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5 One-Pot Delicious Recipes for Millennials!

“I get quite lazy about cooking because when I come back from work it is the last thing I want to do, really is spend loads of time cooking.” – Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Let’s face it one can do all the work in the world even the cumbersome household chores but when it is a matter of cooking on a daily basis monotony steps in. But food is important for sustenance. For such occasions here are quick recipes from around the world that are delicious, easy and can be made using just One Pot!

One-Pot Hindustani Dal-Khichdi

Recipe & Video Source: Veg Recipes of India – One Pot easy recipes for millennial

In India, dal-khichdi is a frequently made savoury dish in every household. It is a quick one-pot dish that is a complete dish in itself. Its major ingredients are dal (lentil) and rice. Apart from this one can find variation in the taste of this dish with the changing regions in India.  It is not just a quick to be made food, additionally, it is advised in cases of diarrhoea, bloating or any other medical ailments where light food is needed to be eaten. Get the recipe of this amazing  Indian dal-Khichdi here.

Vegetarian Japanese Pan-fried Noodles

Japanese Pan Fried Noodles Recipe & Photo Courtesy: - One Pot easy recipes for millennial
Japanese Pan Fried Noodles Recipe & Photo Courtesy: – One Pot easy recipes for millennial

Udon is a variety of thick wheat flour noodles. This kind of noodles is used commonly in Japanese cuisine. Now this recipe can be made both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian style. One can add chicken, meat or egg for making it in non-vegetarian technique. For making this recipe, readymade sauces or pre-prepared ones can be used. These noodles are easy and quick to make and tastes yum. Get the full recipe of finger-licking Japanese Pan-fried noodles here.

One-Pot Spaghetti

Spaghetti -  One Pot easy recipes for millennial
Spaghetti – One Pot easy recipes for millennial

Now that’s like the best thing to happen right! It is a win-win recipe. One can cook creamy spaghetti after a stressful day at work. Again it tastes superb with or without non-vegetarian ingredient in it. Plus cooking spaghetti in the vegetable broth itself enhances the creaminess in taste and the nutrient content. The best part of it all is gourmet spaghetti with lesser number of mess and utensils to clean. Get the recipe of lip-smacking pounded meat spaghetti here.

One-Pot Thai Chicken with Rice

Thai Chicken Rice - One Pot easy recipes for millennial
Thai Chicken Rice – One Pot easy recipes for millennial

Thai food is one of the popular South-East Asian cuisines across the world. This cuisine is known to offer a burst of flavours on the palate. As a matter of fact, one can expect Thai food to usually be a balanced combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours. A dash of fish sauce, julienned galangal, lemon and some soy makes a perfect Thai blend for a perfect dish. Get the full recipe for this exciting one-pot meal here.

One-pot Lemon-Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Broccolini

If you have an hour or so in hand then this is a sumptuous dish that can be cooked in one pan. It is a great nutrient combination of chicken, & broccoli in the same. Click here to check the recipe here.

‘Baked Fish and Chips’, African Jambalaya, and the most famous of rice preparations, ‘Biryani’ are among our favourite one-pot dishes. Apart from these some of the one-pot dessert dishes that you can try making are Apple Pie (try our recipe here), Indian Kheer and Chocolate Mug Cake and more.

Happy Cooking!

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