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6 Reasons Why Yoga Will Help You As Traveller!

Benefits of Yoga As Traveller!

Yoga has been an age-old practice typically seen in the Indian subcontinent. There are many styles of yoga and it generally involves meditation and stretching, which helps you get in tune with your body. To date, it is considered to be one of the best practices to keep yourself healthy and fit. As a traveller, you must keep your fitness schedule going no matter where you are with the online yoga classes. If you dream of travelling across continents, then keeping your body in good shape with the help of yoga is the key for you. 

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Yoga Helps With Holistic Health

Aging is one of the inevitable things that most of us are scared of. And it is observed that the changes observed in our body are difficult to deal with ageing. Over 40% of boomers have dealt with generic physical and mental health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, back pain or arthritis. And studies have proven that yoga helps prepare your body for all these changes. But your tedious schedule and travel plans should not be the reason for your neglect, as with the new age of technology, you can easily opt for online yoga classes that you can attend from anywhere you want.

Helps with Agility & Flexibility

Many nomadic and hardcore travellers love to go for hikes and walk difficult paths. You need to keep your body prepared for whatever comes your way. Many yoga asanas help you build flexibility and agility in your body, a set of abilities that comes in handy when travelling and exploring unexplored roads.

Taking up online yoga classes can be very convenient for frequent travellers
Taking up online yoga classes can be very convenient for frequent travellers

Manage Weight Gain

There’s a thing that every foodie traveller must keep in mind you must incorporate some type of movement in your life so that you can carelessly eat whatever you want. If you are religiously attending online yoga classes, when you go to a new place or are exposed to new cuisine, you do not have to hold yourself back.

Keeps You Calm

At times, certain situations arise, which might make travelling a stressful and not so pleasant activity. And at such times, it is essential to try some activity that helps keep your mind calm and relaxed. Meditation can play a vital role during such times, also, breathing exercises.

Your Menstrual Cycle is on Track

For women travelling during their period can be very difficult. With the period cramps and low energy, you would want to avoid challenging travel itineraries. Unfortunately, many women with hormonal issues do not have trackable menstruation cycles. It is said that by practising yoga daily, you can alter your cycle to regular, which will help you make your travel plans better.

Keep Your Stamina Up With Power Yoga

There is a slight difference between power yoga and the age practice. Power yoga is said to be more dynamic and includes more cardiovascular activities than other types of yoga. And many fitness institutes especially provide online yoga classes specialising in the power yoga form. And doing this on a daily basis will help you build your stamina, which will be effective when you are doing strenuous activities. 

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  1. Yoga is one thing my mom is doing from many years and I still have to start. No wonder, this is the best way to stay calm and healthy. Thanks for motivating me.

  2. As someone who loves both Yoga and travelling I agree with every point you’ve mentioned. Yoga helps us stay fit, healthy, flexible and builds our stamina to sustain travel.

  3. I recently learnt the importance of yoga on this year’s yoga day and I realised that most of the exercises people do at gym are from yoga and due to that I connected with post instantly and agree with the points you have mentioned

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I agree with all reasons you have mentioned here and observed all these benefits of yoga personally too. indeed yoga is not only a exercise, it is a way of living that give great mental and physical benefits.

  5. We are being confined to small spaces while travelling can be difficult on our bodies. It can also cause pain as well as stress. Indeed as a traveller, we must keep our fitness schedule going. You have mentioned great pointers regarding practising yoga.

  6. As a traveller there are a lot of factors to keep in mind regards to maintaining weight stamina and I know that yoga is a great way to get on track .

  7. Totally agree with you on this yoga is really good for healthy lifestyle and it is easy to follow while traveling also. I do prefer yoga during travel trips

  8. Building stamina is not overnight job and Yoga help us to do it efficiently on daily basis. Good that online yoga classes does not break the flow of the yoga.

  9. It has been a while since I have travelled anywhere. It is good to know about the online classes that can help us as a traveller.

  10. Yoga is a great lifestyle, I have been trying to learn it for holistic health. For travellers it would be a great choice too, some wonderful tips from you here.

  11. Yoga has from eons showcased it benefits and been practiced world over. Not just good health and mind but yoga for sure builds the stamina to control your body .

  12. Not taking a break in the fitness routine requires great commitment and having online classes makes you to do so.

  13. Perfect for a traveller and foodie. I used to gym a lot but once I turned 50, I started yoga and now I cannot do without a session first thing in the morning.It has helped my depression a lot as you have shared. We can control anxiety with deep breathing.

  14. Yoga is on my mind for a while now… have not been able to follow and practice it though. Would love to explore it soon and intend to make it a way of life. Thanks for the nudge!

  15. As someone who practices Yoga regularly, I can vouch for its benefits. It has helped me relax, increased my resilience over time and made me fitter and toned. I recommend it to everyone.

  16. I swear by Yoga buddy whether online or offline and I am so glad you are spreading awareness about the same too.

  17. i think i deperately need to do some yoga. not for mental strength but because ive gotten lazy in the past year after i stopped belly dancing (due to laziness). thanks for the reminder to take care of ourselves.

  18. Being a Yoga instructor and Pranic Healer i have always been attracted to writings about Yoga. Mostly people write all those impractical stuffs. But your post is so practical

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