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All that’s Life! What’s your purpose of Living?

What is Life, have you ever questioned this to yourself? Probably, a few would surely have had this query come to their minds possibly in the transient low phases of their lives.  

According to the most accepted books in the world, namely, the Bible, Bhagwad Gita, & more, Life construes to be the Existence. The existence per se is both on physical & psychological level.

All that’s Life! What’s your purpose of Living?
All that’s Life! What’s your purpose of Living?

When a seed germinates, life happens and it continues till the plant dies. However, many times the blooming of a flower or the ripening of fruit is often valued more. This is because we rank the achievement of a particular activity or a purpose more than life itself. Let’s think about life to be a big set, on a close observation one would be able to classify the different purposes of life as mere subsets of this big group.

Hardships often make one ponder about the purpose of our lives. We call out to the divine seeking answers if at all living life is worthwhile or not. But there are no answers received or should I say it is left to our perception.  This makes us feel even more helpless.

The desire to decode the ‘Big’ purpose of our lives is perhaps an act of self-burdening. Quite the reverse, if existence is life then everything above or below it should be treated as superfluous. Family, career, car, house etc. are only assets that one can accumulate or maybe not.

I will share two scenarios here.

Some people like to work hard towards putting extra efforts on their jobs. In doing so they even sometimes overlook their family cause well for them the pursuit of earning is family sustenance. Alas, they forget that money can buy only materialistic things for everything else the individual’s presence is needed.

On similar lines, in my earlier years of independent living, I used to struggle a lot with cooking. In those days, all I could merely cook were few bachelorhood snacks. I remember, complaining this to my mom. In fact, I held her responsible for my incompetency in the cooking area.

My mother, the straightforward woman she is, had replied, “This is because you were so involved with your M.Sc.  studies!”  I was like, hell yeah; I was actually so busy with studies that I didn’t give priority to anything else. Whatever happened to those merit marks & the degree as of today.. (Raises an eyebrow and gives a tweaked smile of dismay. :/ )

Well, I am here sitting and writing this article, hoping that few young chaps might read and get some clarity about life. This ‘existence’ that we are living in every moment & in every breath.

Should one have a purpose of living?

In my opinion, if it’s all about existence then the focus should be on positive progression mentally & physically. Purposes will continue to add and subtract in the journey of existence but it will all be worthwhile if it is for a positive Life.

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  1. A purpose makes life easier to bear.

  2. I believe- Life with a purpose that is for the world’s good, for us, will do a world of good.

  3. Wow, what a thoughtful piece!! Loved it. Waiting for more.

    1. Very deep and thought provoking topic. I believe we should live one day at a time, make it worth living for people around us.

  4. I completely agree with your way of thinking. No doubt purpose paves a path but however, blindly running behind it doesn’t make any sense. Positivism and staying happy in any situation life throws at us matters the most.

  5. That’s true dear. Life is not that easy. its the way we look at it. nice write up

  6. The purpose of living is a question that everyone of us stares at, some time or the other, and every one needs to find the answer on their own too.

  7. A purpose to our life makes the struggles worth it but nothing should ever be greater than living the life.

  8. Without a concrete purpose everything else is a foul play. We keep hitting here and there. If there happens to be a purpose we stay focused.

  9. Deep insightful post especially during this pandemic it’s very hard to distinguish the purpose of life

  10. That cooking part am sure many will relate including me.
    I had the same issue even after marriage. I think we just prioritise one thing instead of balancing.

  11. There should be a purpose for which we can work hard and still we stay happy.

  12. jhilmildsaha says:

    I somehow feel, without a purpose, life becomes blank and hollow. Liked the way you have presented the wonderful discussion.

  13. Agree Life with purpose is always blissful. We should always stay positive no matter whatever the situation is

  14. That’s something I think about a lot… And it always messes up my mind… You wrote it so beautifully… ❤️

  15. KhushbooW says:

    Thats a nice post. Life without purpose is nothing. We should all gave some purpose in life.

  16. shubhada bhide says:

    Frankly speaking, I didn’t really give a thought to this question but Covid-19 is indeed making me reflect on this aspect. Thanks for the post.

  17. Papri Ganguly says:

    Totally agree with you. Purpose or reason makes life easier to live. Thanks for sharing such lovely written post.

  18. It is good to have purpose of living but those who don’t have one are living their life to fullest. I feel having purpose limit your living but without any purpose, you can try new things and do some amazing stuff.

  19. One should have a purpose for living as it makes human focus on their goals and work towards better living.

  20. My life is not easy but yes my daughter is my purpose of living and my happiness too nice post… Thank you for sharing…

  21. Your post has made me think. Living a purposeless life is not living it at all, it is just going through the motions. Thought provoking post.

  22. Without purpose I don’t think life would be life…I loved this article

  23. A good post to reflect and ponder upon. Our purpose of life keeps changing but living in the moment is what I usually believe in.

    1. Well said dear.

  24. Yup made me nostalgic, my mom gave the same reason for my Cooking incompetences buddy

    1. We sail in the same boat.

  25. Totally agree, everyone should have some purpose in their lives. Without purpose life is meaningless.

  26. That’s a deep and insightful post. We do ask ourselves these questions and am sure the answers will be different for everyone. Just live happily is all I believe in.

  27. Nausheen says:

    Living life with a purpose is something we all forget behind in the chaos of life. Staying optimistic is the key

    1. Well said!

  28. I feel Purpose of life changes at each stage of life, sometimes its education, and sometimes its a family. So living happy is the sole purpose of life.

    1. We agree.

  29. Pinal Shah says:

    Yeah. The purpose of the life and the mere existence is important. But then i think we should also be prioritizing once work in life…otherwise focusing on only one thing and not others many times creates lots of hindrances also.

    1. Well said!

  30. It should have a purpose of life and that’s only create z goal to achieve in life .. You have explained so well .

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