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Jadrolinija Ferry Stay and Travel from Split to Ancona: Night-long Inter-country Cruising Experience!

Jadrolinija Ferry Experience
“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.” — Sir Francis Drake, Sea Captain : Jadrolinija Ferry Experience

Croatia is a dream-like, drop-dead gorgeous country which is equally beautiful both in its best and off-seasons. The only way to feel better while departing from this country is to get another equally exhilarating experience. Travelling from Split to Ancona via the sea route in a Jadrolinija Ferry is undoubtedly one such great escapade.

The beautiful evening sky of Split before the final goodbye to Croatia!  Jadrolinija Ferry
The beautiful evening sky of Split before the final goodbye to Croatia!

There are mainly two ferries that run from Split namely Jadrolinija Ferry which is government-owned and SNAV which is privately owned. SNAV runs 6 times a week while the former one runs 4 times a week.

If you are travelling with kids then taking a cabin in Jadrolinija Ferry is recommended
If you are travelling with kids then taking a cabin in Jadrolinija Ferry is recommended!

Jadrolinija Ferry is primarily a car ferry and not a cruise and though it is government-owned it is no less than the private ones. Marco Polo & sometimes Dubrovnik ships from the fleet of Jadrolinija are used for the Split-Ancona route. Dubrovnik ship named after the beautiful city of Croatia has a capacity for accommodating 1300 passengers and 300 cars. While ‘Marko Polo’ can accommodate 1100 passengers and 270 vehicles.

Entry point for passengers and vehicles in Jadrolinija Ferry
Entry point for passengers and vehicles in Jadrolinija Ferry

Duration of Split to Ancona Journey via Sea route:

Typically post the check-in procedure, Jadrolinija Ferry sails from 8 PM. and reaches early morning around 7 AM. at Ancona. They are mostly on time and appreciate guests to be punctual too.

Split Port -  Jadrolinija Ferry
Split Port

Why Take This Sea Route:

The reason is simple that the flight tickets are costlier while the road route is time-consuming and requires a change of buses during of season. Also, Ancona port is almost placed centrally in Italy so reaching main cities like Rome or Florence is easier. Plus the unique experience!

Inside a Jardolinija Ferry:

Restro-bar in Jadrolinija Ferry
Restro-bar in Jadrolinija Ferry

For journeys like Split to Ancona, there are two options for accommodation namely cabin (private rooms) and airline kind of seating arrangements in a hall. Along with this, there is a self-service restaurant, a bar/coffee, chapel, children’s play area, a la carte restaurant, duty-free shopping and more.

Passage in Jadrolinija Ferry
Passage in Jadrolinija Ferry

The interiors are decently done and the passages etc. are nicely maintained. So much so that the regular guests and backpackers prefer to stretch & make themselves comfortable in the hallway and in restaurants itself. However, for tourists and especially those travelling with families booking a cabin depending upon the member count is highly recommended.

Inside View of the Cabin in Jadrolinija Ferry:

Three Berth Cabin in Cabin in Jadrolinija Ferry
Three Berth Cabin in Cabin in Jadrolinija Ferry

There are a variety of cabins that vary from economy to luxury ones within the ship. An economy cabin usually has one bunk bed plus an extra bed, making the cabin a small room to accommodate 3 people. The room interiors are pretty stuck to the basics but everything adds up to a comfortable stay. A small table and a chair are provided, attached washroom facility is there the mandatory information like dos and don’ts list inside the cabin and emergency situations things and the ship layout are pasted on the walls.

Cabin with washroom attached in Jadrolinija Ferry
Cabin with washroom attached in Jadrolinija Ferry

Food & Beverage Inside the Ferry:

Fine dining restaurant in Jadrolinija Ferry
Fine dining restaurant in Jadrolinija Ferry

There are ticket options that one can purchase which offers cabin with meals like an early breakfast or dinner in one of the restaurants. One can also book a cabin without a food option as well. There are restaurants one being the fine-dine one and the other more of a bar/coffee shop kind from where one can also opt for a-la-carte meals. Alcohol is on the menu as well but with a little premium pricing. It is best to take your own set of drinks and enjoy… well, of course responsibly! 🙂 Drinking water is available in both packaged and non-packaged forms which once can get from the restaurants.

Ship layout in Jadrolinija Ferry
Ship layout in Jadrolinija Ferry

Some Dos & Don’ts while travelling the Sea-way:

  • Plan your itinerary so that you reach the ferry office at least 2 hrs. prior to the departure time since the luggage check-in, immigration procedure and the walk from the office to the ship takes time.
  • While booking and planning your itinerary carefully note the day ferry is sailing to avoid unnecessary last-minute confusions.
  • It is best to do the bookings in advance through the internet.
  • Be courteous with the staff.
  • The staff normally gives a knock half an hour before the arrival on your cabin door. So pack up and be ready to leave on time.
  • Do not be noisy while in the cabin or in the passage.

Sleep Quality in Jardolinija Ferry:

A perfect 5-star rating can safely be given for sleep quality. Post the initial half an hour to 1 hour time when people are settling down themselves and their excitement the journey is silent and peaceful.

Do Not Miss:

Illuminated Split - View from Jadrolinija Ferry
Illuminated Split – View from Jadrolinija Ferry
  • Do not forget to enjoy the scenic views at least for a few minutes of the sea and Split city’s coastline. It looks splendid when the lights are up. The reflections over the still water are indeed perfect.
  • Check discount deals available over the internet to get the best prices.

Ticket Pricing:

One can book a ticket in Jadrolinija Ferry for as low as 8 Euro in low season for reclining seat to as high as 102.50 Euros on weekends for a 2-berth deluxe outside cabin SH / WC / TV / Bar. For more information refer to the official website.

This guide is for travellers who want to explore the sea route other than the conventional flight & train options. If this guide was helpful then do like, comment & share this post. Also, do subscribe to our website for getting new posts straight in your inbox!

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Happy & Responsible Travelling!

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