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Pause: Nature is in Auto-repair Mode!

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Global Lockdown: Positive effect of global lockdown
Global Lockdown: Positive effect of global lockdown

How does being in lockdown feel? Isn’t it similar to an ongoing cricket match suddenly interrupted by the rain? Or a boxing match where the referee who had to pause the game and intervene to separate the two players still hurling those mighty punches on each other.

This time the tables have been turned by nature. The situation of human lockdown due to COVID 19 spread is an epic event in our lives. The books of history will surely note the same.  Well, we are the part of the cosmos and not the ones who get it going.  Our superiority comes from the ‘awakening of mind’. The consciousness of being ‘naked’ that emerged after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

With humans locked inside their houses, city centres are technically left empty:  Positive effect of global lockdown
With humans locked inside their houses, city centres are technically left empty: Positive effect of global lockdown

The ‘pause’ or the lockdown of humans is similar to what animals must have been feeling all these years. The feeling of helplessness while inside the locked doors of a zoo or as the chain tied ‘best friends’ in many houses. But the pause was imminent as humans were not ready to stop. The daily sprints of getting better overlooking humanity and the laws of nature had to stop somewhere. Though a sad one, this pause is a chance for another awakening. The one again initiated by us but for the larger good. All one needs to do is observe the change, realize the impact both positive & negative and act to establish the equilibrium.

Meanwhile, nature is already in a self-repair mode. Like in the Hippocrates saying, nature too is taking this sudden opportunity for healing itself. It is functioning to establish the lost harmony between man, plants, animals, and the vital environment.

Some of the positive effect of global lockdown around the earth are:

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Animals are claiming back their habitat:

With 7.8 Bn. people populating the globe, the wild animals were displaced from their original habitat and confined to a smaller space. Sustenance of many was becoming a thing to worry about. As an optimistic side note of the pandemic, animals have started to return back. In India, Sambhar Deer, Blue bull (nilgai), Elephant, were seen roaming inside the city areas.

Video Courtesy: D. Grieshnak

Olive Ridley turtles came on the shore of Orissa coastline and are enjoying some unhindered ‘me-time’. In the bustling business capital of India, Mumbai too peacocks have arrived in the city area.  

Video Courtesy: Susanta Nanda

Countries like the U.S., Italy, France, Spain and Chili are also witnessing the return of animals to their original homes.

Mumbai witnessed Peacocks inside the city:  Positive effect of global lockdown
Mumbai witnessed Peacocks inside the city: Positive effect of global lockdown

As for marine life, even fishes, whales, dolphins, etc. are curious about the sudden disappearance of humans and the ships. The sudden pause in the massive human infiltration in their habitat has given them a chance to come on surface and enjoy fresh, cleaner water. In North America and nearby areas of Vancouver, orcas & whales are seen swimming respectively near the coast. While swans, cormorants, fishes are seen in the now cleaner canals of Venice. Dolphins are seen many times near Cagliari, one of the big ports of Italy.

Cleaner Air & Water for All:

Marine life is back on track as well:  Positive effect of global lockdown
Marine life is back on track as well: Positive effect of global lockdown

The lockdown has impacted the air quality index tremendously across the globe. Pollution levels across major metropolitan cities have dropped drastically. Not only the nitrogen dioxide levels but also the level of harmful particulate matter, PM 2.5 has gone down. Post the lockdown Wuhan, one of the busiest cities of China and the place from where COVID-19 has spread is also witnessing a decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels. Same is happening in New Delhi, New York, Rome and more. The main reasons for this are a significant decrease in air travel and traffic on roads.

Cleaner Venice:  Positive effect of global lockdown
Cleaner Venice: Positive effect of global lockdown

All around the world, water bodies like river, seas and oceans are healing too. In India, the Ganga and Yamuna rivers have been observed to have purer water than before.

Hope this positive development in nature continues to be the same even after lockdown is over. Undoubtedly, the onus is on us.

Happy Sustainable Living!

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  1. Jyoti Jha says:

    This is thought-provoking and rightly put. May the nature heal, we learn, and the world is up and running more efficiently and attentively soon. A good positive read in these times ?

    1. Thank you.. XOXO

  2. This is definitely a positive side of lockdown. Mother Nature got a fresh break and I am sure she must be praying for this positive change to continue even after things get normal.

  3. So true.. As the humans locked in, the nature got time to heal and rejuvenate. I personally could see the difference in our tiny garden. We need to be mindful of this healing for better results in future.

  4. While the Covid19 has mostly brought despair and losses to lives and economy, I am glad that you chose to highlight the silver lining in this dark cloud.Well done Judy !

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I really like that you had spread the positivity with this post during this challenging time. Indeed this break had heal the nature and clear the water and air too.

  6. Atleast now the humans must start behaving responsibly. Unless we conserve nature, such pandemics are going to be part of our remaining life.

  7. So true this lockdown has brought back the missing bliss in the nature and animal’s habitats. this crisis has helped us to understand how to deal with the nature carefully which we as a human being were messing up somewhere.

  8. How true dear, I too have repeatedly written about these benefits mother nature is reaping out of the pandemic

  9. jhilmildsaha says:

    Really amazing article. I stay inside IIT Bombay campus and nowadays there are so many leapords to be seen everywhere. Will see what happens next

  10. This post made me ponder. Really hope the positive changes in terms of clean air, water, etc continue and we become more conscious of our environment in the post covid world.

  11. I so agree like coins have two sides and so this lockdown have the same…It’s really good to see the positive side through your post..

  12. Kavita says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you, mother nature is indeed in a repair mode. These times have made sure that human race learn it’s lesson, i really hope we change our bad habits for good.

  13. This is crazy what is happening around .. but probably that’s the way nature is healing itself.

  14. This is so true! It was about time Humans Needed to rest a bit so that the Earth could heal. It’s feels so positive to see that the air & water is again pure and animals are finally happy.

  15. This is one of the positive of this lockdown that nature got the time to heel itself otherwise we human are only creating a big disbalance. Very first time animals and birds are free to explore. Very positive post dear!

  16. This should be our wake up call all and we must learn how to coexist with other species and mother nature.you have very brilliantly give out a strong message for all of us, a lovely read.

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