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5 Pointers for Ensuring a Great Chance of Sighting Tiger & other Wild Animals!

jungle safari near delhi ncr

Been on a jungle safari near Delhi NCR or other places yet still no luck in sighting a tiger? Are you also like many of the jungle safari enthusiasts who have only managed to see deers and monkeys in the name of wildlife? Have you ever felt dejected on seeing safari photos of others or listening to amazing tiger-spotting tales? Well, we don’t intend to rub salt on your already sore wounds, in fact, in this article we give your 5 pointers for ensuring a greater probability of tiger spotting in India & sighting other wild animals.

Tiger spotting in India is so thrilling, ain't it?
Tiger spotting in India is so thrilling, ain’t it?

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Choosing the Right Safari Destination

To start with not all national parks are tiger reserves. Similarly, not all tiger reserves have other wild animals in bountiful numbers. While choosing the right safari destination especially for spotting tiger in India it is important to know which are the main tiger reserves within the country. There are 51 tigers reserves in India which boast of being the home to about 80% of Tigers found across the world. Sadly in India, the total count of this ferocious wild beast is just 2967. Ironically, Tiger being India’s National Animal, the onus is more on the country to save them. Which tiger reserve in India is your best place for viewing Tigers depends on the number of tigers inhabiting it. Also, the number of tiger versus the total area of national parks is important to consider.

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve (NSTR) in Andhra Pradesh is the largest tiger reserve in India housing 60 big cats in it.

While as per the Hindustan Times report, Corbett Tiger Reserve has the maximum number of Tigers inside the reserve that is 231. The other populated reserves in India are Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (Kabini), Bandipur Tiger Reserve both in Karnataka state followed by Bandhavgarh and Kaziranga tiger reserves.

Some other good national parks for tiger sighting are Tadoba, Kanha, Pench, & Ranthambore.

Taking the Safari Expedition at Right Time

If truth be told, anyone or everyone who goes for a safari trip wishes to see a tiger. Even if one pretends that they are not they are! But one has to understand that tiger spotting is highly dependent on the time of the year one is taking up the tour. Mostly in monsoon months, almost all national parks are closed for safari. The months most tourists like to visit are from October to February as it is pleasant. Sightings happen but not many. If you are truly passionate to see this big wild cat then we suggest that one should select the hot summer days beginning from March to June. Spotting a tiger becomes highly probable though days can get really hot in these months. Smaller water bodies within the tiger reserve are the best places for sighting.

During jungle safari near Delhi NCR & the rest of India, one can also spot many other wild animals like a pair of jackals sitting in this photo.
During jungle safari near Delhi NCR & the rest of India, one can also spot many other wild animals like a pair of jackals sitting in this photo.

Select the Right Zone in National Park

Right zone selection is very important for ensuring a better chance of good wildlife sighting. Not all zones in any national park or a tiger reserve have an equal number of major wild animals. So one has to get the right zone for safari. This can be done easily by planning and booking a safari trip in advance. In peak season the booking has to be done 30 days prior for getting a good zone. Also, we would suggest taking up a full day safari.

Get the Right Guide

Thinking how Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor managed to see the tiger during their latest Ranthambore trip? Well, one of the key reasons behind this is the right choice of guide and naturalists. The more experienced the guide is, the better are the chances of them sighting a tiger. In addition to this, a well-informed guide is always good to have as they tell extra information about the national park. They also tell about other birds and animals that you see during the safari. Excitement is built when safari vehicles start following tracks from where cheetal & sambhar danger calls come. It fills one with eagerness but many times no tiger sighting occurs. No offence to the amazing guides but sometimes the tourists are just left confused, isn’t it!

Final Thoughts

Hope this article was insightful for your next jungle safari near Delhi NCR or any other national park for tiger spotting in India.

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  1. Shweta Suresh says:

    I never knew that we had to take care of so much to ensure that we can actually spot a tiger while on the safari. Great pointers. Hopefully when the covid dies down, I’ll be able to put these tips to use.

  2. oh yes.. these are some helpful pointers. We have visited safari couple of time but I think timing was the big culprit..

  3. A jungle safari is incomplete if without sightings. Right timing and choice of park is crucial to get a chance of seeing the big cat in flesh!

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Your post has remind me my visit to Pench national park near Nagpur. here, we had spent lots of time but did not able to get a chance sighting tigers. thanks for sharing this wonderful tips, will keep in mind, when visit next time.

  5. Jungle Safaris have a magic of their own. Sighting is always a matter of chance, but the right timing and the right place plays an important role. We have not been very lucky with tiger sightings barring a few fleeting glimpses, but had a fabulous encounter with lions in Sasan Gir.

  6. I have never been to any Safari visit. This is one of the must do thing from my bucket list. And your pointers are going to work for me as a helpful guidelines.

  7. I really wish to travel, and safari is something pending since long time. Thanks for these handy guide for me!!

  8. Milan says:

    Thats some nice pointers u have mentioned to spot a tiger for sure shot during safari. Saving this post, quite helpful.

  9. This is definitely the neatest and best guide I have read for visiting any Safari. Your points should be remembered.

  10. jhilmildsaha says:

    I have never been to a reserve forest or national park tour but this will be so helpful whenever I plan to visit one in future

  11. I think, next time we plan a trip for such safari these points will definitely help me. Saved it and hope we all get to travel soon once this covid scare goes away 🙂

  12. Radhika Jindal says:

    I’ll be planning for the dessert safari soon once everything is ok.

  13. oh yes. we went for safari and the timing was the biggest culprit , I wish I knew about it early. Very helpful post

  14. A wild animal sighting is indeed one of the best experiences in the wild. Though ultimately it all boils down to your luck. However the knowledge of the guide and the route of the safari can play an important part. Sandy N Vyjay

  15. The last time I went for a safari I did not see tigers. I want to take my daughter on a safari and will keep your tips in mind to make sure we spot tigers and other animals as well and make the most of it.

  16. I have loved our recent Safari in Banergatta national park in Bangalore and have loved sighting the tigers and other wild animals. I agree timing matters when we take safari as late afternoon is a resting time for most of the animals.

  17. I have been to Jim Corbett, but as a matter of fact, I have never been so much interested in seeing a tiger. For me, safari itself is enough to feel good.

  18. Oh my God this post is definitely for me. I have been going to the forests especially in the south for so many years trying to get a glimpse of tigers. Unfortunately I have never seen them and that is one thing I want the most. This post has helped me understand so much.

  19. I have been two safaris yet and not spotted the tigers. Thanks for these tips, will surely try to follow these to see the tigers.

  20. These are great pointers. I have been to Jim Corbett so many times that too in the ideal season but have never been able to spot a tiger.

  21. Tiger spotting is such a rarity in India. Have been on a safari at Corbett Tiger Reserve. I wasn’t lucky at all. But never say no ?

  22. I remember going to Jim Corbett for a 6 hr rise to see tigers n lions and seeing only deers. The next time I plan to go I am going to plan it very well.

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