6 Stylish Diwali Ethnic Lehenga For Women

lehenga for women 2022

With Diwali arriving soon, every woman is in a hustle to fill her wardrobe with the best ethnic dresses she can get her hands on. After all, she will have to attend all those traditional festive functions and those demand her to be fully decked up in ethnic wear. Though you are left with lots of options in the traditional dresses that are fit for such festivities, the charm and glamour of a lehenga are unmatched. It is one of the most favoured attire of the Indian ladies and they just love slaying these lehenga for women on different occasions and functions.  If you are looking for the best options in the lehengas, then we have the most alluring suggestions for you below:

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The Net Lehenga

Lehengas, no doubt look admirable in all fabrics. But the glimmer of it in the net fabric is totally out of the world. This sheer fabric brings out the work done over it perfectly well and clings to your curves like a second skin. So, imagine if you wear a net lehenga for women in shades like silver, peach, wine or grey on Diwali and match it with silver jewellery, you’re going to grab the eyeballs of everyone around. 

Pick a Shimmer Lehenga or a Lehenga Lehenga with a Jacket  both are quite a trend in lehenga for women
Pick a Shimmer Lehenga or a Lehenga Lehenga with a Jacket both are quite a trend in lehenga for women

The Saree Style Lehenga

Recently, fashionistas discovered the saree-styled lehenga that gives you the lure of a saree and the comfort of a lehenga together. You just have to drape the dupatta in saree style and the blouse or the choli and the skirt remains the same. Result – you display one of the best versions of lehengas in such functions while confusing others if it’s a saree or not!

The Lehenga with a Jacket

This year Diwali is going to arrive during the winter season. So, you have the perfect chance to wear it with a jacket. These jackets are heavily embroidered or have some heavy work over them which enhances the look of your lehenga. (While the basic blouse and the skirt of the lehenga remain the same). Mostly, in such dresses, you skip the dupatta as the jacket is enough to make you look glamorous in all these functions.

Shimmer Lehenga

If you love to look glossy and glamorous, then shimmery lehengas should be your pick.  Most of the time either the fabric used to make these lehengas are shimmery or the work done them contains the same. In either of the cases, you definitely look ravishing when you wear such lehengas at Diwali events. 

Net Lehengas are timeless classics while Indo-Western Lehenga gives one a stylish look: Stylish Diwali Ethnic Lehenga For Women
Net Lehengas are timeless classics while Indo-Western Lehenga gives one a stylish look: Stylish Diwali Ethnic Lehenga For Women

Anarkali Style Lehengas

This great combination of Anarkali style and lehenga together makes you look out of the world.  These lehengas have tops in Anarkali style with a slit in between or side and the skirt remains of the lehenga! With a nice dupatta, you definitely make a mark wearing this attire to the Diwali events you attend. 

The Indo-Western Lehenga

Say, you haven’t decided anything about wearing to a Diwali party. In such a case, you can just pair your party crop top and your mom’s lehenga skirt together and match them with a sheer dupatta. This innovative style is definitely going to win the look of the year if you wear it for the Diwali functions you attend.

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  1. Wow! I so love the net lehanga, and these styles look fab, not just for Diwali but even for other ceremonies.

  2. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I had bought anarkali style lehenga during my last India trip and it looks perfect on any festive occasion. you have suggested so many other great options too. all are looking so perfect for diwali party.

  3. Diwali is the time to showoff your ethnic wear. These are some really stylish and grand lehengas that are sure to add sparkle to Diwali and any other occasion too.

  4. My daughter would love this post on Lehengas. From traditional to modern designs, there’s something for everyone with so many stunning options to choose from she is going to love it.

  5. Loved the options suggested by you since I an more into ethnics. ❤️ the sari style lehenga and the anarkali one are the most comfortable options i wore till date.

  6. Such lovely clothing and design! It really shows your culture and can’t be mistaken. I always love seeing women in their saree here in Singapore especially during the time of your festivities.

  7. kriti says:

    The saree style and Anarkali style lehengas are my favourite
    I love how easy you make draping sound coz I am terrible at it
    Thank you for sharing this

  8. I liked the net legenga. Since legenga is not worn a lot in Maharashtrians, I prefer wearing saree in legenga style. And you said it right, it confuses people that whether it is saree or legenga. Also this was I get you wear those sarees which has heavy pallu.

  9. Indian ethnic wear have their own charm and can add an instant style quotient to your personality. I loved all the options of lehenga you have mentioned here. it has made me tempted to shop something like this for myself and my girls.

  10. I recently wore a saree style lehenga, and I really loved it. The regular lehengas are not my style as they make me look fat. But nothing can beat the grace of a lehenga any day.

  11. Lehenga with jacket is very trendy and class. It’s my favourite style of late. The styles that you have shown are all totally cool

  12. I am in love with each of the lehenga styles that you have shown . Because with variety styles same lehenga can be worn over and over again.

  13. i am in aww with that shimmer leghanga, looks so beautiful. and that saree style lenghnga is wearable too. So loving the post

  14. I love ethnic wear and wear it on every possible occasion. Lehengas look so beautiful and elegant! Personally, I like comfortable lehengas like Anarkali and saree style more.

  15. These are some great stylish yet comfortable lehenga options . I love the saree lehenga, it not only look good but workable to.. love it

  16. I so love to try the lehanga with the jacket style. Havnt tried it ye. and the shimmery lehanga is a must try

  17. These are just amazing, and I would love to get these for next such big festival or occassion. I am not a huge collector of dresses, but we must have one or two such lehengas in our wardrobes.

  18. Lehengas never go out of fashion and the styles you have mentioned here keep trending after every few years. Lehengas with wide flare are my fav and net lehengas are least one.

  19. I am a Lehenga fan and looks for reason to wear them. I surely wish to have one of each of these types in my wardrobe 🙂

  20. Milan says:

    All the suggestions u have mentioned look so perfect for Diwali party. Though my fav is Indo-western look since it a right combination of ethnic n contemporary style

  21. Love to try lehanga with jacket. These are some great way fo styling. Sarees are my all time favorite and love to try different styles. Thanks for sharing

  22. Of late new Lehenga styles have come up making it a trendy wear option. All we need to have is a single lehenga and style it in different ways

  23. I totally relate with your styles. I also drape dupatta in different ways to give the lehenga that special touch.

  24. Such lovely clothing and design! The saree style and Anarkali style lehengas are my favourite. These are some really stylish and grand lehengas that are sure to add sparkle to Diwali

  25. Shimmer Lehengas sounds so cool. Dressing up for Diwali with regal royal looks is so important. I lie the styles you have mentioned over here.

  26. Whoa, that’s the great variety of lehengas. I had no idea about this range. My wife is looking for one. So this post will help her decide which one she wants to buy.

  27. Preeti Lal says:

    wowieeee… Enjoyed reading this article and i think the one who loves Lehengas must know this suggestions. I like the most innovative style The Indo-Western Lehenga.

  28. I totally loved all the lehengas show in the blog post. My personal favorite is net lehenga. This diwali i brought 1 for me.

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