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Wildlife Lovers Here are 6 Destinations near Delhi Where You can Head for Safari Adventures!

safari places near Delhi NCR

Living an established life in a metro city is the dream of many. But every dream does have a price to be paid, isn’t it? This is true for urban city dwellers too especially in Delhi and nearby cities like Gurgaon, Noida & more. In place of natural spaces, there are more concrete jungles to see and polluted air to breathe. So we thought why not list out a few fantastic safari places near Delhi NCR.

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#1 Jim Corbett National Park, Ram Nagar, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park -   Wildlife Sanctuary near Gurgaon
Jim Corbett National Park – Wildlife Sanctuary near Gurgaon

Now no prizes, in guessing about this national park. It is a favourite destination for tourists from Delhi NCR who are wildlife lovers. Even people who like to be amidst nature also visit here as an extended weekend destination. Jim Corbett National park is located at a distance of 237kms and can be easily reached in 5 hrs. It was initially called Hailey National Park but it was renamed after the famous hunter & author, Jim Corbett who rescued many from man-eating tigers of this region. There are 5 major zones within the national park where good wildlife sighting including the royal Bengal tiger can happen. Sitabani is the buffer zone.

#2 Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, Rajasthan

Deers & Grass in National Parks near Delhi NCR
Deers & Grass in National Parks near Delhi NCR

Sariska though nearer to Delhi is not that popular among tourists. Having said this, being a tiger reserve sighting can be very good here. It is 203 km from Delhi and can be reached in about 4.5 hrs. In 2020, a total of 20 tigers live here so the probability increases manifolds. The best part about Sariska national park is that apart from the safari it also has historical places like Kankwadi fort and Neelkanth Temple that tourists can visit.

#3 Sultanpur National Park, Gurugram, Haryana

Sultanpur National Park is a mere 41 km. from Delhi and from Gurgaon it is at 15km. distance. This is the closest national parks around Gurgaon surely. It was formerly known as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and rightly so as it is one of the perfect spots for bird watchers. The best time to be here is in winters. At this time about 1800 different kinds of migratory birds arrive in this national park. Apart from this the park also offers scenic views. Surely a must-visit national park. See one of the fashion photoshoots done here in Sultanpur National Park.

#4 Pangot & Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Nainital

For those people who want a quaint jungle safari experience then visiting Pangot is a great option. Nestled just 13 km. away from Nainital it also has a Kilbury bird wildlife sanctuary. Near Gurgaon & Delhi other than Sultanpur National Park this destination is best for bird watchers. Here one can spot more than 500 different species of birds along with beautiful landscapes of the Kumaon region. Don’t forget your binoculars here!

#5 Pilibhit Tiger reserve, Pilibhit, U.P.

Spotted Deers can be seen widely in safari places near Delhi NCR
Spotted Deers can be seen widely in safari places near Delhi NCR

When one talks about safari places near Delhi NCR, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is the place one should surely visit. Well, did you know that in 2020, this tiger reserve has been awarded on a global level for doubling the Tiger population! Here today 65 tigers are present currently. Quite a big number for safari places near Delhi NCR sure isn’t it? Located in the terai arc landscape near to Indo-Nepal border it is at a distance of 367 km. One can reach this tiger reserve for an extended weekend trip and indulge in a jungle safari.

#6 Keoladeo National Park/ Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Located in Rajasthan this formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary ought to be included in our list of national parks around Gurgaon and Delhi. It is at a 4.5 hrs distance from Delhi. This is one place that gives tourists a perfect blend of flora and fauna. There are about 350 bird species that can be seen here. In addition, to this one can see diverse flora as well. Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also a World Heritage site and a man-managed wetland. The best time to visit this wildlife sanctuary near Gurgaon & Delhi is in winters.

Final Thoughts about Safari Places near Delhi NCR:

How did you like this list? It had some very known names while some are not so popular but surely all these safari places near Delhi NCR are worth exploring and experiencing the charm of nature!

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  1. Have been to Jim corbett, sultanpur and bharatpur too, rest all will sure explore some day soon. I loved the first pic of your post a lot, the empty roads say a lot and I love such clicks.

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    I have never been to any safari, But I heard those who have gone had a wonderful experience. That first image say a lot. gives a feel of a long travel..

    1. Haven’t visited any of these but love to visit them whenever I go to Delhi at my parents place. I have heard about lot of good 4th hings about Sariska Tiger Reserve alwar…Hope can visit few of them soon.

  3. I really want to experience Safari once in life and seems you have given me so many destinations to explore. Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I loved this list and among all these never visit any so far. I had visited pench national park near Nagpur many years ago and had a great experience with it. your post has remind me that jungle safari visit experience.

  5. milan says:

    never been to any of the places, but have heard from friends that these places are good. Would love to visit someday.

  6. I’m jealous of Delhi people since they have so many wonderful safaris to explore near them. Lovely pics! We’re planning to visit Jim Corbett. Let’s hope it works out.

  7. There is nothingmore exciting than watching wildlife in their natural environments. Delhi is geographically blessed to have so many sanctuaries nearby. Our favourite has to be Corbett National Park.

  8. Roma says:

    I really feel like travelling to these as soon as I can been to some but shall surely plan a trip to the remaining at first opportunity

  9. I have been to a couple of these places but never for the safari. I was looking for some nearby options for a weekend getaway 🙂

  10. Safari offers such amazing and adventurous experience. I have been to two so far in my life and have loved how it helps learn so much about the wildlife. Have been to one recently in Bangalore and the experience was thrilling. Loved this post of your Judy around safari near Delhi NCR. Will share with a friend who loves in Gurgaon.

  11. I’ve been to Jim Corbett from the above list. We go to Delhi often and thanks to your list now I am going to visit these places with kids next time we go.

  12. I have never been to these places. Though I have heard a lot about Jim.Corbett. Soon will plan to visit all these places

  13. I have only been to Jim Corbett (you were on that FAM too btw!) and am yet to explore all the other safari places near Delhi NCR. I’ll definitely go to other places as suggested by you.

  14. jhilmildsaha says:

    This is good news for those living in Delhi and around. I will surely explore some of these in future with my family.

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