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Xeroxed Life: Understanding How to Deal with Competition in Daily Life & Not Succumb to It!

Since the time when the world was created competition is, was and forever shall remain. One species competed with the other for survival. Who could have ever imagined that in this race of survival some of the mighty species like dinosaurs would perish! Meanwhile, the cockroaches would manage to secure themselves ensuring a million more years of pestering in the households. Competition in nature still exists between species but it is healthy. The harmony called the food cycle is still maintained except for mankind. With humans, the competition becomes fiercer than that of the wild animals. The grass always seems greener of the other end. So one person wants to live another person’s life while the second person wants a third person’s ‘better life’. There are no rules left in the game. Every rule surpassed is gift wrapped in a beautiful packaging of ‘rightful’ reasons. Isn’t it?

Competition in the human understood the world is everywhere in studies, jobs, relationships. Additionally, there are other allied negative complexes that perplex the mind. They are jealousy, the pressure of performance and insecurities. The co-relation of this trio is rather funny to observe. Jealousy happens to the person that is an under-achiever. While the achiever is insecure as he fears to lose the lead. The person pursuing to make it to the achiever category but somewhere above the under-achiever is always consumed with the performance pressure. So competition and the related share of stress are inescapable!

Accepting this fact can bring a little solace to the worried souls. Well, only a little cause no matter what, the grind has to happen. It is pretty much okay also till the time the competition takes the shape of an attempted coup. In this article, we aren’t sharing you, tips and tricks to come in the achiever category. That you can google out and get many helpful articles on the same. So here are few steps to maintain the sanity in this chaos:

Noting your thoughts can help combat stress a little:  Signs of competitive jealousy
Noting your thoughts can help combat stress a little: Signs of competitive jealousy

Write It Down:

The stress and the negative emotions like jealousy, insecurity or pressure can leave one exhausted. Writing down the feelings going inside your mind can be quite relaxing. In fact, this exercise can also help in reaching to possible solutions.

Fix the Schedule:

With smartphones in hand today all of us are wired. Continuous WhatsApp messages, social posts of others are the constant precursors that add to the competition stress. It is best to set a start time and end time for using any kind of gadget especially the social media related ones. This schedule, when followed religiously, becomes a habit and is a stress reliever. One can achieve an improved quality of sleep and revitalized mornings.

Meditation can be a great stress buster:  Signs of competitive jealousy
Meditation can be a great stress buster: Signs of competitive jealousy


Practising meditation along with some breathing exercises in the morning or before sleeping is an excellent aid in combating stress.

Adopt contentment:

No matter how much one achieves, it is pure human nature that it is never satisfied. If one adopts contentment as a way of life instead of making ‘hoarding more & more wealth’ as life’s mantra, one would be less stressed.

Say the Reiki Principle:

Read these lines while looking at you in the mirror just after brushing. It is a powerful affirmative Reiki principle that you will be giving to yourself:

Reiki Principles for dealing with signs of competitive jealousy
Reiki Principles for dealing with signs of competitive jealousy

Set Your Own Goals:

It is likely that everyone in life has a different purpose to do. For someone, for example, a job might be a matter of sustenance while for someone else it might be about career progression. One needs to realize the purpose and then the call to action in pursuit of the same. Anything above shouldn’t matter much and so should definitely not be a matter of your worry.

Remember you are out there to compete (may or may not be with others but self) and certainly not compare.

Happy Sustainable Living!

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  1. Nice points.
    Setting goals for own self & competing with own self can be beneficial.

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