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5 Remarkably Cheap Markets of Jaipur that will Make Every Girl Shop Her Heart Out!

What is famous for shopping in Jaipur

Jaipur the land established and named after its glorious ruler Jai Singh II is a darling city of both National & International tourists. Visiting Jaipur promises one a historical extravaganza, finger-licking yummy local food and of course shopping. Here are 5 reasonably priced yet best in quality shopping places in Jaipur for ladies. In these markets, there are clothes, bangles, jewellery, Mehendi applicators, and much more for one to shop. This is next to paradise for girls like you love fun and, yeah, me too!

What is Famous for Shopping in Jaipur?

When in Jaipur everything is deeply linked to its heritage and culture. So with royalty comes the royal dress or poshak. In Rajasthan, this dress especially for women is very famous owing to its portrayal in Bollywood movies. Further, the traditional cloth art tie & die clothes (bandhej or bandhini in Hindi) and women ethnic wear with leheriya prints (wavy prints over fabric) are quite popular as gift items from Jaipur. The same kind of prints also follow up in the matching coloured lac (lacquer) bangles. So during the sawan time of the year (usually July-August months), one can find a lot of leheria and bandhani printed sarees and salwar-suits with of course there matching bangles. Variety is more in the July-August months though one can find these designs all through the year. Apart from this Rajasthani printed home furnishings like bed linen, rugs, Jaipuri Rajai (blankets) are also very beautiful and worth taking home as a lovely souvenir.

Which Market is Famous in Jaipur?

Jaipur is one city that has preserved its local markets while embracing the mall culture. So there are a lot of local markets in the pink city. Interestingly most local markets have shops pinkish maroon coloured and the name of shops is written in Hindi and duly numbered. So all local markets look very similar. Despite this, each specializes in a different kind of goods. The most famous Jaipur markets which are popular among tourists are Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, Market alongside Hawa Mahal & market near Nahargarh. Though haggling in these markets too is prevalent but already the prices decided are keeping tourist folks in mind. Only locals know the best shopping places in Jaipur for ladies & more.

5 Markets which are Best in Jaipur for Ladies Shopping?

Now if you are really wondering which market is best in Jaipur that we are talking about then those are mentioned below:

Purhohit ji ka Katla:

Purohitji ka katla - Jaipur katla market
Purohitji ka katla – Jaipur katla market Photo Source: www.cityshor.com

A disclaimer at the beginning, this katla is severely crammed owing to the narrow lanes in which it is spread. So it is better to have minimum valuables alongwith when planning a visit to this market.

Purhohit ji ka Katla has multiple entries from different main roads like from Tripolia Bazar Road, one entry from Johari Bazar road and more. This particular market has almost all the stuff needed for an Indian traditional marriage. From Groom’s clothes to the clothes for bride’s friends, one can get all here. However, the variety in bridal wear is noteworthy. Beautiful bridal lehengas and sarees can be found with different kinds of work. The best part is these bridal wear are available in varied price points suiting to most pockets.

Maniharon ka Raasta

Manhiharon ka Rasta is one of the must visit shopping places in Jaipur for ladies
Manhiharon ka Rasta is one of the must visit shopping places in Jaipur for ladies Photo Source

Unlike the katla market, Maniharon ka Raasta is relatively a smaller market. The overall look for any special occasion or even in daily life is incomplete without matching bangles and other jewellery. This market specializes in lac bangles. One can see small shops all along with this road market in Tripolia Bazar and a few in branched lanes too. Usually, these lac bangles are made in house only. So one can see the live bangle making process also in the shop. The price of these bangles varies from few hundreds to even thousands. The work on the bangles and the man-hours put in making the bangles is the deciding factor for the price. Still, the collection and the price at which you can get beautiful lac bangles here is worth an exclusive visit to this market. Also before the different major festivals of Rajasthan like Teej, Gangaur, etc. accordingly the designs of bangles vary.

Lalji Sand Ka Raasta

Take Saree or any Indian ethnic wear for women as gift items from Jaipur
Take Saree or any Indian ethnic wear for women as gift items from Jaipur Photo Source: By Nakul Chugan – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

This little lane market near Chaura Rasta is famous for Sarees and Lehengas. For daily wear to Sari for a special occasion, one can buy all kinds in this market. Again the price here is reasonable and depends on the work done on sarees. Beautifully digital printed Chiffon sarees start from as low as Rs. 300. No wonder girls and women are always seen with happy faces and excited to shop here. This market is also excellent for buying gift items from Jaipur for women in your family or friends. When here don’t miss the fresh namkeen and besan ki chakki (a sweet made with gram flour) made in an age-old roadside shop named Sodhya Halwai.

Khajane Walon ka Raasta

Beautiful Marble Sculpted God Statues from Moorti Mahal
Beautiful Marble Sculpted God Statues from Moorti Mahal Photo Source: www.moortimahal.in

Near to Choti Chaupar in the Chandpole area of Jaipur is this market named Khajane walon ka rasta. On entering the lane it has shops selling matching cut pieces for saree blouses and more. But as one progresses further inside this lane one can see marble sculpture shops here. These marble sculptures are used in home decoration and also marble pooja alters are available here. The workmanship and the fine detailing of each piece makes this market one of the must-visit shopping places in Jaipur.

Haji Colony Market/Sikar House

Which market is best in Jaipur? Haji Colony or Sikar House
Which market is best in Jaipur? Haji Colony or Sikar House Photo Source: Magic Pin

This market is one of the best markets of Jaipur where one can buy cheap clothes and home furnishings. If you love Rajasthani printed linens or other home furnishings then this is one of the must-visit shopping places in Jaipur for ladies. The collection at several big and small shops here is huge and the prices too seem to be wholesale ones. The quality of home furnishings is very good.

Shop your hearts out ladies and thank us later!

COnfused about where to stay when in Jaipur then this hotel review might be of good help. If you have been at any of these markets and found the information correct then do like and spread the word. Just in case if you haven’t been here yet then visiting once is a must. If you found this article helpful then do like, comment and share!

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  1. Last time we went to Jaipur we shopped at the Bada Bazaar for bangles and saris. Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise! Thanks for the recommendations.

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