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The Derma Co. – A Customized Skincare Regimen Made By Dermatologists!

Have you ever thought why we are so troubled now & then by even the minutest ailments happening on the skin than anywhere else in the body? Well, it is so because the skin is the largest organ of our body. It is one of the crucial organs that make us look the way, we look like externally. Be it a tiny acne appearance or a chronic reoccurrence of acne, it may be a pigment spot or a skin susceptible to easy tan we all have undergone these conditions in our lives equally. Recently, ‘The Derma Co.’ a customized skincare regimen for acne, pigmentations and more skin conditions has been launched in India.

The Derma Co.  customized skincare regimen for acne
The Derma Co. customized skin care routine box

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How to get customized skincare regimen for Acne, Tanning & more?

‘The Derma Co.’, provides dermatologist-approved customized skincare routine products. The same can be done while comfortably sitting at home in not more than 10 minutes. All you need to do is visit ‘The Derma Co.’ website. After logging in, take the Derma test which is very important for getting the right mix of customized skincare products for your skin concern. Further, it is a free derma test to prescribe a specific regimen for treating the exact kind or cause of acne. If pigmentation is your skin concern, in that case too the test will be radical to suggest the right set of products for you. A downloadable prescription is generated at the end of the test for future reference.

Depending on the prescription one can buy  customized skincare regimen for acne from The Derma co.
Depending on the prescription one can buy The Derma Co. products.

What Products are there in ‘The Derma Co.’ skincare regimen?

We took the Derma test and here’s a sample personalized regimen that we were suggested for acne condition. Basically, the focus in this skincare routine is on Cleanse, Treat, Moisturise & lastly Protect. This dermatologist designed skin care regimen is prescribed for daily use for 21 days for noticeable positive treatment.

Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturizer is included in The Derma Co. customized skincare regimen for acne

In our kitcustomized skin care regimen for acne-prone skin has five products. The routine starts with AHA-BHA Foaming Cleanser followed by AHA-BHA Gel application. Next, for meeting the required moisture level in the skin a Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturizer is to be used. Lastly, for skin protection purpose there is a Sunscreen gel. Formula AC-1, a medicated cream, is included for the curing the acne.

Packaging of Acne Control Regimen Products

The products come packed in a box to give one a feel of a bespoke skincare box or kit. The inner side of the box again has details of how to use the products in the right sequence. The products come in suitable packaging to make them spill-proof and the entire kit is easily carriable while travelling.

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Shelf Life:

Apart from Formula AC-1 medicated treatment cream all the other products have a shelf life of good 2 years. While the former comes with a ‘best before’ label of 1 year.

 Application of a protective layer of sunscreen gel included in The Derma Co. customized skincare regimen for acne is very important.
Application of a protective layer of sunscreen gel included in The Derma Co. customized skincare regimen for acne is very important.


The entire kit cost was Rs. 2195. However, the cost varies with the mix of products as per the prescription. Further, one can avail discounts deals mentioned on the website.


To provide an effective solution for acne, acne scars or various kinds of pigmentations, these skincare products have been designed by the dermatologists. As a matter of fact, the products have chemicals but in the permissible range as in medicated creams. Having said that, the best part about these products is that they are Paraben-free.

The Derma Co. Ulta Matte Sunscreen Gel
The Derma Co. Ulta Matte Sunscreen Gel

Team ‘The Other Brain Inc.’ Experience:

The skincare regime for acne is designed to rejuvenate the skin right from the cleansing action to its protection from harsh sun rays. The price of this set of products from The Derma Co. for Acne treatment comparatively is good. The treatment takes 21 days of skincare commitment for wow-worthy results. Of course, we have taken up this 21 days challenge for healthier skin free from acne & pigmentation, are you ‘in’ too?

Pin It! Do share the word about this new skincare products!
Pin It! Do share the word about this new skincare products!

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  1. Skin care must always be customised to one’s individual needs and the concept of DermaCo is wonderful. Good to know that one can get discounts on the website too.

  2. I’m so glad that they analyse your skin type and then customise the products for an effective result

  3. This is definitely a whole new concept in Skincare from Derma Co. One of the challenges of skin care products is they do not suit all skin types. Customized options for skincare is really a game changing concept.

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  10. I really like the concept of getting a personalised and customized set of products for your skin type. Rather than buying expensive products to check what suits you and what doesn’t. I am definitely going to check The Derma Co.

  11. Sakshi Verma says:

    Thanks this regime looks pretty interesting. I like the idea of customised advice.

    1. I will suggest that you take up their Skin assessment test.

  12. Alpana Deo says:

    Personalized products are always better than generic. They target the right problem and gives good results.

  13. Pinal Shah says:

    Skin care in today’s environment has become more important and if it’s as per individual screen type then the best….

  14. Getting skin care items that are customised for your skin type is such a great option. I have sensitive skin so I understand the need of this.

  15. Great to know about this concept of customised skin care. The products looks good too. Would like to get an analysis done for myself.

  16. Indeed the concept of the derma co for treating skin concern by customised skincare regime by dermatologist is promising

  17. Jhilmil dsaha says:

    thanks for sharing these, looks absolutely awesome. Will give it a go. might help with my skin who sweared to not act properly

  18. A kit prepared by Dermatologist will surely makes me to look at the kit.

  19. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really loved the packing and as I am using I can see the difference so much

  20. Nausheen says:

    Wow now we can get free skin assessment test and that too from dermatologist.

  21. I never heard of something like this. Personalized skin care kit is an amazing idea.

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  25. Angila Rai says:

    I want this cream but I want to knw more about this product I have a problem of pigmentation

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