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The Ultimate Blind List – 7 Mystery Places in the World that are Closed for Public!

“It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between.” – Diane Ackerman

See this quote through the eyes of a world traveler & you would feel the same compelling urge to experience and travel to places which are less traveled. In fact, off-beat places like the ones mentioned below in this ultimate blind list are far more exciting than the popular ones. The must visit destinations have their share of charm but discovering a place without a proper itinerary in hand, sets a traveler spirit soaring high! Discovering new terrains, finding something new about a place and more becomes a part of an unforgettable, enriching experience, isn’t it?

We feel that like the ultimate challenge in life is to face death, the ultimate place for a traveler for exploration are the forbidden places on Earth.

So here is the ultimate blind list with places from all around the world which are closed for public as of now. Breaching the restriction in these places might lead you into the prison or can be life-risking:


Well, the North Sentinel Island in India is one the most mysterious islands of the world.  Why mystery, cause public is barred from visiting this island by Government of India. Oh yes! The Indian government applied this rule in the best interest of tourists. The locals here are called Sentilenese and they want to lead a life totally cut off from the modern progressive world.

Photo SOurce: Alberton Record via Better India.com

In the past, there have been many instances when visitors have been fatally attacked by the locals. The best example of it was when Indian forces tried to help the much affected North Sentinel Island during Tsunami in 2004 they too were opposed. So lest you want to get killed it is better to avoid visiting this island for now!


As it is famously or infamously called, Snake Island in Brazil gets its popular name from the predominant citizens of this island that are Snakes. Brazil government has prohibited entry of visitors except for scientists and naturalists who want to conduct research on this island. The most common species of snake found here are the critically endangered, venomous Bothrops insularis (Golden lancehead pit viper), which eat birds. These snakes were literally trapped on this island due to the rising sea levels that covered up the land connected to the mainland. Due to their dietary constraints and question of survival, the snakes had to adapt to the new environment posing a threat to humans wandering in this snake island.


Chapel of Tablet, Ethiopia: The Ultimate Blind List

Chapel of Tablet, Ethiopia: The Ultimate Blind List Photo Source

The Chapel of Tablet is situated between the old and new Church of Our Lady of Xion in Ethiopia. Many of us must be knowing about Moses from the old testament of the Bible. He had been given by God the Ten Commandments inscribed on two stone tablets. These commandments are one of the founding bases of Christianity. The two stone tablets were kept in a golden wooden box called the ‘Ark of the Covenant’. This chapel in Ethiopia is the place where this most sacred Ark of Covenant is kept. The only person who can enter the premise is the guardian priest which serves for his entire life before nominating another priest for this duty on the deathbed. Interestingly, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) the first of Indiana Jones films made by Steven Spielberg had this Ark as the main subject.


We are sure most of you must have heard the name of this mysterious place called Bermuda Triangle, located in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida. This is an island where ships and airplanes flying above it, mysteriously disappear. People who grew up in the 1990s came to know about it when famous Disney series ‘Ducktales’ featured it in one of their episodes. But scientists have long been in the quest to demystify the suspense around Bermuda Triangle.  There are many kinds of theories ranging from the area is a hub of paranormal activities, to nature’s abnormal extravaganza and extending to extra-terrestrial & aliens role in it.


Ever imagined how the room of one of the most hailed Queen of all times looks like? Well as they say it’s a Queen’s life and so the room ought to be grander than the grand. Well, travelers coming to visit Buckingham Palace aren’t allowed to venture inside the Queen’s room area. Till date, only one person name Michael Fagan has been able to breach the royal security in 1982 to break in Queen’s room and have a brief talk with her. Alas! One can only imagine how an actual Queen’s room look like and so this, one of the most fascinating places in the world becomes the royal most pointer in our ultimate blind list!


The next on our ultimate blind list for travel inspiration sake is ‘Svalbard Global Seed Vault’. It is a secure seed bank located on one of the remotest Norwegian island, Spitsbergen, in the remote Arctic Svalbard Archipelago. Covered with a dense coating of snow, the vault has seeds from all across the world preserved to be used in case of an emergency. So again you need to be a high-level researcher to enter and see this vault.

#7. Area 51, NEVADA, U.S.

If Bermuda Triangle is an all-time favorite curiosity elicitor spot on the world map then Area 51 in Nevada, U.S. is no less. It is one of the most searched mystery places in the world and so it ought to be on this ultimate blind list!  This area is restricted for the public by U.S. government.

Time & again discussions surface as what’s inside Area 51 that is hidden from the world by prohibiting access to tourists and locals. In case there are extra-terrestrial beings been kept here even we won’t mind giving them some dose of travel inspiration!


So do we have the Indiana Jones in you all set to unravel mysterious, off-beat places in the world, do write to us? Also, let us know any other places that you feel need to be added to this ultimate blind list! 

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28 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blind List – 7 Mystery Places in the World that are Closed for Public!

  1. Out of the blind date series posts that i have read all day…I have loved reading your post. It has evolved that travel kida in me…the cuiriosic bug and I am gonna search more about these places.

  2. Its always fun exploring the world thats been unexplored. I love the concept by Lufthansa. I am sure it going to be a hit. And for the places u mentioned above, definitely Burmuda Triangle is on my life. Great write up 🙂

  3. Research is always a good thing. And the fact that you have put in so much effort and made such a helpful post mesmerizes me.

  4. No doubt blind list is more intriguing than bucket list as we don’t know about the destination. I must say a blind date rejuvenate you as a person. Looks like you have enjoyed a lot on your trips.

  5. This is such a different take on the series #BlindDate. Very well done Judy! I am also intrigued about Bermuda Triangle and Queen ‘s room..I live in England and Queen is really strict as I heard.

  6. This blind list is seriously ultimate. That snake island of Brazil and Indian island are so intriguing. I’m also very curious about Bermuda Triangle as I heard so many stories about it.

  7. What a list this is, Sentinel Island and Snake island were quite interesting for me. It would be a perfect blind date to visit these places

  8. Wow! What an amazing list is this. The snakes are scary and the Bermuda triangle has always been intriguing. The Sentinel in India came as a surprise

  9. I had read article on few of them before except SVALBARD GLOBAL SEED VAULT (NORWAY) . And all this places are quite interesting, and as well quite curious to understand. My personal favourite is Bermuda triangle story where lots of aircraft has gone missing.
    Thank you for this article. Will go through the Svalbard vault stories soon.

  10. Oh my god, what a list is this !! Snake island seems very interesting to me. Queen’s bed room, England also seems so interesting and royal to me.

  11. Wow! Interesting list. I didn’t know about such places which are closed to public. These must be surely spooky and would think twice visit these places.

  12. I am glad the Indian government has banned some of these places from public. This is the only way they will be able to save sanctity of these tribals.

  13. Such an interesting article, it had me hooked up right until the end. I would never have guesses such places exist. Honestly I only knew about 2 places of all these.

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