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Santorini in Winter: 5 Magical Things Why You Should Ditch the Peak Season for a Trip to This Island City!

View from Three Bells - Santorini in winter
View from Three Bells – Santorini in winter

Cyclades is one part of the world that has enamoured Hollywood and Bollywood equally. Be it Lara Croft’s adventure escapade in Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) or the superhit romantic, Hritik Roshan-Katrina Kaif starer song from Bang-Bang, these both and many more films have captured Santorini’s beauty in its full glory. These gave a boost to the influx of tourists in this part of Greece. The numbers continue to add exponentially, leaving this island city flooded with tourists in the peak season. This is one of the key reason, of lately, travellers have started to visit Santorini in winter season. Perhaps, this is a new dreamlike travel goal to pursue and here are 5 incredible things about Santorini that totally justifies it.

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#1. Santorini Weather:

Near Galini Cafe - Santorini in winter
Near Galini Cafe, Thira – Santorini in winter

Usually, people are warned against travelling to Cyclade islands like Santorini in winter because these destinations are considered to be windy. However, mostly Santorini weather is perfect with bearable temperature (as compared to other European Countries) paired with bright sun shining outside. There are brief instances of rains as well but that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Windmill from Oia - Santorini in winter
Windmill from Oia – Santorini in winter

#2. Enjoy an Almost ‘Exclusive’ Time at All the Must-visit Places:

Posing in Thira -  Santorini in winter
Posing in Thira – Santorini in winter

Ask any tourist who has been to Santorini in the peak season and he would rightly be able to appreciate the importance of the word ‘Exclusive’ with respect to sightseeing! Santorini in winter season gives almost exclusive access to some of the breathtaking spots in the whole world.

Walking in FiroStefani -  Santorini in winter
Walking in FiroStefani – Santorini in winter

-> So one can enjoy an almost explorer kind of thrill while walking oneself to Three Bells in Fira.

-> Pose a hundred times, cooly, in some mesmerizing spots in the route without being disturbed or hurried by anyone.

-> Enjoy the sunset in the vast expanse of the Aegean Sea with changing hues of yellow, orange & then grey. Note: if it is cloudy, then, here there is no need to fret as the views become even more dramatic and dreamlike. Catch the sunsets at the extreme end of Fira or in Oia.

View of Aegean Sea in cloudy weather-  Santorini in winter
View of Aegean Sea in cloudy weather- Santorini in winter

-> Since there is lesser number of boats and ferries that are active in Santorini in winter period so even the Aegean water is very calm and magic-like still.

Posing in Perissa
Posing in Perissa

-> The empty beaches of Perissa, Akrotiri and more sans the tourists and the vendors gives one a true wanderlust feeling. In fact, one can get a full fashion photoshoot done here similar to a movie star without the need of editing out the swarm of tourists.

In Akrotiri - The Red Rock Beach
In Akrotiri – The Red Rock Beach

#3 Enjoy finger-licking worthy food & beverage during your stay at Santorini in winter season:

Chicken Gyros is the best!
Chicken Gyros is the best!

Savouring a piping hot wrap of Chicken Gyros is one of the best ways a foodie can enjoy Santorini in winter period and more so if it raining slightly. Apart from this one can enjoy some of the finest wines that are locally grown in the island itself. Teetotallers can indulge in different kinds of teas & coffees along with a bonus of free wi-fi at Coffee Island.

Most restaurants close or time-boundedly open during winters. But because of this do not give in to the rocket-high prices that some ‘operational’ restaurants charge for the same food. One or two restaurants like such are there on the way up to three bells in Fira. The same dish and (we can safely say) yummier version can be found in Fira near the bus stand area

#4 Get a feel of the ‘Local Life’!

Santorini in winter season is open only in bits and pieces. Well, for travellers who want to see the local side of Santorini this is a one of a kind experience. Most locals choose this time for doing renovations and maintenance of buildings. Especially in Oia region, trail of donkeys loaded with construction material walking through the lanes one by one and busy construction workers shaping a beautiful building can be seen.

#5 Witness the ‘adverse impact of pollution’ human are responsible for!

Oil polluting the Aegean water
Oil polluting the Aegean water

Now, this last point is not a magical one for sure! But yes one can take it as a lesson to reduce the harm humans are doing to these beautiful destinations. While walking from Three Bells towards Fira town, do take a look down to the area from where ferries and ships depart for day tours. It is actually a disillusioning sight to see oil from ships floating over the water surface. 🙁 If you manage to witness this sight then do pledge to a be a better responsible world citizen! As Socrates famous quote goes,  “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

Important Information:

On a brighter side do not forget to catch a glimpse of this island if you are travelling by Airplane. Also, while visiting Santorini in winter do get mesmerized by the vividly coloured Bougainveilla set against the Cycladic white & blue buildings.

Happy & Responsible Travelling!

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  1. Santorini is a blue heaven and you have rocked it in your lovely saree. I am a huge wander-luster and this is on my bucket list for a while now. thanks for the details here.

  2. The beaches look blissful with not a soul in sight. Seems like you opted for the right season to travel to this gorgeous location.

    1. Totally, though we too like the place to be a bit more touristy in the off-season too certainly wouldn’t want to visit a place like this beauty when flooding with tourists.

  3. I love it how Santorini looks in winter ? i would like to experience this in person! BTW the food looks yum ?

    1. Oh yes we can go back again and again for the food only.

  4. Santorini is sooooo beautifull!! Oh yes, visiting touristy destinations in off-season is the best. You get the place exclusive for yourself and the best of service too. Will keep your pointers in mind, hopefully will get to visit this picturesque place soon!

  5. just loved the post can say a complete package for family sure will be planning out the food, the pictures just stole my heart.

  6. Woow place look so divine, you really look like a movie star.

    1. Santorini is our most loved place too..

  7. Omg Judy! Pics and place are so beautiful and you are rocking in the saree. Seriously I am loving the look. It’s great fun to know about Santorini.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  8. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    The biggest draw of visiting Santorini in winters is to avoid the crowds! Lovely post!

  9. We went in October and it was beautiful and pristine. Santorini is such a lovely place to visit

  10. My fav place is Greece in Europe I have always been dreamt of clicking pic on Greece Santorini

  11. I agree that such a beautiful place should be experienced and explored during non peak season.

  12. wow!! Santorini looks so beautiful in winters and your pictures says it all, definitely worth a visit

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