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SITABANI SAFARI, JIM CORBETT, NAINITAL: Experience the Jungle & Know the Real Life Story of Sir Jim Corbett – the Most Famous Man-eating Tiger Hunter of India!

“The time I spent in the jungles held unalloyed happiness for me, and that happiness I would now gladly share. My happiness, I believe, resulted from the fact that all wildlife is happy in its natural surroundings. In nature there is no sorrow, and no repining. A bird from a flock, or an animal from a herd, is taken by hawk or carnivorous beast and those that are left rejoice that their time had not come today, and have no thought of tomorrow.”
Jim Corbett, Jungle Lore
Jim Corbett National Park is one of the closest tiger reserves from Delhi NCR. So almost all round the year tourists visit the park chasing their adventure streak to see the wild cat. It being lying in the Sub-Himalayan belt area, the weather conditions are also quiet pleasant throught the year. Only in the monsoon season for a specific time period the national park is closed. The Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve is basically divided into three parts namely the main National Park, Sanctuary& the Reserve forest.  A slight natural demarcation done by Kosi river, which is the main river of this region, separates the Sitabani area from the National Park. Sitabani is basically a protected buffer area in the reseve forrest.
Kosi River, beautiful as seen during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
Detailed map of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve at Aahana Resort before Kosi Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital

In the main park there five zones namely Dikhala, Bijrani, Dhela, Durgadevi & Jhirna. Due to the ever incresing influx of domestic & international tourists to this place, restriction on the number of jeeps that can enter in a day have been enforced. Like the Bijrani Zone receives 30 vehicles of 6-8 pax. each in the morning time and same number for the afternoon safari. As a result one has to book safaris in these zones atleast 45 days to a month in advance for a sureshot safari inside the main areas of Jim Corbett.

Sitabani area is relatively a new supplementing zone for nearby main zones. The animal sighting percentage during the Sitabani safari in Jim Corbett area is very low due to change of habitat for animals and more disturbances caused by human intervention. Still people especially the locals have witnessed the animal during the early morning and late evening time.
Kosi River, beautiful as seen during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
Kosi River, beautiful as seen during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital

The tiger reserve core area is basically the tiger producing area. So as and when their population increases in the core areas (near dikhala areas) of the park due to their territorial nature, some of them move to outer adjoing area. The adjoing areas are very conducive, so in about 40 sq. km there are about 49 tigers. Here mixed vegetation is there which proves to be a great hideout for Tigers. While in the National Parks the sightings are more purely because of the tracks developed there, plus the mix vegetation in those area is comparatively less. Tiger sighting is being at right place and right time. Moreover a Safari is all about experiencing the correlation between jungle and Tiger, and the human bond.

A pair of Jackal sighted during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
A pair of Jackal sighted during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital

In core areas the number of tigers may be lesser than the adjoing areas due to their territorial dominating nature. As it is the sanctom santorum region for increasing the tiger population obviously other animals are very minimally seen. Rather the other animals move towards those areas where there are more facilities easily available to them.

List of Contents

SITABANI SAFARI, Jim Corbett Area, Nainital:

Enjoy the scenic jungle during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
Enjoy the scenic jungle during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital

Talking about the Sitabani area of jungle is a beautiful stretch of untouched land occupied by thousands of trees, animals, birds, and more. At some selective places on the guides prior permission tourists can also get down the vehicles for a couple of minutes. Here sightings of deer, jackal, owl and vivid types of birds is common. Another very commonly seen thing in these jungles are the termite hills. In the jungle, it acts in favor of maintaing the cleanliness. Espeically before and after rains when tree leaves fall, termites gorge on the dead leaves. In fact, this jungle is the perfect place to realise the concept of food chain and maintaing the ecological balance.

Things to do during Sitabani Safari, Jim Corbett area:

  • Sitabani Temple which is famous as locals believe that this is the place where Sita lived during her agni-pariksha days. There are many versions related to Sita and this temple’s corerelation.
  • Witness the Kosi River. Kosi river flows down from Himalayan ranges located in Tibet to the sub-Himalayan regions of Nepal and India before getting submerged into Bay of Bengal.
  • Visit Powalgarh and know the life changing story of Sir Jim Corbett and ‘Bachelor of Powalgarh’ Tiger from locals.
  • Maybe visit the Corbett waterfall.
  • Explain children about Jungle & how nature in real sense is deisgned to maintain ecological balance with the termite hill and other animal examples.
Many such Termite Hills are visible in the jungle during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
Many such Termite Hills are visible in the jungle during Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital

Tips for a Memorable Sitabani Safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital:

  • Do not go with high expectations of seeing Tiger. This tip also applies to not only this safari but any safari that one is about to attend. Animal sightings are a matter of chance so for avoiding disappointments it is best advised to go with limited expectations.

  • Choose the right guide. While going for a safari having a right guide leading the troupe is very crucial. For correct information about the historical importance of the place and choosing the right track for potential sighting only is possible with an experienced guide.
  • One can also expect to see a lot of touristy human population in Sitabani safari in Jim Corbett area. Almost all tourists who make last minute safari plans are driven to this area. The best way to enjoy in such a situation is to focus on your own troupe and experience the tranquil beauty of this jungle.
  • Many hotels and resorts also can help for getting you better deals for Sitabani Safari which means a four wheeler usually Jeeps with a driver and one or two guides.
  • Since usually for Sitabani Safari, starting early in the morning is preferred so the resort should be rather closeby.

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  • Where comfortable clothes, shoes and carry drinking water.
  • Maintain hygiene, don’t litter the jungle and maintain as much silence as you can.

Why One Should Go for Sitabani Safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital?

Jim Corbett Chronology at Aahana Resort before Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
Jim Corbett Chronology at Aahana Resort before Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area, Nainital
  • Safari in main national park area is mostly not possible in an impromptu plan towards Jim Corbett area. In such last minute trips one can redeem self with Sitabani safari.
  • Sitabani safari, Jim Corbett area is ideal for getting the true ‘Jungle’ feeling.
  • Know and visit the great legend areas of Sir Jim Corbett.
  • Sitabani Safari in Jim Corbett area is also oone of the best places for bird watching.

Travel Partner & Host for this Trip: AAHANA Resort, Ramnagar, Jim Corbett area.

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  1. It’s good to know about Jim corbett in Nanital ,I have never been to this place ,will add this on my next vacation with my family

  2. This is a detailed information. I have never been to Jim Corbet national park, but have checked out a few safaris in the south. I totally agree that animal sighting is being at the right time and at the right place.

  3. Wow the place looks so good. I am damn sure you guys had so much of fun. I always wished for something like this

  4. Brilliant, I have been to Jim Corbett and it was one of the most cherishable trips we had. Be it our forest stay, or safari, it was wonderful. We covered Bijrani and SItabani zones both then.

  5. I have always had a dream that I would visit Jim Corbett national park someday… This place looks beautiful for sure… And you said the truth, we should not go with high hopes of sighting the tiger… That’s something purely dependent on luck

  6. Sarah says:

    The wildlife always fascinated me and this post of yours was so insightful and so interesting that I am tempted to visit Jim Corbet park now.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful post. Glad I stumbled on your wonderful detailed blogpost.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Bushra says:

    Jim Corbett has so many things to explore. Look like you have great stay at resort.

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    Now this is one place I have longed to visit forever, now I have decided to definitely take a trip

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