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For the Sake of Baby’s Soft Skin, Moms you got to read this!

Baby's soft skin
Baby’s soft skin

Softness is best described by quoting the example of a baby’s soft skin texture. Skin in a human being is the largest organ that takes about 3 months to develop fully. It is also the outermost covering of the body and hence is the most sensitive. It is also quite infection-prone. A new baby’s skin is far softer than a normal adult’s skin and so it is just as precious as the love you shower on your baby.

Special attention is required for maintaining the baby’s soft skin texture. All parents want to give the best care for their children and often face the dilemma of choosing the right baby product. A healthy baby’s soft skin is dependent on several parameters like external weather condition, sun exposure, insect bites, clothing and more. But the most drastic change that can affect the softness and moisture in a baby’s skin is the ritual of bathing.

Baby's soft skin
For baby’s soft skin, skin care products that promise to balance the skin at 5.5 pH should be chosen

While it is extremely important to bathe the baby for hygiene purpose, it is important to choose the soap used for the same very carefully.  In today’s time, there are a lot of products available in the market. But while selecting, parents need to check the body wash and other baby skin care products that promise to balance the skin at 5.5 pH.

‘pH’ can simply be explained as the parameter to measure the acidity or alkalinity of any product. A healthy, soft and moisturized human skin has a pH of 5.5 at normal body temperature. To maintain the baby’s soft skin the product should be free from harsh chemicals, strong artificial fragrance & colourants. Negligence while choosing the baby skin care products can lead to small acne-like pustules and rashes on baby’s skin. Skin irritant chemicals like parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Fatty alcohol, Triethanolamine are a strict no-no for baby’s skin. Sebamed Body Wash is one baby skin care product which has natural lipids like Allantoin to gently take care of baby’s soft skin. It being soap free and alkali-free also makes it a tear-free body wash which works well for babies from the first day.

Sebamed Baby Wash maintains the skin at pH 5.5 for Baby's soft skin
Sebamed Baby Wash maintains the skin at pH 5.5 for Baby’s soft skin

Our Experience with Sebamed Baby Wash:

On doctor’s recommendation, we ordered and used Sebamed products right from day 1 for our newborn. For maintaining baby’s soft skin, Sebamed has a baby wash, body lotion and shampoo. We used all of these and thankfully weren’t disappointed a bit. The baby wash comes in 200ml. and 400ml. packs. It has easy to use packaging. Plus it is free from strong fragrance and washes off quickly from the baby’s skin. The best part about Sebamed Baby Wash is that it can be used both in summers and winters without making the skin excessively oily or dry.

We personally loved Sebamed products and would highly recommend Sebamed baby wash. Do share your thoughts and tips on maintaining the baby’s soft skin. Also, if you found this article useful then do share!

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  1. Ruchi says:

    I have used sebamed for my little one and it is good as it is perfect for kids skin and keep it moisturised for long time

  2. This brand is expert in making baby products. I really like it that this product is really gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. A must have brand for babies.

  3. For a baby we need to consider all these things, we are extra careful. I havent tried Sebamed for my baby as of now. Your post makes me think what kept me waiting till now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes you should surely try this baby wash.

  4. Heard a lot about sebamade. The features of being tear and toxin free definitely make it safe to use on baby skin

  5. I have heard about sebamed brand, but was not aware about extra softness in its baby wash. My son have a rough dry skin, so i am surely going to buy it for him.

  6. I have used Sebamed during the intial newborn days .No doubt the products are very much suited for baby’s soft and delicate skin.

  7. Sebamed has been a trusted brand of baby products for a long time now. I have tried their baby lotions and liked them in the past.

  8. preety85 says:

    Sebamed products are very mild and gentle…i am using this baby wash for my kids and it really keeps their skin soft.

  9. Khushboo says:

    I have used this body wash too. I will surely suggest this to my sister for her baby.

  10. I have heard so much good about sebamed baby products! They are definitely great for baby’s delicate skin! Loved the post!

  11. I also prescribe it to my patients as during my skin dept, my seniors use to prescribe Sebamed and always had a great result.

  12. jhilmildsaha says:

    Sebamed is one of a kind when it comes to baby care. I also use their products for my daughter and find them so gentle for her gentle skin.

  13. I have been using it since last 8 years for my kids. It was recommended to us by pediatrician. This is really true Sebamed is the best product.

  14. Sebamed is a trusted brand not only when it comes to others but also for delicate skin of babies and children. The baby products sound so mild and gentle yet effective for the little ones.

  15. Sebamed is indeed an amazing brand. I just love the product range they have.. mild on skin, balance the skin pH and moisturize well.

  16. I have tried sebamed products , that are best for babies, make skin soft , supple as like new born baby skin

  17. Babies skin are super sensitive and we shlsho take care of them Carefully. Sebamed has amazing kids products. Body wash looks amazing for baby’s soft skin

  18. SebaMed products are really good. I like that tjis body wash can be used throughout the year for baby’s sensitive skin.

  19. Nisha Malik says:

    I totally agree that sebamed products are very gentle and specially formulated for baby’s skin. I too am planning to switch to sebamed for my son.

  20. P. Ganguly says:

    Baby’s skin is three times delicate than adults .So it should be treated with some extra care. Sebamed baby wash is really good and gentle

  21. Good to know that this brand takes pH level of baby’s skin in consideration. It is so important to maintain a healthy pH level for everyone and specially for babies. I will check out this brand.

  22. I love and use sebamed products and are safest for babies too.

  23. I love and use sebamed products and they are safest for babies too. Liked your review.

  24. I agree that it is important to take care of the largest organ in the body. And baby’s soft gives happiness. Sebamed baby wash is a really good way to keep baby’s skin soft.

  25. Sebamed is really an amazing brand when it comes to baby care. I have heard about their products form my aunty a lot she always tells that it’s really good for baby’s skin.

  26. Baby’s skin is 30% more Sensititve and hence it is important to take special care of it. Sebamed is a clinically tested brand that takes complete care of baby’s skin.

  27. Sebamed is a great brand for baby products. I have used their body wash. it is really nice

  28. this is such a well written piece and well researched as well.

  29. Great post thanks for sharing this.

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