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The fad of online shopping is surging high in India. Now one can conveniently bid ‘Good Bye’ to physically visiting shops for buying things and wasting precious time and energy. There are innumerable online websites that have already made their presence felt in the Indian market and some budding ones that have just joined in the race.
However buying branded stuff from online sites is relatively simple but what about shopping unbranded stuff from web? Today there are many websites that allow local buyers and sellers to carry out sale-purchase. But are these transactions a cake walk?
It is not an absolute hunky dory affair with this new-found love of online shopping especially if you are going for direct buying and selling things. For some people finding a perfect seller or buyer  may turn out to be a home run but that also not without attending a dozen phone calls or more. For others, cranky phone calls or low response can turn their experience of buying and selling locally into a  disheartening event.
Chat with Quikr Nxt..
Chat with Quikr Nxt..
Recently, ‘‘, a leading free local classifieds website launched its new application ‘Quikr Nxt’ for a more convenient buying and selling experience. Seeing the inspiring advertisements of it on television and being an online shopping enthusiast, I visited to check if the application is worthy enough of being in the limelight.
I found three reasons that encourage me to buy or sell things locally via chatting, without much fear or apprehensions and not talking over the phone, they are:
  • Mobile Number Privacy:
Now this is the most important among all the reasons while directly getting in touch with buyers or sellers. Being a girl and in this era of innumerable smart phone applications such as Whatsapp, giving away mobile number on portals like these can cause a lot of unwanted botheration and distress. Chatting applications like Quikr Nxt by keeping phone number private save you from this. Also it protects you from the ‘pseudo-customers’, who are not so interested in the product but interested in you. Further chatting with phone number privacy can help in ignoring inquiries that continue to come after you have sold or bought the product.
  • A Record in Hand:
If one can  keep a track of negotiations with different people through chat who would go for a discussion over the phone. Smart isn’t it? I find it safe also since you have a proof  or a reference point in hand. The chats are track-able and so you get a filtered set of serious people who are really interested in buying or selling leading to better conversion rate. Further being a girl I like to check the price from different vendors so chatting allows me to compare proposals from different sellers for getting the best rate without bearing the pain of remembering. From seller perspective also I can negotiate better without any memory glitch.
  • Chatting is Convenient:
Wherever I am, wherever I go, doing negotiations via chatting is far more convenient to that of talking over the phone. During the office hours or when at home with family chatting is simpler. It allows buyer or seller to buy time and ponder over before sealing the deal. Further chatting adds to the convenience while giving out or taking product details like photographs etc. The same thing done over phone adds another step in buying-selling process that is of sending out product details which is tiresome considering one has to answer many inquiries.
So the next time I am going to buy or sell a product locally, I am surely going to do it via chatting powered by Quikr Nxt application. After all simplicity is the greatest sophistication.

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