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InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer: The One Smart Appliance to have in Your Ultra-Modern Kitchen!

Our homes are the starting place of love, hope & dreams. The kitchen is certainly the place where the heart of a home is. Today’s era is all about home loaded with kitchen appliances which make life simpler. Further, a smart kitchen appliance raises comfort and luxury manifolds.

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer - A Smart Kitchen Appliance.
InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer – A Smart Kitchen Appliance.

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer is a smart kitchen appliance that helps to maintain food safety and overall kitchen hygiene. After installing this super utility appliance one can bid goodbye to the dustbins and thereby bid farewell to the age-old practice of storing the food waste for the whole day long. We all know that storing food waste gives a chance of disease-causing germs and insects to flourish. This is actually compromising with the health of the entire family and we don’t want this right, so at this point, installing an Insinkerator proves to be extremely helpful.

How does Food Garbage Disposal Happen with InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer?

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer is connected with the sink where utensils are generally washed in the kitchen. Any kind of food waste be it raw fruits & vegetable or cooked food, even non-vegetarian food waste like eggshells, chicken bones etc. can also be disposed of via this smart kitchen appliance.

How to Use InSinkErator - the smart kitchen appliance?
How to Use InSinkErator – the smart kitchen appliance?

All one has to do is switch on InSinkErator and then open the tap for the water to flow in. Post that anyone from the family or even maid can push in the waste food inside the device and just like that in a snap of a finger the food gets broken into tiny bits good enough to be disposed of along with water via the kitchen sink waster water line. Isn’t this so quick and super easy?

Things that Make InSinkErator a Smart Kitchen Appliance:

  • Using this appliance as a food waste disposal solution is very convenient to do. The big chain involved in the conventional way of disposing of food waste is cut down short. So the need for collecting the food waste in the dustbins, handing over the waste to the garbage collector and up till it reaches its ultimate destination that is the big mountain-sized landfills is not required.
  • Your kitchen always smells fresh and not of unwanted foul smell originating from the dustbin.
  • No food waste collection also means lesser chance of germs and insects that directly contributes to better home hygiene.
  • It is a super-easy way of disposing of food waste so anyone from family even maids can learn it and do it religiously without worrying about clogging the sink wastewater line.
  • The biggest reason behind InSinkErator being a smart kitchen appliance is that it is a ‘sustainable lifestyle utility appliance’. Methane, one of the most harmful gases adversely affecting the environment, originates from the landfills when this kind of kitchen garbage starts to decay.

Is InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer Suitable for Indian Kitchens?

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer - Typical Installation
InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer – Typical Installation

InSinkErator has been mega-successful in China. Chinese food as we all know is so yummy.. Nom-Nom!! But apart from the taste, their food is equally oily, spicy like Indian food. Further, in China, much more variety of non-vegetarian and seafood are being consumed. So in Indian kitchen also, InSinkErator will suit perfectly.

Some Dos’ and Don’ts while using InSinkErator in Indian Kitchen:

  1. Use of hot water should be avoided the machines works brilliantly with cold and warm water.
  2. Used food oil shouldn’t be disposed of in the machine. Well, this shouldn’t be done in regular sinks as well if someone did not know this fact as the sink/drain water is collected & treated by STP.
  3. Citrus fruit peels can be used time and again to leave a fresh fragrance inside the gadget and outside.
  4. Food waste should be of adequate size to fit in the InSinkErator. This is especially relevant in big leafy vegetable or carrots and bones.

Why InSinkErator is the Best among the rest of the competitors?

  • Better Motor Life: InSinkErator Food Waste disposal appliance has an induction motor as compared to the other competitor devices available in the market which have DC motors. Having said this, InSinkErator with its induction motor has a long functional life than any DC motor using food waste disposer.
  • Patented Technologies that make InSinkErator less noisy and more efficient.
  • Trip Off Button: This feature makes the device even more safe to use.
  • Anti-Jam Technology: In the top two models this technology has been incorporated so that the food never jams inside the device.
What happens to the disposed of food waste after processing in InSinkErator - Truly a smart kitchen appliance!
What happens to the disposed of food waste after processing in InSinkErator – Truly a smart kitchen appliance!

Necessary Details about InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer:

  • Warranty Period: Depending upon the model type the warranty period extends till 6 years
  • Water Usage: Around 5 litres
  • Price Range: Basic model is priced at INR. 18,990 while the top model is of INR 67,790.
  • There are 5 models available.
  • Click here to check dealer from where you can buy InSinkErator Food Disposer.

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer: Smart Kitchen Appliance for Sustainable Living. Afterall Knowing is not enough, we must apply. 

As a new homeowner, one should go with InSinkErator as it is convenient and sustainable smart kitchen appliance. We all have heard that the necessary resources are exhausting at a rapid pace while the varied kind of pollution levels are increasing day by day. But are we doing our bit of contribution to have and pass on a sustainable lifestyle? Using this smart appliance will at least bring down the big mountain of garbage to a much lower height as the food waste generally is almost 60-70% of the total waste from any household. What are your thoughts about this modern kitchen appliance, do let us know?

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    1. Well If you think for top model it is just around 3500 Rs. per year that you will be spending if one consider the machine to be installed for 15-20 yrs.

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