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Morris Garages (MG Motor) – The legend Gets Ready to give India, ‘MG Hector’, its first Internet Car Experience!

Our first up & close moment with Morris Garages was in 2011 when we visited Udaipur’s famous Vintage Car Museum. Here, at least a few MG Vintage cars can be seen including MG ZB Magnette (1956). 

Morris Garages better known as MG Motor has a nine-decade-old history. After starting in 1924 with ‘Old Number 1’ the legendary car company rallied to make its mark in the automobile industry with its path-breaking cars one after another. Popularly referred as India’s first Super Star, actor, Rajesh Khanna had MG Sports Car back then. The soon to be launched MG Hector in India is yet another future ready addition under the MG Motor’s label.

USP of MG Hector being India’s first ‘Internet Car’. 

In this era of Smart gadgets, a smart car enabled with the internet like MG Hector is the need of the hour. There are not just one or two partners who have contributed to making MG Hector an Internet Savvy Car. Companies like Microsoft, SAP, CISCO, Adobe, Nuance, TOMTOM, Gaana and more that are leaders in their respective fields have channelised the technical know-how and more to make iSmart. 

Rajeev Chaba - President and Managing Director - MG Motor India Pvt with Representatives of Partner Companies - MG Hector
Rajeev Chaba – President and Managing Director – MG Motor India Pvt with Representatives of Partner Companies

MG Hector has iSmart which is a comprehensive answer to almost all the requirements that can affect a driving experience. The hardware of the same is in the form of a vertical 10.4″ head unit. The unit has an embedded sim powered by Airtel which is also 5G ready. Cisco’s Jasper platform forms the backbone of this iSmart unit so that it has connected mobility all the time. This enables remote operations and vehicle function. There is also a provision of latest updates (OTA) time and again just like what one has in smartphones. Cybersecurity and data protection will be handled by Microsoft.

Say, Hello MG!

Hello MG! AI driven demonstration of sunroof opening in MG Hector
Hello MG! AI-driven demonstration of sunroof opening in MG Hector

Ever imagined a beautiful voice helping you with navigation or assisting you for turning on the air conditioner or opening sunroof?  With the help of Nuance, iSmart of MG Hector has an AI based voice assistant that allows almost 100 voice commands related to car driving experience. The AI is also enabled to perceive different pronunciations and the style of sentence formations. Cool isn’t it!

Improved Possibilities of Getting Help During Accidents via iSmart:

Rajeev Chaba -MD- MG Motor India Pvt Ltd. detailing about features of iSmart in MG Hector
Rajeev Chaba -MD- MG Motor India Pvt Ltd. detailing about features of iSmart in MG Hector

God forbids but in high impact accident cases when the airbags are deployed, iSmart placed in MG Hector sends an automatic E-Call to the stored contact number to be used at such times of emergencies. 

Morris Garages is known as a car manufacturer that packs features in a car for both luxury and functionality sake. So in MG Hector too, the iSmart provides services like real-time navigation powered by TOMTOM, concierge services via Pulse Hub, preloaded Gaana App for listening to music while on the go and more. 

Connect Your MG Hector with Smartphone:

Rajeev Chaba -MD- MG Motor India Pvt Ltd. detailing about MG Hector
Rajeev Chaba -Managing Director MG Motor India Pvt Ltd. detailing about MG Hector

MG Hector owners can download the iSmart App for their smartphones. The mobile application will act as instant gratification for the owner with respect to details like locking the car or unlocking from a distance, switching on the air conditioner prior to driving away in the car on a hot day, geographic security of your loved ones, speed alert and more. 

360-degree Ownership Experience to an MG Motor Customer:

Close to the vision of the brand Morris Garages, the Indian operations are pursuing to make Pre-buying and Post-buying experience of a customer better with the help of Adobe and SAP. The solutions provided by these companies taps and remembers customer preference right from the point of enquiry. Dealer network to car service alert all is indicated to the customer via this.

Well, we know that this internet car has already set your heart pumping fast.

But wondering why all this info about this internet Morris Garages Car but no technical specification or the pricing of the car itself..

Then stay tuned, for the wait will be worthwhile..

Until then enjoy some of the quick glimpse of India’s first Internet Car by Morris Garages – MG Hector!


Benedict Cumberbatch, of Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes fame, is the brand ambassador of MG Motor hector
Benedict Cumberbatch, of Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes fame, is the brand ambassador of MG Motor





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  1. Hector really seems to be such a promising car! I can’t wait for a test drive!

  2. MG Hector is one awesome car to look forward to with all the smart next gen features. Keep us posted would love to know the driving experience as well 🙂

  3. The features sound so amazing!
    Like connecting it with Smart Phone, is actually we all need now.
    iSmart also sounds cool, excited to know its price and other deets.

  4. This internet car is going to be an experience on the roads. with such amazing features and technology, the rides gonna be much more fun and exciting.

  5. Love the look and features of the Hector. It looks like a car that is future ready. I am fascinated by the iSmart technology and how that has been harnessed to add on so many interesting and useful features to the car.

  6. I really love the accidental feature of this car. And also this car has many more great features . Can’t wait for it.

  7. This sounds interesting! MG Hector might be a game changer in the automobile industry.

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  12. This is such a cool and futuristic looking car! I can not wait to tell my husband about its launch!

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  14. Amita Pandey says:

    It is great to know that the internet car is going to be an experience on the roads and such a lovely features are available in this car.

  15. I love this car and I want to own it. I am waiting for its launch. It has so many cool features

  16. I have heard so many things about this beautiful machine and yes attending this event was something damn exciting for me too.

  17. Nisha Malik says:

    When I first heard that it is an internet car I thought they were exaggerating. But after attending the event I realized it truly belongs to the era of connectivity which we are experiencing.

  18. Amazing write up, never read such an informative blog and enjoyed it. Thankyou. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to read more.

  19. Ever since I knew they are launching the car in India, I had a feeling it will do well. (time will tell) One of my clients is about to buy one soon, so will have first hand review and the pleasure of a cool ride too 😉 Thank you for writing and sharing this post 🙂

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