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Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath -Book Review

Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath

Did you know that Homi Jehangir Bhabha was one of the original rocket boys of India! Much before noted physicist, APJ Abdul Kalam came into the limelight, Homi Bhabha was already working towards making India a nuclear power! This is why Homi J Bhabha is also known as the ‘Father of the Indian Nuclear Program’. Not only this along side the eminent first line of scientists of independent India like Vikram Sarabhai he was also involved with the foundation of the Tata Institue of Fundamental Research (TIFR) & more. Coming to book, Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath is a biography that gives you a deeper glance into the life of the man himself.

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Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath Book Review
Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath Book Review

Book Title – Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists

Authors – Biman Nath
Genre – Monograph, Biography
Publisher – Niyogi Books
Published in – 2021
Pages – 171
Available Formats – Paperback Edition
Price – Rs. 299

Available Online at – &


The book is basically a monograph or it may also be treated as a biography of Homi J Bhabha from the understanding of the distinguished author, Biman Nath.

What Didn’t Work:

  • Every chapter in this book has a lot of information. So maybe the length of some chapters can be worked upon to give a uniform feel by & large to the reader.
  • Since the target audience of this book seems to be nuclear science enthusiasts so a year-on-year timeline after each chapter could have worked further for a clearer understanding.
  • A few photos of the man himself at the critical junctions of his life could be a treat to the readers.

What Worked in Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists

  • Extremely well-researched biography that states facts about Homi J Bhabha like no other book or visual series.
  • A well-balanced approach has been kept to show the truest persona of the eminent scientist. On one hand, the positives of his personality like brilliance as a scientist and art admirer are told. While on the other hand, his weaknesses have also been addressed here and there.
  • For people who are actually nuclear science and astrophysics enthusiasts ‘Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath’ will be a noteworthy read about the eminent scientist. In fact, at times the reader might get compelled to search more about different scientists mentioned in the book.
  • For a person who has watched the Rocket Boys web series and was left disappointed with the limited mention of this scientist about Homi J Bhabha, this book is a must-read for them.

About the Author:

An astrophysicist at the Raman Research Institute, Biman Nath is interested in bringing science into a vogue. He has published several books and articles about the same in Bengali and English. Born in Assam, he studied at Delhi University. Post that he did his PhD at the University of Maryland, USA. The evolution of galaxies and the interaction of galaxies with diffuse gas in the universe are some of the topics that interest him. I feel that Biman Nath being of the same field did a brilliant work in writing this book.

Final Take on This Book:

The book ‘Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath’ is out and out a compelling read for nuclear physics enthusiasts. Very rarely does one get to read about scientists like Homi J Bhabha. He was not only excellent at his work but also was a visionary. Homi Bhabha had the guts to start something novel like the concept of establishing a nuclear reactor in India. We will surely visit the cosmic ray detector site established by Homi Bhabha at Ooty which is mentioned in the book someday. Buy this book on Amazon & Flipkart.

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  1. Kajal says:

    Hello, I’ve been reading articles on this website and they have been very informative and interesting. I have been trying to improve my website as well. Please visit my website and help me with your valuable feedback.

  2. India history has given us many exceptional people who have contributed a lot towards India’s success. If I get a chance, I will definitely read this book.

    1. Since I am a nuclear science and astrophysics enthusiast, I am definitely ordering a copy of ‘Homi J Bhabha: A Renaissance Man among Scientists by Biman Nath’. After reading your review of this book, I am pretty sure this will be a good read about the eminent scientist.

  3. I find that the book is in itself laudable as it is about one of the greats of Indian science. We do not get too many books about our great scientists. Looks pretty informative too.

  4. This is something new to me. I come to admire our first rocket boy who think about our progress of country regarding nuclear power

  5. A well written biography is such a treat. The books sounds interesting and something I’d definitely like to read too… We know so little about him

  6. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    Books are the best friend in this hot summer season when you cannot go out at will. I had obviously been aware of Bhabha but this book seems to be storehouse of information on this great man. Will read surely thank you for the recommendation.

  7. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    Such a great book about Homi J Bhaba: A Renaissance Man. Honestly, this book can be an asset in every Booklover’s collection. Thanks for the detailed review.

  8. I have been a big fan of Homi Bhabha ever since I started reading physics and all. I used to be in complete awe of him. This book seems like an excellent read for me.

  9. Homi J Bhabha is an inspiration to many. I am pretty sure this book will be a hit. Thank you sharing this wonderful review, will definetely read it.

  10. It is always an experience gathered when we read about great achievers. I would love to gift this book to my husband, who being an educator has a penchant for reading abd collecting such books

    1. Great to know that. If your husband loves to read about nuclear science, he will love it. As this book is very well researched.

  11. I usually do not read auto biographies for some reason but this book has surely intrigued me may be because of the new movie that’s out. I would love to read it even though you said it has a lot of information and is perfect for science enthusiasts.

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