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Let’s Cultivate Veggies at home: Kitchen Gardening Basics (Part-II)

“I can’t trust the so-called organic food you get in the market, so I feel it is best to grow your own vegetables and I encourage people to do that. I’ve started growing my own salad leaves and herbs like curry leaves and ginger. There are also all kinds of milk available in the market today, but it is important to make sure that milk comes from a good source. You see girls and boys reaching puberty much earlier now because of chemicals that are pumped into cows and bad quality of food they’re eating every day. I’m very careful about what everyone eats at home and what I’m feeding my child”  – Shilpa Shetty (Indian Actress, Yoga Expert & Big Brother winner)

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Her Instagram videos of vegetable plucking from home garden reflect the happiness and contentment every home gardener has on such little successes.

Growing your own vegetable is a great feeling: Best vegetables for growing in balcony!
Growing your own vegetable is a great feeling: Best vegetables for growing in balcony!

Here is the list of best vegetables for growing in balcony or terrace:


The first and foremost vegetables that can be grown in the home garden are the peppers. Slit 2-3 ripe chillies, collect the seeds and start. In a few days sprouting happens. After about 10 leaves appear in the sapling it needs to be transferred in a bigger pot. Harvest time for green chilis: 1 month or about 40 days.

Grow Tomato at home:  Best vegetables for growing in balcony!
Grow Tomato at home: Best vegetables for growing in balcony!


This red fruit which is used mostly as a flavouring agent in differed food preparations can also be grown in pots. Cut the ripe tomato into 4 pieces and bury it in a half-inch soil well. With a month’s time, the sprout is visible. Support, space in the pot and compost is needed for this plant to grow and bear fruits. Best Season July onwards Harvest Time: 3.5 months

Beans & Its siblings:

The process is more or less same but here it can be done directly in the soil. Sow the seeds and then wait for the plant to develop. Here the plant grows in a vine fashion. Compost rich in Nitrate should be added once a month. Harvest time: 2 months


Sow the seeds in the planter at a gap of an inch or more. These are relatively easy to grow hassle-free plants. Harvest time: 1 month Best Season: Summer


Again can be sown directly in pots at a distance of an inch. The baby leaves can be used perfectly for salads while the bigger leaves can be used for food dishes. Keeping the soil moist during summers especially is important lest you want your spinach tasting bitter. Harvest time: 1 month Best Season: Summer

Squash & Melons:

Pumpkins and baby watermelons can again be grown easily. There plant is a creeper and while pumpkin is ready to harvest in about 60-70 days watermelon is ready in 1 month’s time.

Bitter & Other Gourds:

Gourds are climbers which grow perfectly in summers. Seeds can be sown in soil pits of 1.5 inches deep. In 35-40 days flowering starts and fruits can be harvested in 2 months of time.

Okra (Lady Finger):

Sow the seeds during the night for easing out germination. The plant requires good sunlight and nutrient-rich soil.  Water should be given regularly to keep the soil moist. Harvest in 60 days.

Grow Brinjal at home:  Best vegetables for growing in balcony!
Grow Brinjal at home: Best vegetables for growing in balcony!

Brinjal (Egg Plants):

These take about 20 days to germinate. The organic compost needs to be added every 15-20 days. Good sunlight is needed for the proper growth of the plants. Harvest time about 2.5 months.

Grow Onion at home:  Best vegetables for growing in balcony!
Grow Onion at home: Best vegetables for growing in balcony!

Some of the other vegetables that can be easily grown in balconies or terrace are:

  • Peas
  • Beetroot
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Garlic
  • Lettuce and other greens
  • Cauliflower/Broccoli/cabbage
  • Papaya
  • Lemon
  • Carrots

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Some pointers to grow healthy & best vegetables for growing in balcony:

  • Check the pot size.
  • Check and update the soil with nutrient using organic compost.
  • Add organic manure at regular intervals of 15-20 days
  • Water regularly
  • Check for any kind of infestation and treat them with a soap solution.

Hope this information compels you to try home gardening and grow our own vegetables.

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  1. Amrita says:

    I do a little bit of herb gardening too.This was interesting to read

  2. […] Seeds of vegetable & fruits are common kitchen waste. Rather than disposing of put the seeds in the pot and grow your own veggies& fruits! […]

  3. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I also had a plan to grow organic vegetables in my garden. your had shared really great points and valuable info in this post, I would like to know more about use of fertilizer for this purpose, if possible please write a detail post on this topic.

    1. Sure very soon

  4. When we lived in Bangalore we grew our own micro herbs and a few vegetables. I was surprised to find out how easy and low maintainence they are to grow! The satisfaction of farm to table is unexplicable!

  5. Richa sharma says:

    I really relish gardening. I also have my own small kitchen garden. After reading your article I would love to add reddish, Okra, and lemon in my garden. Nice article 👍

  6. I have a chilli plant and few herbs in my balcony. But some day I want to have a good size kitchen garden. Your tips are great.

  7. I have been planning on starting my own garden on my terrace for the longest time. It makes the input of vegetables in our meals more organic & healthy.

  8. After reading your first post I sowed ajwain, methi and coriander seeds and they’re growing well. Will surely try these as well. Growing our own vegetables is fun.

    1. Wow, that’s great superb..

  9. Neha Sharma says:

    I feel so good whenever I read something about growing vegetables at home, my mom started her own terrace garden last year and she’s been growing and harvesting a lot of organic veggies. I am not that good at gardening but I will try my hands starting with herbs this July.

  10. My parents are soon going to a new home and we have ample gardening space.I’m saving this article and sharing with them to plan once things get better.

  11. Zahra says:

    Definitely it needs some good gardening skills to cultivate such a good range in your kitchen garden. But really the truth is growing them are really trusting that it is safe and healthy plus we know they are genuine.

  12. My parents are very fond of gardening. They have their own home garden in which they grow most veggies. As you said, it indeed gives a great satisfaction.

  13. I’ve only grown gourd, chillies, squash and beans long time back. Never grown brinjal melon spinach. These tips going help a lot in growing good vegetables

  14. Anita says:

    I too like growing leafy greens at home.Eating home grown food is something I am passionate about too.This is a helpful post

  15. Kavita says:

    Gardening is therapeutic. I have saved this post and am definitely going to use this information to make my kitchen garden a bit more better. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Great pointers and suggestions. I grow tomatoes, chillies, cilantro, fenugreek in my balcony. The feeling of satisfaction of harvesting home grown veggies is just amazing.

  17. I just reached my home buddy after 81 days of being stranded away and am heartbroken to see my garden all dried up. But I am not giving up, will
    Use you tips to start home growing some of these vegs

  18. Growing veggoies in your own kitchen garden is surely a good feeling. I shall start with easy one chillies as you mentioned in the post and slowly try rest of the veggies.

  19. I have tried few at home like tomatoes, onion, chillies, This was an interesting read, and kitchen gardening is fun and works as a therapy at the same time

  20. This is my favorite topic. I have made many vegetables at home in containers. Some vegetables are really easy to grow and all you need is some soil and regular watering. I have even grown methi / fenugreek in water without soil!

    1. wow which veggies did you have more success rate at and which are the ones you feel are easy to grow?

  21. We have chillies, herbs and lemon in our balcony. I have been growing them since I was in 8th class. Gardening has been my most favorite therapy to be happy.

  22. This has been long there in my list but has been procrastinating. This post really pepped me up to go for it. Thanks for sharing a detailed post on it.

  23. Trust me this is best to grow own vegetables I tried with coriander and green chillies but failed now trying my hands on Spinach…Great you shared this !!

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