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A to Z of Sustainable Living! #BlogchatterA2Z

“वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्”   

A few years ago, a famous broadcast media conglomerate in India took up this line as the core vision of the group. It was then that the line got stuck in my head. These two words written in Sanskrit literally mean ‘Earth is indeed my family.’

These words truly hold the crux of the idea ‘Sustainable Living‘.

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ finds its first mention in Chapter 6 of Upanishad an ancient scripture of India. Well, not going into the religion angle per se but if one tries to think in a logical manner then also this idea is adequate and very much practicable. After all, every living organism in the world has been designed to co-exist in harmony. Whether it is ‘food chains’ taught in science classes at school or the eating dos’ and don’ts passed down by our ancestors, both infer the idea of co-existence and thereby maintaining the balance.  

Sustainable Lifestyle
Sustainable Lifestyle

The one holding the force majeure of harmonizing everything out has been given to nature or we might call this force itself as Nature. This equilibrium has to be maintained both externally & internally.

By ‘Internally’ I mean, what goes inside the person, both at a physical & mental level. While ‘Externally’, I mean to group everything that’s around the individual. So there is his family, there’s society, then a nation, and there’s a whole big world out there. (At the moment, let’s forget about the universe and the fellow aliens that might be partying somewhere out there and yeah, we are yet to meet them… 🙂 )

 #blogchatterA2z Theme Reveal
#blogchatterA2z Theme Reveal

We all need to be in perfect sync with this entire schema because imbalance doesn’t quite go well with nature. ‘Sustainable’ is the keyword here. When one treats the world as his home and when one develops himself or herself in line with nature’s principles then in the truest sense, it is Sustainable. Anything that’s not in line with nature isn’t sustainable.

We are sitting in the middle of a global pandemic with no solution to a virus that is probably born as an anomaly to nature. The time to discuss sustainable living cannot be more apt than this.

The upcoming series of 26 posts in 26 days courtesy #blogchatterA2Z challenge will be an extension to my blog’s core vision of discussing and bringing awareness about, ‘Sustainable Lifestyle & Travel’. Hope the posts turn out to be food for thought for some, livable for others or at least a good read for many. Happy Reading!

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  1. Splendid. Sustainable living is the need of the hour. I’m keen to see where you take us. Good luck!

    1. Sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour, with ongoing outrage we need it atmost for the betterment of society.

  2. This is an amazing theme. Looking forward to making my life more sustainable. All the best! 🙂

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    1. Papri Ganguly says:

      This is a lovely initiative by blogchatter. I also feel that sustainable living is the only solution for the situation.

  4. Beautiful post dear. I do agree “Anything that’s not in line with nature isn’t sustainable”. well said

  5. Sustainability is indeed the key. Everyone of us needs to reflect on how best we can adopt practices that ensure that we are harmony with our environment. Great theme there.

  6. Agree with you completely! This is a great time to focus on sustainability and check our carbon footprint.

  7. Sustainable living is important considering what we are just facing. When all the hell broke loose i only remembered one ted talk i had seen wherein a scientist husband and wife had made their house compatible with such calamities of future. This video was about 2 years ago and look we are already into one catastrophic situation

  8. That’s a wonderful post and people should write & share such types of things instead people are doing opposite of that.

  9. Yes Sustainable living is something we deliberately need. Excited to know more about this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. jhilmildsaha says:

    Kudos to those who have been urging to all and themselves taking up sustainable living from long. Now we realize how important a step it is.

  11. Agree instead of overloading our home with essential we should switch to sustainable living and minimise the use of unnecessary things

  12. Sustainable living is truly what is needed today… To treat the earth and all the living organisms as our family and try to not harm them.. ❤️

  13. KhushbooW says:

    Sustainable living is really important now. I am liking this blog chatter challenge. I get to read interesting post.

  14. shubhada bhide says:

    What a lovely post! This is what our ancient books and people have always mentioned and it’s time we follow it stringently.

  15. Your theme is interesting and awesome, I am following few blogs in this A to Z challenge and i will make sure your blog is one of them.

  16. sustainability is really must at this current situation we all have to adjust and control ourselves and go according to the situation…

  17. Sustainable Living is the path to choose, if we want this world to not only become a better place, but to survive as well. Thanks for writing about it.

  18. This is such a perfect and really nice theme we really need a sustainable life this hour of time

  19. Very interesting theme and a timely one. Looking forward to reading all your posts around this topic.

  20. Can’t agree more, sustainable lifestyle is need of the hour. The sooner we adopt it the better.

  21. I loved this piece Judy and I myself am a strong advocate of sustainable living buddy

  22. Sorry I couldn’t reach to your posts before. Your theme is interesting. Hope we will connect.

    1. Surely!

  23. That’s a wonderful theme to write on. Sustainable living isn’t an option anymore. We have to follow a lifestyle that will help make the world a better place.

    1. Can’t agree more!

  24. Nausheen says:

    No doubt we should learn more about sustainable living and it’s positive impact on our lives and environment

  25. I liked the theme of the challenge, surely sustainable living is one all look for in life.

  26. Pinal Shah says:

    Absolutely. Sustainable and harmonized living is now a days very important.And the present situation around the world has explained it. It’s like Earth for all and all for Earth.

    1. True that!

  27. It is necessary for all of us to improve our ways of living. I have already shifted to sustainable living since last year.

  28. Snigdha says:

    This is really a nice theme to write. and yes sustainable life is the needy these days.

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  30. Lovely and well described. Keep writing on such nice topics. Sustainable life is need of an hour

  31. That is so right, we have never been more contributing towards nature in our entire lives than in this lockdown. This is the time we adapt sustainable living and start living in a way that doesn’t harm nature.

  32. I agree 💯 cent percent with your viewpoint on Sustainable living. Yes, it’s indeed the need of hour that each one of us have to strive in whatever ways we can to attain the ultimate goal of sustainability.

  33. Wow so beautifully written. Sustainable Living is what we need now. Gonna shift to it now.

  34. At this point of time, minimal and judicious use of resources matters the most and adopting a sustainable life can only be the solution.

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