for being ‘Happy’ or ‘ Not Being Happy’. Even noted scientists, and great achievers holding a leading position in the varied field of life cannot understand all about HappYness!

Based on our experience of life and interaction in society we tried to reason out why a person feels Happy in a certain way and the other person doesn’t. Well, we failed miserably in this. But we were able to rather narrow down to 5 trigger points that would literally compel one to feel Happy if one is alert about the thoughts going on in his or her mind and of course heart. 

Here is the list of the

Compelling 5 to HappYness!

Do let us know if you agree or disagree with us on the same:

  • Seeing the Under Privileged:

Now we don’t really want to mock at one’s misery by mentioning this point cause taking birth in a rich or poor background is not really in hands of anybody. Every day as we cross the streets in the busy lanes from our home to office and back, we see many people, ladies and even kids who are living in a pitiable state. Some don’t have enough to eat some don’t have bare minimum clothes to even cover their body. Especially children, on one hand, this part of the educated working world is cautious about the smallest of the vaccinations to be given to our children and then the underprivileged part of the world where their fate is dependent on luck & God’s will. Seeing them and realizing how blessed we are, one will surely feel light from all worries and compel self to be Happy!

  • Being in the company of a Handicapped or a Terminally Ill Person:

Have you been anytime to a shelter home where mentally disturbed people are kept or in a hospital where terminally ill people are treated? Trust us these are the best places to visit when one has failed miserably at any point in life. These places make one realize a gift that is supreme from any mortal achievement a human could do in his entire life. That supreme gift is the gift of a HEALTHY LIFE! Many of us would have known among our family or friends a person -adult or child, who got a life-threatening disease out of nowhere. Knowing such people would actually make us value the gift of life and happYness would certainly knock at our door time and again cause no failure is more precious than a good Life! 

  •  Realizing that we are an INDIVIDUAL entity at the end of it all!

Often we hear the phrase that every one of us has come into this world alone but think from the perspective of a mother. While in the labour room it is only the mother who has to bear the pain of delivering the child. In an operation theatre similarly, every patient being treated has to face the knife alone. Then when we are hale and hearty why do we become so dependent on others! Dependent on parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends and more! Dependency brings in expectations which cause the trouble. If we start to put in a conscious effort to constantly remind ourselves the individual entity concept then we will be Happy in all situations. As in that scenario, nobody else could affect us so much so as to disbalance our HappYness Quotient. 

  • Realizing that LIFE isn’t a Straight Line!


When does a life gets symbolized as a straight line? Only when a person’s heartbeat stops. So if even the existence of lively human body is an ongoing collection of hi and low points then why does our HappYness depend so much upon the life events? Realizing the fact that life isn’t a straight line will surely create more space for HappYness! 

  • Being a Genuinely Good Person!

Now one might ask what do we mean by being a ‘Genuinely Good Person’? It is simple, most times most people are living a fake life, faking even their persona claiming to be good, doing noble acts just to impress somebody else. A genuinely good person (GGP) is the one who doesn’t have to claim to the world or boast about being good but knows in his hearts of heart that he is a noble soul. Even if one tries to be GGP then also mind and soul start to become free from the ill effects of the world per say and the inner HappYness gets unlocked slowly but steadily. 

WHy we wrote HappYness and not the Happiness because of this –>>>> Leaving you with a must watch scene from The Pursuit of Happyness!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Well written.

  2. Life’s all about highs and lows and random incidents happen to us everyday – things we don’t have control over. But we do have control over one thing – it is smiling and making ourselves happy. Truly only we can do this.

  3. Loved reading unique Post. Its touching by Helping Needy ones

  4. Its such a great and feel good post.?

    Happiness is the key to a beautiful and stress free life. And your pointers will help a lot ?


  5. Wow .. your post also spread happiness and lots of positivity. Thanks for sharing this

  6. wow! Firstly, I am impressed totally by that alphabetical explanation.. its amazing. And yes, somehow I can connect with your thoughts. Whenever I see those poor people, I feel, how blessed I am. I can buy what I want, I can eat what I want to eat. Isn’t it enough to feel that I am happy? For some people education is luxury and from the morning they think about a day meal. I have two hands, eyes and all. Again, How blessed I am!! Honesty, the key I believe too. Do everything honestly, it will make your soul happy.

  7. jhilmil says:

    I am enjoying reading this series of blog a lot. I strongly believe that a depressed person needs to visit any terminally ill patient, just as you suggested. I am so glad you included one of the most positive movies of our times as a reference, I would like to add my 2 cents by referring Life is Beautiful too.

  8. This is a post I can say very close to my heart. Instead of seeking big happiness, a small meet with underprivileged kids give me a whole months dose. Ya the equation seemed lil complex but was well explained to get that happyness.

  9. That’s a beautiful write up..loved reading it

  10. preety85 says:

    Wow… Really impressed with this equation hope everybody fill follow it to get a happy life.

  11. Papri Ganguly says:

    Wow! Just wow. I am so spellbound by your words and descriptions of happiness . However I am absolutely agree with your 5 triggers.

  12. Happiness is key of Happy mind truly.. your post spread lots of positivity.. Keep writing

  13. Good pointers on the key to happiness! Nice read.

  14. Whoa! First of all, I will calculate using that formula of happyness secondly hats off to your research and third your post truly made me understand life is not a straight line

  15. Really loved the post… Whenever anyone around me feels sad i always try to make them realize they are much more fortunate than many others… But it sometimes makes me more sad to see others suffering

    1. But if we see towards the brighter side.. Life is Bliss!

  16. The equation explains happiness so well. So true life isnt a straight line the fact of life I think,

  17. These are the really nice suggestions to live happily. This equation actually explains every aspect

  18. manasvi says:

    Wow, just loved reading this post? so true… life is totally all about ups and downs..

  19. Now that’s a completely different way of explaining’ ‘happinness’. Loved reading it. And I didn’t know it even has an equation lol!!

  20. Alphabetically written article is just wow ! Great to know things that keep you happy

  21. loved reading ur points and i agree that life cannot be a flat line. it has its ups and downs and thats what make life what it is.

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