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Watch Thy Manners: 16 Good Etiquettes to be Practised by Adults for a Better World!

Scenario 1: Have you met a person who stands out in a crowd of many at a given point of time more by their actions than just the presence?

Scenario 2:  Imagine you meet a prim & proper looking person but as you spend some time together you are suddenly put off by their actions?

Has this happened with you?

The reason for this lies in their personality traits. Manners are a few key aspects that build the great wall of personality in one’s plain existence. Manners aren’t just for kids alone. In fact, manners along with the value system define a person. Good or bad whatever this intrinsic layer of personality is, it remains with one forever.

As kids, in schools, manners and morals are taught but this tends to fade with time or experiences of the world. Here is our ‘Top 5’ reckoner list of manners and etiquette that are worth re-learning and also practice it yourself:

Always use Please, Sorry & Thank you: List of manners and etiquette
Always use Please, Sorry & Thank you: List of manners and etiquette

#1 “Please”, “Sorry’ & “Thank You”

These three words are taught in the elementary classes to little ones. Truly the three magic words should be incorporated in our day to day life more often. The words gain power & relevance from the underlying connotations. In fact, in European countries, people use ‘Sorry’ instead of ‘excuse me’. This makes things even more polite without doing anything extra.

#2 Respecting Elders:

Every religion in the world instructs this mannerism. In Hinduism, the tradition of bowing down to touch the feet of elders for getting blessings is quite popular. In Muslim and Christianity too it is a mandatory commandment to respect father and mother. The tricky part comes when adults forgo this manner in their actions and words while talking about an elder in front of children. Disrespecting your parents or talking ill about teachers in front of kids can affect them deeply.

#3 Waiting for Your Turn:

Whether it is for speaking, for playing or standing in bank’s queue, waiting for your turn patiently is a great manner to display. While conversing with someone this etiquette helps one in becoming a better listener. While waiting for your turn while being in a queue gives out a strong message of self-discipline.

Control thy tongue: List of manners and etiquette
Control thy tongue: List of manners and etiquette

#4 Bad Words:

Again, this is one manner that’s taught to and mostly practised by small kids. But as people grow they lose out on this. It is appalling to see kids as small as in 7-8th grade from good schools using the f*** word or even worse. Let’s not even talk about the strong vocabulary that grown-ups have in this context. It is best to avoid usage.

#5 Asking Permission:

As a child, this mannerism should be inculcated by parents with utmost sincerity. We see many parents quite okay or negligent with their kids bringing things that aren’t theirs, this habit can continue in future as well. This should be stopped no matter what right at the first instance of discovery by elders. Doing things without permission construes to theft. Compliance to the defined norms is a great virtue.

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Apart from these 5 basic yet important manners here is a list of manners and etiquette that also need to be brought to action by adults:

  • Taking good care of your belonging is what everybody does for sure. However, responsibly handling other’s stuff is way more important. Further, one should always remember to return borrowed stuff timely and being reminded.
  • Being responsible for one’s hygiene, cleanliness of your things and home.
  • Respect the private space of others. This is important especially in today’s times when social networking is so prevalent. Permission should be sought before posting anything about others on such platforms.
  • Being polite over phone, emails and social media.
  • Be courteous to the community helpers, those younger than yourself and guests.
  • Eat food with mouth closed. Do not waste food. Do not litter.
  • Standup when elders (both in position and age) enter a room. It sets a great example especially in front of kids.
  • Knock before you enter a room.
  • Do not comment on appearance or religion of anyone especially if it’s in a negative way.
  • Avoid bulling or judging anyone.
  • Do not pick the nose or teeth in public. Also while coughing or sneezing cover your mouth.

These kind gestures are not weaknesses or sign that the person is docile. Rather practising these etiquettes makes one a good, responsible person to be around.

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  1. Deepika Mishra says:

    I completely agree with the pointers which you mentioned. Respecting elders, asking for permission, saying sorry and thanks to others, that really shows about your etiquette.

  2. Great pointers you have mentioned. In order to imbibe good manners and behavior in kids, we as parents need to follow them first.

  3. Etiquettes give away a person like nothing else. A humble, well-behaved person who is attentive will always be liked by everyone. And yes, sorry and thank you always work!

  4. Kids follow the path of adult. For this it’s very important that adults should follow the etiquette. This post provide basic approach to achieve it.

  5. You have mentioned good points in the list. If adults follow this diligently, kids would also emulate the same.

    1. True that kids do copy their adults..

  6. This is so important and I wish everyone is this society could follow these!We judge people easily , we use bad words, we dont even know when to speak and how to speak. So its a must read for everyone.

    1. Yes so true..

  7. These is such a well curated posts, most adults are forgetting these basic rules of etiquettes because of their fast paced life. It’s about time we make some changes to make this world a better place

    1. Yes true that!

  8. These are some Golden etiquettes to follow everywhere regardless of a boundary or a country you are in. I really like the one wherein you have mentioned to seek permission and be polite

    1. Yes for sure I really feel some people really need to learn etiquette, especially in public spaces.

  9. That’s a lovely post! Well-written, heartwarming and so creative.

    1. Thanks 🙂

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