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5 Ways to Maintain Right Weight & Stay Fit feat. ‘Alcis Sports’ & ‘Hummel’ Athleisure Wear!

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“Health is the greatest possession!” Lao Tzu, (better known as Laozi) – the famous Chinese Philosopher had said this quote. Well, by then he might have realised how people run after gaining wealth & materialistic gains while on the other hand royally ignore the importance to stay fit.

Alas! most of us still take health for granted. Good health is still largely an insignificant task or a lower priority work which often takes a backseat with more ‘important’ things of life to be done. We forget that good health is the core and every other thing is woven around it. The #HumFitTohIndiaFit Challenge began when Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore an ace Olympic Silver Medal winner shooting champion and now cabinet minister in Indian government with independent charge for Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports posted his video doing pushups in his office on twitter with the hashtag. He challenged celebrities and commoners in a novel initiative for people to get health conscious, maintain right weight & stay fit.

Here are few snippets of how celebs displayed their support for this fitness challenge:

Good health is a combination of a healthy physical body and healthy mental self. When one talks about staying fit, to maintain a right weight becomes very important. Inch loss, losing that extra flab happens automatically as one progresses on the roads towards a fitter self and gaining right body weight.

Here are five ways that are surely going to give you desired results and helping you with staying fit:

  • Go Take a Walk:

People often crib that losing weight is a very difficult task but this is a myth. To maintain a right weight the easiest way is to take a walk. People who have achieved a drastic transformation in terms of better bodies & staying fit vouch for taking up walking as a daily habit. Starting with a modest 1 km. walk to upto10-15kms. daily such people tell that it becomes easier day by day as the body gets better equipped for walking from inside.  Even after gaining right weight, one should continue this practice. 

‘Alcis  Sports’ is a homegrown sports brand with sportswear designed with a thought of being environmental friendly. The yellow colored ‘Wonder Tee’ (featured in the picture) is made from recycled polyester using about eight plastic bottles. The T-Shirt is soft and lighter than the normal ones.
  • Ditch the car and take up Cycling!

Be it cars or bikes, no doubt that they ease out your effort for reaching a destination like from home to work and back plus saves on a little time but cycling is way healthier. Moreover, it also saves your time, well in the sense that you do not have to put in extra time for a workout session. Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises which is why it is also mostly included in gymnasiums as a workout. It increases the stamina, and tones up the body while making you lose those extra calories.

  • Play a Sport:

This t-shirt weighs just 85 – 90 grams. It comes with Dynamic Drying finish — which doesn’t hold sweat and moisture for long, making the range extremely comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

Apart from sports personalities, for whom sports is not anything else but a way of life; we commoners who are tied up in our daily home managing or working life can choose a sport and indulge in it as often as we can. The more strenous the sport is, the better. Like one can choose from any high energy involving sports like football, squash, lawn tennis, basketball, swimming, cricket etc. Sports are not only a source of recreation but also makes one mentally alert and helps to stay fit. 

  • Yoga session a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away:

The black calf length lower from ‘Alcis Sports’ excels as a sportswear due to its stretchability and the design is just wow with a white band detailing towards waistline, and textured finish near one leg’s end.

Yoga which finds its roots in India has been taken up by the foreigners like a treasured science to stay fit both mentally and physically. In India too, Yoga is fast catching up but it isn’t worth the hype until you take it up and practice daily. Yoga exercises are designed for the betterment of the whole body. It has breathing exercises, Surya namaskar, Asanas for different parts of body and meditation. The best part about practising yoga to stay fir it that the lost weight doesn’t relapse much even if one stops or takes a break from it.

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  1. Exercise is definitely the most underutilized stress buster. I’ve been going to the gym regularly for the last few months – not only am I healthy but I also feel amazing. And the atheisurewear looks cute and affordable too.

  2. Ruchi Verma says:

    I have enrolled myself to zumba and trying to stay fit alongwith yoga!! Now I feel I must have that shoes to make it more worth!!

  3. Staying fit and being fit are two different things, most commonly we reduce some pounds and forget about it post achievement. Your post is right in mentioning to make fitness a habit. And easy & comfortable kits are good to make this habit happier.

  4. This looks like a wonderful range for the sporty and athletic people. I love my running shoes and it does make a difference.

  5. Staying healthy is so important and excercise is must for that , I liked the t shirt made from recycled plastic , and the shoes are also affordable , good that they are easily available on online stores.

  6. Maintaining weight and staying fit is very important these days. The post awares many of us.

  7. Exercise is a most important part of our life. I also follow 20 minutes of running in my daily schedule.

    Great post. Thanks for encourage others for excercise.

  8. It is really important that we take care of our health. I like to go on walks and comfortable shoes are something that I always invest in.

  9. fitness is imp and we all should do yoga on daily basis. I loved your gym outfit. Its really cool and comfy. Specially the shoe is awesome.

  10. That’s such a great post, I am feeling motivated to start some sort of excercise. And btw lovely shoes 🙂

  11. Indeed, Health is the greatest possession. It’s really very important to exercise daily to maintain and take care of our health.

  12. I sweat a lot while exercising or doing yoga! This tee shirt is an amazing innovation! Will get this for sure!

  13. I’m a fitness freak and believe me a comfortable sports wear and shoes are must in this fitness journey. Impressed that the tee is made up of recycled things

  14. I have taken the Hum Fit Toh India Fit challenge and go for a walk everyday. Tho leggings seem like a possible option but these sports wear look amazing. Shopping them ?

  15. I love to do yoga to keep my self fit, this sportswear looks very comfortable n stylish would like to have soon for my workout.

  16. It is so important to stay fit. We all should choose one sport/exercise whichever we are comfortable with to keep ourselves fit.

  17. Nisha Malik says:

    Exercising in right kind of clothes and shoes is very important otherwise we might face discomfort and sometimes injuries. I would surely check this brand.

  18. Papri Ganguly says:

    Great initiative by the brand. These sport shoes are dope. Will get two pairs for me and hubby

  19. I am a fitness freak and yes I usually try these small things only to keep myself in better shape. Thank for sharing

  20. Hey the first thing that caught my eyes are those uber cool shoes. Now that is going to motivate me to start working out to shed the post partum fat

  21. Fitness and good health is very important. Fit body gives you confidence and makes you beautiful from outside and inside.

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