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How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond – Book Review

How to Live Your Life by Ruskin bond - Book Review

In my growing up years, a book that was quite popular among teenagers was ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Although, I wasn’t one of the readers of that book (Actually couldn’t read beyond two pages :I) many of my friends did boast about reading it. Many years later, I came to know that it was published in 1936. This revelation made sense to me as I always thought that the tips given in that self-help book were not quite relatable with the rapid modernisation rather they were obsolete. Coming back to ‘How to Live Your Life by Ruskin bond’, a few months ago I got to know about this upcoming book by Ruskin Bond. The title is so catchy and a book authored by Ruskin Bond made me wait for its launch in eager anticipation. So now after reading the every word of this book here is my honest review of ‘How to Live Your Life by Ruskin bond’.

List of Contents

Book in a Snapshot

How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond
How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond

Book Title – How To Live Your Life

Authors – Ruskin Bond
Genre – Self-Help
Publisher – Harper Collins
Published in – 2022
Pages – 124
Available Formats – Paperback Edition, Kindle Edition & Audio Edition
Price – Rs. 306, Rs. 111.65 & Rs. 0 respectively

Available Online at – &

How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond Summary

Basically the book is an epistle, a letter addressed to the readers. The book as the name suggests is full of advices from the viewpoint of Ruskin Bond basis his tyrst with life.

What Didn’t Work:

To be honest, I am nobody to comment over the work of such an acclaimed writer so not being judgemental or a critic. However, I can only tell what didn’t appeal to me as a reader.

  • Incosistency in sharing his own life excerpts while explainging concepts:

The starting few concepts of this book are explained by author using tiny bits of his own life moments. However, these are greatly missed in later chapters by a reader who has adored Ruskin Bond’s stories and want to know more about his life.

  • Ilustration & Design:

The illustration and font selection in the book seems to be primarily targeted to appeal to children and young adults. To people in their late 20s, 30s and 40s it may not be of much interest.

What Worked in How to Live Your Life

  • The reason why you like Ruskin Bond

Be it Ruskin Bond’s fictional stories or his non-fictional books, there is an ease that can be observed in the word selection and the basic way the plot or concept is served to the reader. In this book too, one can feel the same ease and simplicity while the author goes ahead to explain different crucial aspects that everyone goes through in their lifetime.

  • Ruskin Bond keeps it REAL!

In the book there are different small chapters that are dedicated to one important aspect of life. While telling about them the author has excelled in keeping them real. Like the concept of ‘love’ & failure in it, hasn’t been glorified or condemned outrightly. Author keeps it real. There are many places where he does not minces his words and puts it straight forward.

  • The book is heartfelt and the aim is giving genuine guidance

Through ‘How to Live Your Life’, Ruskin Bond wants to tell you what many would have wished to have been told at earlier stages of their lives. People born in 1990s like me {face palms} are you reading this…! No worries, it’s not to late yet we still have time.. time to upgrade ourselves into a better version of us and to guide the next lot namely the ‘#Millenials’ to grow as better humans.

  • It is light-hearted read

Talk about reading self-help books and one can easily get a panic attack. But not with this book. At many places, the author inspires the reader while at many others he tries to teach the concept of acceptance while being witty. Having said this everything written in the book is relatable and there is no usage of heavy duty jargonish words for the same. So the reader is left only with positivity.

About Ruskin Bond:

PadmaShri PadmaBhushan Ruskin Bond
PadmaShri PadmaBhushan Ruskin Bond

Bond.. Ruskin Bond.. naam toh suna hi hoga! That’s true being in India if you have ever been to a school library then I am thousand percent sure that you might have heard the name of our beloved author, Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan awarded Ruskin Bond. Till date he has written many chlidren short story books, novels, memories and non- fiction books like this one. Some of his famous stories are Rusty, Room on Roof and Susanna’s Seven Husbands ( Priyanka Chopra starrer 7 Khoon Maaf was based on this story). In 2019, Zee5 had made a series called Parchayee based on Rusjin Bond’s horror stories. On the personal front he still lives in Landour, Mussorie and yes, he is happily single.


After I finished reading the book, I told my son to read it. He loves to read fiction stories but I insisted for him to read How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond and keep the book with him. In my opinion, the book shines not as a gist of life lessons but like a easy to revise, important highlighted pointer compilation. The book will surely help anyone especially children and young adult to shape their lives. Ruskin Bond has shared the wisdom filtered out of his own life experiences. Take this book as life lessons shared by an veteran author or like your grandpa. Choice is yours… SHAZAM!!

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  1. My daughter is a big book lover and I am sure she will love this book, thanks for sharing the review, now easy for me to select this as a gift for her.

  2. Such an acclaimed writer is bound to have an interesting life and it would be a pleasure to know more about his journey. This book sounds great and I’m going to gift it to my son.

  3. I haven’t read any of the Ruskin bond books so I don’t have any expectations. I was searching for one self help book and I think I have got one now.

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Ruskin bond is a veteran author and we all admired his work. it is impressive that you have shared your honest review and express what you did not liked in the book. I loved the subject of book and would love to give this a try.

  5. My daughter loves reading Ruskin Bond’s fiction. I will definitely get this book for her. I am sure it will be helpful for her.

  6. Glad to know your honest review. I just bought this book for my child, but have not yet started reading. Yes, Raskin Bond..naam Suna hai? and without any doubt picked book written by him, when visited India this time.

  7. I’ve been wanting to read the book and glad I came across your review. Good to look at the honest review that you have given here.

  8. Thank you for sharing this book review it looks quiet interesting, would surely check out this one for me.

  9. Ruskin Bond is synonym with fiction stories for me , but when author writer his experiences in journal style then that may not gel with everyone as we are always in a mode to read fiction stories by him. Thanks for honest review.

  10. I am a Ruskin Bond fan, thank you for recommending this book. I am for sure ordering this and reading along with the kid. She is a huge fan of fiction too.

    1. It is a non-fiction, self-help book, in case you missed out on that. 🙂

  11. I am a die hard Ruskin Bond fan and love all his work. I like how he writes and most of his stories share his life experiences. I am gonna read this book soon too.

  12. Ruskin Bond has charm with the words, need to check if the charm of fiction has been rolled in the non-fiction book too.

  13. I like the candidness of your review. It is in your face calling a spade a spade. All self-help books are not good.But let me tell you there is no time limit for self help. I am 58 and I still read and follow them.

  14. I love Ruskin Bond’s books and have read quite few of them. How to Live Your Life sounds interesting and I like that it has real and realistic advice and suggestions. Will check it out!

  15. This book sounds interesting and if it’s in Ruskin Bond’s usual way of writing then I’m surely going to like it. His life experiences would give us something to ponder upon.

  16. I’ve been wanting to read the book and glad I came across your review. Good to look at the honest review that you have given here.

  17. My kids love Ruskin bond books and read almost all the books. This book also sounds interesting so will share with them. Thanks for your honest review.

  18. i think ruskin bond books are mostly for children because i have not come across any of the books that would appeal to me. ive read a few. but i guess i enjoy a different genre altogether.

  19. Ruskin bond is one author that I would always feel immense happiness in reading. He has a special connect with the readers.

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