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Deepawali is round the corner and so is the time for doing the customary cleaning and redecoration of the house especially by introducing some new decorative pillows, cushions and new decorative cushion covers etc. But why this is so deep seeded in our customs, have you ever thought so? Why only the time period near Deepawali is chosen era after another for this purpose?
Many a times, I feel the Indian traditions and customs aren’t so superfluous as many think to be. They have far more importance in terms of practicality & science than mere religious significance. Diwali falls in early winter in India which is one of the most apt season for house renovation since this is the best time for getting paint and other job done to beautify the areas that are hampered by the tropical rainy season that India has.
So for the upcoming festivity here are some ‘different’ ideas to make your home interior do all the talking with guests coming in:

Time to try new ‘Door Seals’:

Door seals are fasting becoming the new trend from home renovation perspective. The door seal work as a highlighter to an old door which tend to become boring and dull after years of house construction. Don’t miss out to check door seals available in different colours like Ivory, Copper, Sand, Chocolate etc. These not only accentuate doors but are also functionally important for the year ahead.

Oh! Where Did You Find These ‘Wall Shelves‘:

Arrange your books, deity idols and other close to heart stuff in style with the help of decorative wall shelves. Wooden Wall shelves teamed with antique styled brackets can have a head turning effect on your guests. These wall shelves are available online in huge variety on exclusive home decor websites.

Table Make-Over with ‘Table Runners’:

Deepawali is the perfect occasion of the year to dress up dining tables with beautiful Table Runners. Any Indian festival celebration cannot be completed without good food. So, using beautiful table runners can do wonders for any dining space.

Let’s Not Forget The Lovely ‘Cushions & Cushion Covers’:

Changing ‘Cushions and Cushion Covers’ are the most economical way to bring a dynamic change in a room’s personality. So why leave them unchanged this Deepawali, cushion covers with Bullion trim, Rosette with cord, trim with ruffles are the most fashionable covers for this year. Apart from this the vintage patterned and covers with geometrical motif are evergreen hits.
So this Deepawali season renovate your home interior with some creative ideas like above and post that let the home interior be the conversation starter.

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