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Madhubani & Gond Art: Interesting features that help you admire these two painting styles more!

Is Gond art and Madhubani art same?

“Indian art is not an imitation of nature in its physical form but in its fundamental skeletal geometry.”


Madhubani and Gond Painting are folk art forms of India. Today both these painting styles are admired on a global level. Is Gond art and Madhubani art same? This is one if we may call it a confusion of sorts that keep coming up again and again. This doubt is often raised by budding artists who are keen on learning these art forms and some others who admire these paintings and love to collect them.

Our answer to this query is that Madhubani and Gond paintings are not the same. In fact, these two art forms have few clear cut differentiating elements knowing about them can help one understand these art forms better and appreciate the paintings even more. So here are 5 key distinctive aspects about Madhubani and Gond art forms:

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Location of Origin

Madhubani paintings are from the Mithila region that today is spread across the Indo-Nepal border. However, the Madhubani region in Bihar has got the GI tag for this art form. In contrast to this, Gond Paintings was first made by people from Gond Tribe. This is one of the biggest tribes of India which are mainly based out of central Indian states like Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

Gond v/s Madhubani Paintings: What is Primarily Shown

In Gond paintings mainly nature is depicted. So in most paintings of this style one can find animals and trees only depicted. Very rarely there humans are made in the this art form that too in the form of Gods and Goddesses. As against this, in Madhubani paintings the interaction of man with nature is depicted. Also in this kind of painting depiction of God and Goddesses is also very common.

Is Gond art and Madhubani art same?

Do We Make a Border in Gond Art or Madhubani?

In Madhubani paintings always border is created first on the paper or canvas edges. While, in Gond art paintings no border is drawn. Even the outline of any structure in Madhubani is generally done with two lines while in the Gond paintings the structures are made with a single outline.

Which one between Madhubani & Gond painting is filled and which one is empty?

Madhubani Art has a bright colourful background which is further accentuated with patterns. So this way every such painting is quite filled. Whereas, the Gond paintings have light mostly pastel shaded background which is empty. The focus of the onlooker this way is kept towards the central structure drawn in the painting.

Structure Designing

When one draws a Gond painting in this one figure can evolve from another one like a tree from deer horns. Also, the patterns inside the structures are mostly simple dots & lines. But in Madhubani all the structures are drawn individually with vivid intricate patterns.

Final Thoughts on, ‘Is Gond art and Madhubani art same?’

Hope this article was helpful in demarcating the differences between Gond v/s Madhubani traditional paintings.

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  1. Looks so bright and colourful!

    1. Thanks

  2. Nice to know so many facets of gond art and madhubani painting.

    1. Roma says:

      I love Madhubani painting but I didn’t know about Gond Art dear, loved your post as always, your choice of topics always intrigues me

  3. I always love paintings and madhubani painting so much for decor but the fact you have shared are new to me.

  4. Alpana Deo says:

    wow..I knew these two art forms are different but the way you have minutely observed the differences, it make it more clear.

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I knew about Madhubani paiting but did not know about Gond art. I learnt a lot about this art and difference between these two amazing art form. thanks for sharing this dear.

  6. I had not even heard of Gond Art till I read your post. It was very interesting to be introduced to it, and to know the difference between Gond and Madhubani paintings.

  7. Very informative post wasn’t aware of these differences. But love both the art form. They look so vibrant and beautiful. Would love to get one of these for my house.

  8. Parul Malhotra says:

    I never understood the difference between the paintings when I sis-in-law sent them for me. I just use to adore the beauty of the. With your post, know I can understand them too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Traditional paintings methods are often about mythological stories and nature depictions. Such beautiful designs make the perfect decor pieces on living room walls.

  10. jhilmildsaha says:

    This is such a unique information. I was not aware about Gond art. It is interesting to know how it differs from the very popular Madhubani art.

  11. I am speechless with such masterpieces of paintings. Learning Madhubani painting is in my bucket list, now your post is pushing me to start on my dream very soon. Gond art is such a fabulous art work.

  12. This felt like a reminder of school’s history and geography class. I have learned about the Madhubani art recently while searching Warli paintings. Gond art is new to me, glad to have learned this here.

  13. Indian culture and heritage is so vibrant and diverse at the same time. Madhubani painting and Gond art are both fascinating. It is also really useful to know the difference between the two.

  14. Such beautiful art forms. They look so rich and speaks so much about our traditions and art forms. I loved the painting and would love to have these in my house too.

  15. Dr Bushra says:

    Learn so many facts and difference between gond art painting and madhubani art painting. Indeed beautiful art heritage of india

  16. It’s good to know so many facts about Madhubani painting. I wish if one day I can do Madhubani painting, though sometimes I try to do mandala art. As I am very fond of painting and colours

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