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5 Types of Ethnic Shoes that are in the Spotlight This Festive Season!

ethnic shoes for men

Men rarely wear ethnic clothes, but whenever they do, they look irresistible. If you love wearing ethnic outfits, it’s a given that you can’t wear your sports shoes with them. Your gym shoes will also not match your ethnic outfits, which is why you must invest in ethnic shoes for men

Since festivities are just around the corner, you will be shopping for the best ethnic wear this season. Taking inspiration from your favourite celebrities and influencers, you can get your hands on trending festive wear that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

But these ethnic wear will complete your look only if you pair them with ethnic shoes for men. You can’t be wearing flip-flops or gym shoes with that classic kurta and pyjama. We have some fantastic suggestions if you are looking forward to buying the best ethnic shoes for men this festive season. 

Check out these trendy and fashionable ethnic shoes for men that you can invest in to complete your dapper ethnic look. 

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Kolhapuris go very well as ethnic shoes for men
Kolhapuris go very well as ethnic shoes for men

If there’s one kind of footwear which complements every style of men’s ethnic outfit, they are the Kolhapuris. Whether you buy them in leather or not is entirely up to you, but Kolhapuris are evergreen footwear which will never go out of style. But, of course, it would help if you went for minimal and contemporary designs that match your classic ethnic look and even everyday casual outfits. The best colours to shop for are black, brown, tan and even dark olive.

Strappy Leather Flats

If you think pairing your regular strappy sandals, which you wear at the office, with your ethnic wear is a good idea, then you need to be aware of the fashion police. Instead of wearing your office sandals with your festive wear, you can switch to strappy leather flats, which will perfectly complement your ethnic outfit. Black, navy, tan and brown are the smart colours that you can opt for.

Crisscross Leather Sandals

Crisscross Leather Sandals are comfortable and stylish ethnic shoes for men
Crisscross Leather Sandals are comfortable and stylish ethnic shoes for men

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing leather slides because your feet keep sliding out of the footwear, it is ideal to opt for crisscross leather sandals. The benefit of these sandals is that they give your toe an extra grip, which prevents your feet from sliding off. In addition, they are available in amazing colours and make a great choice to be worn with your ethnic outfit.

Leather Mules

If you are comfortable wearing closed-toe footwear, leather mules are a great choice. You can wear them with multiple ethnic outfits and be assured that they will never go out of style. 

Classic Loafers

If you want footwear which suits both your formal and ethnic looks, loafers are a safe bet. The classic loafers with minimal design are ideal for your contemporary look. However, for a bit of a desi twist, you can opt for loafers which feature a little tassel design on the top. These look ideal when paired with your formals, semi-casuals and, obviously, your ethnic wear.

These are the best ethnic shoes for men that you can invest in this festive season. So pick the right shoes for men and be a step ahead while making a style statement.

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