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Ariel Endorses Teaching Gender Equality at Home – Marks Women’s Day with Screening of Captain Marvel! #ShareTheLoad

“Gender Equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”

– Kofi Annan (Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and recipient of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize)

Family in the kitchen cooking - Teaching Gender Equality at Home
Family in the kitchen cooking Photo Courtesy

Gender Equality is a blazing issue of 21st Century. With the increasing amount of women determined to be financially independent and even supporting the family financially, this subject needs to be addressed more than ever. Even in cases where women is not working but taking care of home this topic becomes pertinent. Daily household chores like washing clothes and more are at present often thought to be only the woman’s responsibility. But for a happy family, it is important that all members spend more time together. Teaching gender equality at home can prove to be a pivotal step in building well-balanced happy families. So, all members – parents, spouses and children without the bias of gender, should extend a helping hand towards finishing the daily chores.

Teaching gender equality to millennial kids at home is far more challenging than it may seem, simply because they are more informed. Here are five Ways of Teaching gender equality at home:

  • Be the Role Model:

Parents should practice and display Gender Equality within the household by sharing responsibilities of daily chores.

  • Making Gender Equal Selections:

While buying children related things like birthday gifts, or school supplies like lunch boxes, bags etc. choose without any gender bias. Also encourage kids to follow the same.

  • Avoid Gender Stereotyping in Toys:

Let boys play with with soft toys or dolls, and don’t force your girls to play with just dolls or kitchen sets.

  • 50-50 Division of Household Chores:

Another easy way of teaching gender equality at home is by telling children the importance of learning and doing household chores. Also making them practice balancing of their social life, school time and indoor time.

Famous TV Actors Ravi Debey & Sargun Mehta at the Ariel & #ShareTheLoad event, New Delhi - teaching gender equality at home
Famous TV Actors Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta at the Ariel & #ShareTheLoad event, New Delhi

One of the popular retail brands that have addressed ‘Gender Equality’ in a big way is ‘Ariel’. This is the third year of its mega-successful gender equality campaign ‘ShareTheLoad’. This year under the ‘ShareTheLoad’ campaign, Ariel, endorses teaching gender equality at home. So that even sons can extend a helping hand in the household equally as the daughters are made to do. Recently, on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’, the brand held celebrity interaction and screening of ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. The event held in Delhi was for reinforcement of gender-equal ideology among people

Famous TV & film personalities Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta who are a happily married couple as well were present at the event. They shared their views on the importance of sharing the load. Answering to the media, they gave some titbits from their personal life of sharing the household responsibilities while balancing both of their successful careers. The dashing actor RaviDubey candidly credited his mother for teaching gender equality at home to him.

The celeb interaction was followed by ‘Captain Marvel’ movie screening. As this movie is the first woman superhero led film by Marvel Studios so it was quite relevant to mark this occasion .

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Indeed for raising gender equal adults of future, teaching gender equality at home should be practiced by parents. For balancing home and work front, the gender equality mindset in both men & women can prove to be of great help. Since it is just not about sharing the financial responsibilities but also sharing the responsibilities within the household.

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  1. I am so glad that a big brand like Ariel is taking steps towards gender equality in such an easy and applaudable manner. The video advertisement is so relevant. I also want to watch the film!

  2. hay ! very nice blog. gender equality is most important in our society and specially in indian society.

  3. Gender equality is something that needs to be inculcated in children when they are small. this is best done by example. I think Ariel is doing a good job of creating awareness around this.

  4. This is such a nice initiative by Ariel on International Womens Day. I totally agree with all points you mentioned specially the point Making Gender Equal Selections.

  5. Such a great initiative by Ariel. All the points you mentioned above are really necessary i do agree on all those specially the point “Making Gender Equal Selections”

  6. Kudos to Ariel for this brilliant concept of “Sons #Sharetheload”. The sons of today become husbands of tomorrow. Hence, we should prepare them to be equal partners. Thanks for sharing .

  7. This is an incredible campaign by Ariel. While I’m blessed to have a husband who already understands and supports gender equality, most Indian men don’t.

  8. Such a great initiative by Ariel. All things you mentioned above are really necessary i do agree on all those specially the point “Making Gender Equal Selections”

  9. This was a great event, and the initiative of Share the load is the need of this hour. Captain Marvel is a good movie and makes me feel proud of womanhood!

  10. Jhilmil says:

    I am so happy to see that brands like ariel are promoting gender equality. It really spreads a great message across our society.

  11. I am actually happy to see mum bloggers taking a step forward to eradicate gender inequality dividing colours, toys in terms of gender.

  12. Wonderful initiative by Ariel. In an age where gender equality is extremely important, sharing the load in our households is very important.

  13. It’s so important to teach our boys to share the responsibility of the house equally.. Great initiative..

  14. I really love the ariel #sharetheload. It is an amazing initiative. Even I Share the load with my hubby. He tries to trach me fiances and help me in household work

  15. Gender bias is sickening! It’s great to see more and more people coming up to support gender equality! Loved the post! Sharing the load, making gender neutral decisions and raising kids in a gender neutral way is really important!

  16. That’s a great initiative by Ariel. Endorsing gender equality through this campaign is a great idea .Laundry is a great way to start it.

  17. So first of all coming to the movie, I saw the movie and it was just damn epic I loved the way each and every aspect of Marvel start has been incliinc, and yes when it comes to the campaign by Ariel, it’s just damn fab, unique and very beautifully executed ?

  18. Nisha says:

    Gender equality starts right at your home. We are raising the next generation and it’s our responsibility to raise then right. Great initiative.

  19. Share the load is an amazing initiative by Ariel. This is indeed verymuch needed to teach our little ones about gender equality and raise them without gender bias

  20. Amazing and insightful post. Gender equality is necessary for the Indian society. This is a great initiative for creating awareness by the Ariel. Great thoughts.

  21. Akanksha says:

    What a lovely campaign by Ariel. So much respect for the brand for promoting Gender Equality and yes it starts from home, from our own families right from childhood where kids learn to do house jobs. My son helps me with loàding dishwasher and washing machine. He clears up table and brings dishes to the kitchen. He helps in tidying up and does everything very well. He only turned 5 this Jan and I’m so proud of him. All schools here in England promote gender equality and teach kids to share load of parents. This helps them to become independent too.

  22. Khushboo says:

    Hats off to Ariel for the initiative for the awareness of gender equality in the society.

  23. Gender stereotypes when selecting toys in something we tend to do so unknowingly but even there we are setting some kind of bias girls play with dolls and kitchen sets and boys with cars and guns. .

  24. It’s a brilliant concept. I appreciate Ariel for shaping this idea in a movement. And I agree with you that to teach kids about gender equality, the efforts must begin at home first.

  25. That’s great initiative by Ariel to share the load and let balance for better. It’s high time that women should get Support

  26. In my country, still very conservative – it is believed that household chores are for women only 🙁

  27. Gunjan Upadhyay says:

    I believe everyone should know basic Cooking to feed themselves in case of emergencies. This is such a thoughful initiative by Ariel

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