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Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups by Ashneer Grover – Book Review

Doglapan by Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover is the poster boy of the emerging start-up culture, the most talked about judge from Shark Tank India and one of the most controversial entrepreneurs. Wow, that’s sensational, isn’t it? Talking about sensationalism, there are some stories that are so thought-provoking that nothing more is needed to cause a stir. I still remember in a few episodes of Shark Tank India (Season 1), Ashneer had given a reference of his young co-founder that he wouldn’t dare do such silly business mistakes. I wish he knew the real faces of people around him and didn’t have such blind confidence in them. This costed him to be subject to doglapan of the highest order. Anyways, what has been done, has been done. Here we are with, Doglapan by Ashneer Grover, an auto-biography of Bharat Pe co-founder. in hand.

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Book in a Snapshot

Doglapan by Ashneer Grover
Doglapan by Ashneer Grover Book Review

Book Title – Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups

Authors – Ashneer Grover
Genre – Auto-Biography
Publisher – Penguin Random House
Published in – December 2022
Pages – 256
Available Formats – Paperback Edition, Kindle Edition & Audio Edition
Price – Rs. 363, Rs. 319 & Rs. 0 respectively on Amazon, Rs. 214 on Flipkart

Available Online at – &

Doglapan by Ashneer Grover Summary

The term ‘Doglapan’ has its origin in the Hindi language which means having double standards. This witty-sarcastic remark became a part of several memes that were made along with Ashneer Grover’s picture from Shark tank India. The book is the author’s life journey in his own words.

In the first few chapters of the book, he gives the readers a sneak peek into his childhood days, education and more. Further, he goes on to share his career progression and how he went on to establish Bharat Pe, a fintech company that revolutionized digital payment in India. The final chapters tell us the details of the highs & lows in the life of Ashneer Grover during 2021 & 2022 years.

What Didn’t Work:

  • We all have heard and read about the controversial ouster of Ashneer Grover from Bharat Pe however, writing this book in my opinion could be an attempt to wash the dirty linen in public from his end or re-ignite the controversy. Furthermore, if he actually wrote the book for this very reason then he could have presented much more evidence to shun all the controversies.
  • Also, I feel it would have been teamwork (contributions can vary I admit) to build the company and not as written in the book where all the work seems to have been done by Ashneer alone. There is too much of ‘I did this and this’ in the book.
  • As a reader, I would have liked to know what is he up to these days, a little bit about his new venture, his coping strategies in times of distress and more.

What Worked in the Book

  • The book spotlights the fact that nothing is made in one day, it is all a matter of consistent effort. It is interesting to read how this Bharat Pe co-founder made his way up in his career.
  • Clarity of thought in the writer’s mind makes the book a breezy read.
  • Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as many think it is to build a company. This is why the book ends with lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs from the viewpoint of the author.
  • Ashneer Grover is famous for his unapologetic views. The same can also be seen in the book and the way boardroom politics is told.
  • All people mentioned in the book are described in a balanced fashion. No one is unnecessarily shown in extremely bad or good light.


Reading the success and the setbacks in life Ashneer Grover is a haunting reminder of similar turn of events with noted entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs. Ashneer yet again impresses his audience, this time in the role of author. His book has clarity and is unfiltered. He does not shy away to take names and tell his opinion about people in front of the whole world, loud and clear. Surely, he has come out stronger. The book though has a mass appeal more so for two kinds of readers, one those who like Ashneer Grover as the personality and second, those who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

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  1. Ruchi Verma says:

    There is so much hardwork which goes behind success and this book seems so good to read. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Few days back I was reading about the controversy Grover was into and probably to know more though one sided story I would like to read it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Though we are now in season two of shark tank people can never forget ashneer Grover. Though the book has come out at a time when he is the center of controversies it still doesn’t take his side to be supported

  4. Meenal says:

    Ashneer had a strong presence on Shark Tank and his views were most real, will surely check the book. Thanks for the honest review.

  5. I actually miss Ashneer is Shark Tank 2. He added a zing to the show as he was blunt. His book is just for clarifying his stand, but then what better way to do.I heard in a podcast what all he went through and its sad. Your review is bang on. Doglapan is a hit..

  6. Wow, you already read it. I was watching his interviews when the book was launched. He has always been brutal and on the face with remarks. And your review suggests that it is a journey how he became what he is today.

  7. Hey thanks for sharing an honest review. Though the book has some drawbacks but the plus points and the verdict is good enough for me to give it a read.

  8. All business books and self help books on startups show the rosy picture as if beginning a startup happens in a jiffy. Happy to see that there is a book that show the reality as it is

  9. I never knew that ashneer has written any book.will surely go in detail about it.

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