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8 Superb Reasons Why Travelling is ‘Good’ for Kids!

8 Benefits that prove travelling with kids is good!
8 Benefits that prove travelling with kids is good!

“Travel opens your mind as few other things do!” – Libba Bray Travelling with kids is often a debatable topic among new parents. When it comes to travelling questions like the right age of kid to start travelling, things to be packed and most importantly whether travel will bring any difference to kids often surface. So here we list down 8 benefits of travelling with kids:

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#1. Richer Experiences For Better Development

Travel gives Richer Experiences - travelling with kids
Travel gives Richer ExperiencesPhoto SOurce

Travelling is one of the best ways parents can give their kids an array of exposure. The way they look, conduct & behave in a foreign environment is a great learning for them. Simply because travelling to a new city or a new country gives kids a new set of cultural & social norms to learn.

#2. Childhood Travelling Experiences Result in Modest Adult!

Travelling makes one humble - travelling with kids
Travelling makes one humble

Kids when travel in their formative years helps them in understanding the vastness of the world. They realise that the world is much bigger well beyond their own place of dwelling and beyond their parents’ high-value bank accounts.

#3. Habitual Traveller Kids = A-grades in Geography & History Subjects!

Oh yes, if you are a contemplating if travelling is actually any good for kids then trust us when we say it is. Clearly, kids learn more about the places that they travel than they learn with merely reading about the same. Even the chances of remembering their location on the world map, different rivers/seas, capital cities, their historical background is more when the kids are travel. Similarly, in terms of knowledge of languages, flora and fauna as well as travelling helps kids very much.

#4. More Conscious of World Environment & come close to Nature

Travelling makes kids conscious of world environment - travelling with kids
Travelling makes kids conscious of world environment Photo Source

Travelling to beaches, cities or to hilly destination kids are subject to different levels of climatic conditions and different kinds of pollutions. This results in kids becoming conscious of the changing world environment. When a trip is planned to a place near to nature, kids explore the location from their own

#5. Travelling with Kids is a Great way of Bonding as a Family

Photo Source

A family that travels together, bonds together. In fact, travelling is not just a relaxing therapy but the family time in a place away from home gives all members of the family to spend quality time together resulting in a more loving and united family.

#6. Travelling makes Kids more Outgoing!

@beingRiaanMorris posing with a fellow traveller
@beingRiaanMorris posing with a fellow traveller

While on the go, kids are subject to meeting new people and new kids. For example, kids tend to meet other cross- country kids at a play area of any airport or several other places like a hotel lobby. Generally kids especially toddlers don’t have many inhibitions and so when they initiate conversations with other kids it further helps in making them outgoing!

Traveller kids are more open to making cross-country friends while on the go
Traveller kids are more open to making cross-country friends while on the go

#7. Traveller Kids are More Adaptive and Flexible

Travelling as a family to newer destinations can present different weather conditions, stay conditions, transportation situations and more. Coping with such conditions make kids more flexible and adaptive in nature for future life.

#8. Travelling keeps Children away from the Digital World

Travelling gives real experiences to kids than digital ones
Travelling gives real experiences to kids than digital ones

Nowadays kids tend to be glued to their smartphones or laptops. Travelling to new places is a positive change for them. Without much efforts of parents, kids get distanced from the digital world and also reduce screen time.

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Happy & Responsible Travelling!

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  1. I totally agree with you that when kids travel they not only learn more but also get to know what and how important is for us to save environment!!

  2. I agree travelling is important for kids to explore and learn more nice post ty for sharing.

  3. Yes you are absolutely right though it might seem that they will forget the trips they have gone still they can get to learn from the world and I liked the way you have penned it down! Kudos for the great research on this

  4. I wish I could travel more with my family. Travelling with kids really open aspect towards life

  5. i completely believe this. we travel a lot with our kids and i have seen tremendous growth in them.

  6. Khushboo says:

    Yes I agree traveling keeps children away from digital world. I guess all kids should travel.

  7. Sarah Shaikh says:

    Being an avid traveler myself , totally agree that taking kids on different trips and exploring new places not only makes them knowledgeable about various cultures and geographies but also builds their self confidence.Very well written post.

  8. Your post really brought in some perspective! Usually we always try not to travel with kids and limit ours and their growth in ways unimaginable. Travel indeed can do wonders in framing the right foundation of the World view & experience in general

  9. Neha Sharma says:

    Oh yes, these are some of the amazing benefits that travel can offer to kids but I’m not sure about the A grades in geography & history because even though I’d traveled a lot during my childhood I was still bad in both these subjects. 😀

  10. You are right dear! Travelling enhances the basics and social skills of the kids. They learn to adopt the most favourable thing in the worst case senerio.

  11. Well said! Totally agree to this post dear. During my childhood, my parents did the same as dad was in Army so we kept shuffling to different parts of India 🙂 I wish to do the same with my kids in future.

  12. Totally agree with you on this Judy, well travelled kids are aware, more adaptable and have a better understanding of life

  13. jhilmildsaha says:

    Once an elder told me that kids learn more when they travel than reading books, cherish more when they travel than getting gifts and remember more of the travel than anything else in their lives.

  14. As kids we travelled a lot with our parents and I agree that it makes us responsible and gives valuable real life experiences too. Good points.

  15. I liked this post and agree….kids that get to travel and see different places have a great perspective on the world and a more independent and friendly disposition.

  16. travelling is great for creating experiences and teaching kids about other cultures, food, people. My son loves his travels too.

  17. Travelling with kids is so good for them to experience new cultures and food. Though it gets a little tricky at times but good for long term

  18. Agree with everything that you said. We seldom travel and that is one of the reasons why my son is more reserved

  19. I agree that travelling keeps kids adapted to the environment and away from digital world

  20. Indeed travelling incorporate so many things in kids and open new world of imagination of them

  21. Preety Tiwari says:

    This is a good read for me, I always love to travel with kids as it gives them lifetime memories and confidence.

  22. I loved reading this post. You have captured the essence of this rare-to-find topic so very well. I have seen my friends who used to travel a lot as kids, they have grown up to become global citizens with much experience

  23. Richard Peter says:

    Very good blog

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