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7 Best Ways for Exciting Family Staycation in Corbett with Kids

Jim Corbett from Delhi is roughly 6 hours journey by road and so it is one of the favourite destinations for Delhites to be here on a long weekend. Being one of the most popular national parks of India and well connected by road there is a heavy influx of visitors from neighbouring states. Of lately, Jim Corbett National Park sees more of friends and corporate groups visiting the place. However, it is an excellent destination for an exciting and fun-filled family staycation with kids.

From visiting, point of view, Jim Corbett weather is great all year round. The best months for sighting wildlife and safari is summers while winters are good for a pleasant safari and stay-cations.

June onwards till late September are the months that rain Gods bless the land with much-needed water. Apart from days before and after the area has experienced heavy rainfall, during rainy season too one can plan a trip to Jim Corbett National Park and enjoy the safari. In fact, being here during the rainy season is a different experience altogether. The lush green forest and freshness in the air are simply amazing.

Kids too can enjoy, learn and get up and close to nature on a staycation at Jim Corbett. We give you 7 fun ways of making your family trip to Jim Corbett fun and exciting like never before:

#1. Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

Did somebody say that coming to Jim Corbett National Park and not going on a Jeep Safari is a crime! LOL.. But seriously, a safari trip inside the jungle is a must to do activity when in this area. The jungle is lush and has many picturesque spots which one can only see to believe.

For safari trip in main zones of Jim Corbett booking should be done ideally 45 days ahead of the trip. In heavy rainfall days, for safety reasons, the park is closed and so safari trip might get cancelled. In case of no prior bookings, safari still can be done on an immediate booking basis in zones like Sitabani. For kids to enjoy the safari bringing camera and binoculars is highly recommended.

#2. Village Walk or Cycle Tour

An early morning village walk is again a very experiential activity that both adults and kids can enjoy during Jim Corbett trip.

The fresh air, simple lifestyle of villagers and the sight of the vast span of fields with crops & veggies growing is quite exhilarating. Do not miss taking back a few twigs of wildly growing curry leaves along the kaccha road. The taste and fragrance of it are far better than the ones we grow in our houses in cities.

#3. Stone Painting

Now, it would be a lie if we say that only kids enjoy indulging in Stone painting. Of course, grown-ups too enjoy getting their hands dirty while being creative and painting their hearts out at leisure time. In most resorts located in Jim Corbett area, there is a river bed on one side.

One can collect beautiful rounded stones by visiting the river beds and then indulge in the stone painting activity. Possibly a competition can be set up on a family level. The painted stones can be taken back as souvenirs too!

#4. Cookout with Fresh Produce

Now, this activity is only possible in a few family resorts only like ‘The Golden Tusk Resort’ (Read more about this resort here.) Especially kids enjoy being a part of this activity very much. Simple snacks made using freshly plucked vegetables are yummier and this activity engages kids very positively. They learn to appreciate nature.

#5. Indulging in Adventure Activities

Again there are only a few resorts that offer adventure activities inside the resort for kids and adults and that too with safety gears and trained personnel. Both Kids and adults can indulge in activities like Zip Lining, Burma Bridge, Wall Climbing, Net Climbing and more. Careful selection of resort offering these activities is important here.

#6. Bird Watching

Jim Corbett National Park area is boasts of being the haven of hundreds of vivid bird species. During early morning and just near to the sun setting time one can indulge in bird watching activity. Taking help of expert guides who are available in resorts one can see many different species of birds and know interesting facts about them. Again keeping binoculars handy is highly advised.

#7. Kids Movie Time related to Jungle

When adults want to spend some lone time relaxing and rejuvenating, kids can treat themselves with a jungle related movie. Staying amidst nature and forest and watching a movie related to the jungle can clear many doubts and can give much first-hand learning to kids. This facility is available on request in some resorts while in ‘The Golden Tusk Resort’, it is planned by the management of the resort and also can be availed on request.

Apart from these activities, one can also enjoy family time while doing dinner around a campfire with live singing, while swimming and playing indoor and outdoor games inside the resort space.

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  1. My brother visited this place and shared his good experience, after reading your post, I would surly visit this place. Thanks for sharing detail info 😀

  2. Those are some amazing to-dos Judy, I am intrigued with Stone painting, I think it would be fun with my toddler.

  3. You totally made me nostalgic. I remembered my trip, back in 2016 with my family to Jim Corbett Park. It was heaven, we got a getaway from our busy schedules and totally enjoy it. All these activities we performed there. Really loved the blog. 🙂

  4. Jim Corbett is a nice place to visit with family and friends. An irresistible escapade from mundane life;)

  5. Corbett is my all time favourite place!! Lovely post!!

  6. Nice and useful post. While deciding a trip will keep it in my mind. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Alpana says:

    I have never been to Jim Corbett. You have penned down a good list of things to do. When we vacation with kids, we have to keep their interest in mind. I would love to do stone painting and dinner around the bon fire.

  8. Amrita Basu (Misra) says:

    Corbett is a family favourite destination.You have given some very interesting kids activity.We too are always looking for fun stuff for kids during travel.

  9. Jim Corbett has always been in my wish list .. I know it’s an amazing experience even for kids. I’ve been to Kabini, Yela National Park in Sri Lanka.. but the beauty of Jim Corbett is unmatched 🙁 hope to go there soon..

  10. Nisha Malik says:

    I have been to Jim corbett but it was just two if us. I think it would be great to travel to Jim Corbett again with my kid. Didn’t know we could do so many thing there.

  11. Now this goes on my bucket list.. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. I guess i should plan a trip with my lo soon

  12. I had been to jim corbett with my kids but it was just a day’s outing, will plan a staycation this time. Village walk, bird watching are great activities with kids.

  13. Obviously Jim Corbett is one of the great destination to visit in monsoon
    A very good and informative post

    Liked it

  14. Jim Corbett is on my Bucket list. Wish to visit with entire family

  15. My cousins were there recently, but I never knew about the stone painting in Jim Corbett. These are some amazing ideas for staycation there.

  16. This is so useful post to travel with kids. I believe being close to nature, everyone enjoys to the fullest.

  17. Neha Sharma says:

    Great post, Judy. We’ve been to Jim Corbett last year and just did the jungle safari. Didn’t know there are so many activities to do with kids. We will surely plan a trip again.

  18. Swathi says:

    So many wonderful things to do . I have been to Jim Corbett , didn’t explore this side . Must plan with kiddo . Wonderful post

    1. Actually you must it is quite a learning and fun experience for kids too.

  19. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Jim Corbett National park was one of my favourite holiday destinations as a child. Honestly I had no clue about many of the activities you have listed here, and when I visit next, I will definitely try them out. Nice post!

  20. First of all…thank you. I liked this idea of stone painting a lot. Gonna try it with my kiddo soon. Very nice post. Jim Corbett in in our bucket list too. Let’s see when it materializes.

  21. Seems like we could explore a lot out there… Great post Judy. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  22. Looks like you all had a great time! I would love to visit too — so many fun options for everyone – the kids and adults! lovely photographs.

  23. Ruchi Verma says:

    This is sure be fun with family and kids to enjoy such a beautiful place I want to visit with IRA and Viraj…

  24. I have been there thrice so far. As it is near to Delhi, planning a trip for there was not though. I even once went on 25tb Dec, it was so so cold and morning safary seemed to be breaking bones as the temperature was very low. However we enjoyed it.

  25. Wow… looks like you guys had a great trip. So many activities for the kids! How did they enjoy the safari?

    1. Kids love being in the company of nature and they usually get thrilled to see wild animals.

  26. The place is really beautiful .. I can stay there for a month…Loved the place ,so greenery around..

  27. Wow that’s awesome, I am waiting to visit Corbett soon. All these activities are so much fun to have

  28. Nice post on Jim Corbett National Park. Pictures are good too. Narration has a easy languid flow, almost like a vacation post. I had never been there. May be sometime soon.

  29. This is a perfect post for someone who is planning a trip to the national park.

  30. Kavita says:

    We have been to jim corbett twice and somehow missed safari both the times. Reading this, I am planning another trip soon.

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