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Oriplast – Connecting the Dots for Better & Safer Water Supply at Your Home

Oriplast for better water

A home is a place where a family thrives. So we must ensure that our homes have a conducive environment for all family members to stay happy and healthy. Water is an essential part of our daily lives and existence so it is important yet when it comes to its storage. Over the last five decades since its inception, Oriplast has held high to its pledge to its customers for delivering the best in quality water piping and storage solutions.                 

With this ongoing pandemic, the significance of clean water and air within homes has become even more highlighted. . As many researchers claim, the majority of the stomach and more infections are water-borne even government and doctors have voiced their concern about it.

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Oriplast- A Market Leader With the Aim of ‘Life Lines… not just Pipe Lines’

Established in 1965, Oriplast is deemed as one of the market-leading brands in PVC based plumbing products segment. This Kolkata based company manufactures an extensive assortment of uPVC, cPVC and SWR pipes. This way the products cater to the domestic & international specifications and quality criteria. Addressing another major buying aspect is pricing, the products from Oriplast are priced reasonably.

Today when the end consumers believe in researching the finer details of anything that they are buying especially when it comes to fitment in new houses or repair in homes then having active customer support is a huge plus. Considering the same, Oriplast customer support team at all times is available to answer customers’ queries. They can be contacted through a phone call or an e-mail enquiry can also be done.

Oriplast Pipe Fittings
Oriplast Pipe Fittings

Why you should choose Oriplast PTMT, PP and PVC bathroom fitting products?

Corrosion Proof:

With conventional metallic piping solutions, there is always a risk of corrosion, thereby leading to leaking and contamination of water. This is not the case for PTMT, PP and PVC bathroom fitting products making them the gen-next solution to make your house free from leaky pipe fittings. Further, these fittings from Oriplast are durable and are designed for longevity.

Colour and Design Options:

Oriplast offers a wide range of choices with respect to the colour and design of the fittings. Careful planning in this aspect helps make the bathroom look super stylish while being functional.

Easy to Install:

Using material-specific jointing cement, installation of Oriplast bathroom fittings is so easy to do and hassle-free.

Customer Service Support: 

As mentioned earlier too, Oriplast offers outstanding pre and post-sales services support to its prospective and existing customers.

A Trusted brand in Piping Solutions:

Oriplast takes pride in having a reputation of being one of the most trusted PVC pipe manufacturers. Their constant endeavours to meet customer expectations have earned them loyal customers who vouch for their product quality.

To know more details or buy one can visit their website here.

While designing a luxury abode which is comfortable as well, the quality of bath fittings can be a deal maker or breaker. So carefully investing in the same is a wise decision. Hope this article was helpful, do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Oriplast seems to have really nice and durable piping options. I like the look and the fact that they are corrosion proof. This is sure to make them easy to maintain .

  2. This is so interesting and would surely take note of it as it would be very useful when the time comes that we would be building out own home. A must read content for those who are planning to build their own homes.

    1. Oriplast give look to bathroom luxurious and stylish. It has durable and good quality materials. I also prefer oriplast.

  3. Ranjeeta Nath Ghai says:

    Really impressive article on . Next time i need to get the bath fittings done i’ll surely be loking fwd to try this out.

  4. what an interesting read, so much information and a must read for all those who are going to change the fittings or making a new house

  5. Our life line depends on water and if the source and the medium is right then everything falls in right place, with Oriplast building trust since many years this seems to be perfect choice.

  6. Really nice and durable pipe options. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful brand. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future work.

  7. Pipe fittings must have durability and that depends upon the quality and design of fittings. Of course when it comes to a trusted brand like Oriplast we know we’re getting the best.

  8. Preeti Chauhan says:

    Oriplast seems to be the perfect Indian brand to cater to the modern Indian consumer who wants value for money and attractive designs too!

  9. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Ori plast is a great brand . I have checked their collection and loved all the designs. indeed they are classic and suits modern lifestyle.

  10. Wish I had read this post a month ago. I just redid my home. I had no idea about Oriplast. Seems to be a reliable company and product.

  11. We are planning to build a new home and are in a process of searching different options. Will surely try this one out.

  12. With decreasing water quality we should definitely spend good amount in bath fittings and with Oriplast wide range and PVC taps and fittings the option looks doable and easy.

  13. Today only i came across a blog on oriplast.people seems to be happy with it.evem i have heard about it from a friend as well.

  14. Neha Sharma says:

    Oriplast is such a trustworthy name in the market for their pipes and bath fittings. I have also heard that they are one of the best when it comes to customer support.

  15. Oriplast looks like a promising product as it solves two biggest problems of contamination and leakage. Will recommend to my friends and family too. Thanks for this detailed review.

  16. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I have been hearing a lot about Oriplast fittings and after your in-depth review, I feel I must look into them for my own home too.

  17. Seepage problems are very common and all we need is a good solution for pipe fittings. Oriplast seems to be a great choice.

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