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Hey Girls, We Give You Five Ideas to Slay Your Once in a Lifetime All Girls Trip to Pattaya!

Girl Gang trip to Pattaya

Girl Gang trip – Pattaya! Source

“Not all girls are made of Sugar & Spice and everything nice. Some girls are made of adventure, fine beer, brains and no fear.”

If this quote brings a smile on your face and reminds you of your closest pals then it is time for a mighty reunion. So enough of the boring Skype calls and WhatsApp chats, girls, it’s time to pack your bags and with all other strings of commitments kept on the side, step out for an ultimate all-girl gang trip!

Pattaya is a great destination for a girl gang trip from neighbouring South-East Asian countries for more than one good reason. The most crucial one being its location. Girls and beaches 99.99% go hand in hand plus the place is budget friendly topped with good food, brilliant weather and loads of activities to indulge here!

Down here, we have listed 5 things to do with your girl gang to slay your all girls trip to Pattaya:


Go the Beach Way on a Girl Gang trip - Pattaya

Go the Beach Way on a Girl Gang trip – Pattaya

Pattaya is a resort city that is located practically with water forming its one side boundary. So beaches are bound to be one of the key attractions here. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?  Pull out the bikinis, tankinis and monokinis and flaunt your fun side here. Indulge in water fights with friends or play beach games or simply grab a beach chair and relax with water waves coming and going. Do not miss to catch up with a good sunrise or a mesmerizing sunset.

Some of the most popular beaches in Pattaya are Jomtien beach & Pattaya beach. While Koh Larn, Naklua & Wong Amat Beach are little less populated and have clearer water to enjoy.


Shop till you drop at Pattaya Bazaar on a Girl Gang trip - Pattaya

Shop till you drop at Pattaya Bazaar on a Girl Gang trip – Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the key cities of Thailand where tourism is the main business. So Pattaya like Bangkok has plentiful markets that are open till late in the night. Pattaya also has a floating market just like Bangkok which is larger. It operates from 9 AM to 8 PM on all days. The main attraction is local food items like Pad Thai, Satay, Sticky Rice & more. In addition this, one can do souvenir shopping and see cultural performances here.

Apart from the local markets, there are a number of shopping malls as well which generally close around 11 PM. Malls have branded products majorly and one can surely search for discounts on it and calculate currency benefit.


But for steal deals and slightly more trusted products than those on street markets, one can visit Pattaya Night Bazaar which starts from 8 AM to 11 PM. Here one can shop from makeup products to party dresses and from accessories to stilettoes!


Pattaya has an amazing nightlife. One can go and hang out near Jomtien Beach or hit the Pattaya streets. There are a number of things one can indulge in relaxing foot massage, put the dancing shoes to good use at discotheques, shop till you drop and more. Or simply chill over good music, drinks, good food and light party atmosphere with your gang.

Pattaya night life : Girl Gang Trip - Pattaya!

Pattaya night life : Girl Gang Trip – Pattaya!

Street food too is equally good as the restaurants. Plus Pattaya is pretty much safe also even during the wee hours. Though it is best to avoid dark, lonely roads.

Public transport like this is available till late at night : Girl Gang Trip - Pattaya!

Public transport like this is available till late at night: Girl Gang Trip – Pattaya!




Pattaya has long been known for all the wrong reasons but Pattaya’s image is changing of lately for good. Kaan Show is one of the latest entrants that are playing a pivotal role in the changing the perception of Pattaya city from the tourism perspective. It is one of the most spectacular family shows that have opened its gate recently to the locals & tourists in Pattaya.  It has everything in terms of story, performance, encaptivating visual effects and gripping sound effects. See the trailer of Kaan Show here!


Water sports in Pattay: Girl Gang Trip - Pattaya!

Water sports in Pattaya: Girl Gang Trip – Pattaya!

Pattaya is much more than the peppy nightlife.  In fact, Pattaya is far more exciting and happening during the daytime as here one can indulge in a lot of water-sports activities in the beach area. Activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, Undersea walking and much more. Plus it has some of the biggest and most amazing water parks in the whole South-East Asia.

Trust us these water slides aren't for kids! : Girl Gang Trip - Pattaya!

Trust us these water slides aren’t for kids! : Girl Gang Trip – Pattaya!

Ramayana Water Park is pretty huge and elaborately made. While Cartoon Network Amusement park has many thrilling rides both for weak at heart adults, daredevils and children. The plunge into the water post every crazy slide with entire girl gang in one go will be too much fun!

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So are you equally excited for a girl gang trip as we, then pack your bags now!


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Disclaimer: We were invited for a press familiarity trip by Thailand Tourism. But the opinions and words are purely based on the first 
hand experience of the writer. Most photographs (with watermarks) have been taken by the writer and permission to use any of the photographs
may be asked by contacting us through email (otherbraininc@gmail.com).

25 thoughts on “Hey Girls, We Give You Five Ideas to Slay Your Once in a Lifetime All Girls Trip to Pattaya!

  1. I love Pattaya! I feel you get a fantastic and authentic Thai experience for a cheaper price than staying in Phuket or Koh Samui. I’ll refer to your suggestions when i’m there next ?

  2. We were a bit confused whether we should plan for Pattaya or not this summer vacations because we have a kid along..but now I am sure it would be a kid friendly destination

  3. I would love to visit Pattaya. and all girls trip sounds great. Its fun when you travel with your girl gang. Great pictures and information. Helpful to plan a trip to this beautiful place.

  4. Perfect plan , now I just need my girlie gang to say yes for that phenomenal fun . Hitting beaches and shopping is something I love to the core.

  5. A trip with girls gang to Pattaya? That sounds like an amazing idea! Loved the five tips that you gave! I love beaches and shopping and sunsets and everything! 😀

  6. I have heard good things about Pattaya. I think I should plan a little fun trip with my friends too. I love shopping and street food.

  7. Never look at Pattaya this way. Love the idea of traveling solely or with friends. Thanks for sharing your valuable tips

  8. I have heard a lot about pattaya especially the shopping frOm my sis in law. I had plans to visit phuket will try and make it to the list too. Thanks for putting it up there 🙂

  9. Although I have enjoyed visits to Thailand in the past, I have not been to Pattaya as yet. The lovely beach-side setting and the ample activities, sightseeing and shopping make me keen to ensure I visit Pattaya next time. Another bonus that I’ve heard is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to the more commercialised areas of Thailand.

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