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Are You Thinking About Travelling Solo: 5 logical things about solo travel that no one has ever told you!

Travelling solo - here are must-read pointers before you start!
“Travellers by heart are often those who are uncontended, smitten by wanderlust.. they yearn for escapades and exploring the unseen.” – © TOBI Originals

Hola! So these lines sound relatable to you, right? Then, indeed, you a passionate traveller just as we are. But with the insatiable urge of travelling to new destinations or re-exploring the ‘already been there’ places, the most common roadblock that travellers like you & us face is getting spouses, friends, kids, parents ready for travelling again! 🙁 Mind you we aren’t the only one saying this, Henry David Thoreau, once said, “The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. ”  …and then the shelved idea of travelling solo bounces back, in the hope that this time around, the solo travelling idea will finally be materialised!

Well, so the big question here is, “Are you thinking about solo travelling?”

So here we give you 5 logical things to breathe in & breathe out about Solo travelling before you finally press that final button to book a flight or a hotel.

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#1. Solo Trips aren’t Fairytales!

Harry met Sally only happened in the movie. Likewise, travelling solo isn’t a fairytale with all rosy stuff as most spoken about. In fact, it is challenging, and sometimes more adventurous than indulging in an adventure sport. Meticulous planning needs to be done for a flawless smooth trip. For venturing to an absolutely new destination the entire planning responsibility is on only one person that’s you!

Photo outside Colosseum during one of our family travel. - Not travelling solo!
Photo outside Colosseum during one of our family trips – Not travelling solo!

#2. Solo Travels of few celebrated personalities and travel writers/bloggers/influencers aren’t really ‘Solo’!

First, thing first we do not want to name & shame or pull down any solo traveller. But with solo travelling becoming a trend in itself, many times there are instances that come into the light where the travellers claiming to be travelling alone, hiking alone, going on a trek alone are actually seen to be travelling either with their family members, friends, or photographers or any other teammates. For that matter going on a planned trip with a group of strangers organised by a tour operator is also not exactly what a solo journey is.

These instances clearly cannot be termed as ‘Solo’ trips thereby it is highly advisable that before taking inspiration from such travel stories, try checking their authenticity. An easiest way to do this is by checking Instagram profiles and photos shared by the travellers claiming to travel alone. You will surely come across many travel photographs that are not possible to be taken alone with the help of selfie rods, camera timers or even drones etc.

#3. A Solo Trip is not as much ‘Fun’ & neither it is the path to attain ‘Enlightenment’!

This pointer is crucial & relevant one especially with young professionals and millennial teenagers who want to be different from the crowd and achieve more in a short span of time. This pointer is also relevant for individuals who want to get the answers to all the problems in their lives or are in deep sorrow.

Of course, travelling be it solo or in a group does help positively in uplifting one’s mood but do not expect to get answers to all the problems. This would be a bit too much to expect from one simple solo travel!

When we say solo travel is not as much ‘fun’, we mean it, because while travelling alone you have to multi-task & in fact, do everything by yourself. For instance, on a solo road trip from Delhi (India) to a nearby hill station, firstly one will have to drive the vehicle, ensure correct navigations, keep oneself entertained so as to not dose off, all by himself. Well, cross your heart and say, if there will be any scope of fun left in doing a road trip all alone? During those times when you are at a mesmerizing place but all alone, the fun element could decline again. Not to forget venturing outside in evenings for parties, celebrations and more aren’t possible all times and in different places while solo travelling.

Travelling Solo can be awkward and sometimes lonely.
Travelling Solo can be awkward and sometimes lonely.

#4. It can be a bit of awkward to travel alone!

Imagine sitting in a pub or a restaurant alone and having the yummiest local specialities in food & drink, well, it would be a bit awkward and lonely. The restaurant experience can further leave a sour taste in your mouth when you might have to wait long for getting a ‘table meant for two’, or people pulling chairs from your table and more. The awkward moments’ don’t end here, in fact, many times like while going to washrooms, solo travellers face the problem of taking or leaving the luggage inside! {Face palm} Or the not so picture-perfect photographs of this coveted trip.

#5. Safety is a concern area while solo travelling

Safety considerations and precautions are usually exercised while one is travelling. However, when travelling alone, the solo traveller ought to be more responsible & stress needs to be given towards one’s safety. By being responsible here we mean not blindly trusting a stranger, not going in secluded places alone, abstaining from heavy drinking etc.

Read How to travel responsibly here..

The Brighter Side of Solo Travelling!

Solo travelling has a brighter side too that’s is detailed in the following positive pointers:

  • It makes one more responsible & a multi-tasker.
  • You get to spend more time with yourself & do just what you want to do.
  • For embarking a new journey, you don’t have to wait for anyone & it is cost-effective too.
  • You become more open to the world and to people you meet during the journey.
  • Finally, as a Solo Traveller, you get to be your own boss and enjoy your trip just like the way to want!

This guide is for travellers who wish to solo travel. If this guide was helpful then do like, comment & share this post. Also, do subscribe to our website for getting new posts straight in your inbox!

Happy & Responsible Travelling!

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(24) Comments

  1. I agree with you on all the points. The travel influencers try to show that solo trip is fun but actually it is not. I am glad that you have shared this post.

  2. I have traveled a lot solo and it really feels amazing.

  3. I really loved the other brain’s take on traveling solo. I definitely agree to some of them and still would love to travel solo 🙂

  4. Love this take Judy. Points 1-5 were so bang right. I traveled solo last year, but not exactly solo, toddler was there with me. So,toddler and I were travelling new places in a foreign country, counting that as my solo haha. It was never cake walk. Yet lots of memories, rarely a picture

  5. I really enjoyed reading this sensible post. I would definitely want to travel alone but yes, let’s not get tricked into thinking it’s the only path to nirvana 😉

  6. I am thinking to plan my first solo travel soon, these tips will be greatly helpful, thanks dea ?☺

  7. I never travel solo, I feel it’s quite boring no one talk,share problem wirh

  8. I ma nodding I agreement buddy, I have travelled Solo in Europe for work and I realized I can only enjoy the beauty with my loved ones

  9. 4 is the reason I dont like traveling solo.I have done it when I was a student abd it was really boring.But definitwly confidence building!

  10. Agreed solo travelling is not fun if everything is not preplanned and calculated. Loved the post.

  11. Valid and genuine points. Safety must be the first priority in the solo trip.

  12. I have tried Solo travel, however it felt very awkward to me. Lots of things crossed my mind. Guess, I would not want to try it again

  13. Travelling solo can be less of a head ache. It can be awkward but it can also be a good time to be by yourself.

  14. I totally agree that solo travelling is not that fun which people actually show on Instagram and I sometimes feel that there is no point in travelling solo because you don’t have fun to enjoy your somebody to share something with you no like so I think travelling with a small family or smaller group will be a better than traveling a solo

  15. I have never tried a solo travel and the idea in itself scares the hell out of me. However I respect and admire the ones are are genuinely able to do it and gather great experience

  16. Ha ha. I like the bit about solo travelers actually not traveling solo! I wouldn’t have thought so! I travel alone for work a lot…. And add some sightseeing to it.

    1. Yes there are actually many such people who claim to be travelling solo but we being the part of same fraternity kind of know the truth.

      1. TripleAmommy says:

        Quite an eye opener!

  17. My sister is kind of a solo Traveller..will share this post with her

    1. Sure. What’s her name?

  18. Neha Gupta says:

    Loved this Judy . awesome article 🙂

  19. This is so true… Having the right company matters a lot..

  20. Nisha Malik says:

    Even though I love the idea of solo travelling, I could never get the courage. I think one needs to be really prepared for it.

    1. oh Yes!

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